First development of the 4 of this character’s different developments:

  • RescueSuziepicture
    3Ability unlocked at
    1Support: Attack +3
  • RescueSuziepicture
    4Ability unlocked at
    1Support: Attack +3
  • RescueSuziepicture
    5Ability unlocked at
    2Support: Attack +3
  • RescueSuziepicture
    7Support: +1 Life
    2Support: Attack +3

Ability of Suzie:

Support: +1 Life

If Suzie wins the fight, the player controlling Suzie will receive 1 Life points at the end of the round for each character in their team belonging to the same clan as Suzie. Remember that Suzie is also taken into account.



Support: Attack +3

Rescue’s attack points are increased by 3 points for each character belonging to Rescue’s clan and who is part of their team. Remember that Rescue is also taken into account.

32 comments about Suzie

Sunday 01/08/2010, 08:19

Man, I bought this card for 450 clintz and now it's 1000 clintz! Rate green if you agree on lowering the prices again!

Thursday 08/07/2010, 10:47

IDK but I'd be pretty pissed if someone told me my food tastes like cardboard and then stabbed me
Applause to Suzie for not stabbing him back!! smiley

Saturday 27/03/2010, 07:11

Level 1: "Shouldn't this hurt?"
Level 2: "Ok.... this should really hurt!"
Level 3: *laughs* "I can't believe this doesn't hurt"
Level 4: "Um... you know your, uh... intestines are missing?" *looks down* "It's just a flesh wound."

Saturday 17/09/2011, 17:02

well, people tend to underestimate this card. yes she is very vulnerable to SOA, but many of the cards do!
just think again, she's very useful against:
1) Pussycats characters
2) DR characters. With her in your hand, your opponent DR characters will kinda be useless. so no more annoying Uranus ability. =).
Little tips from me: if you use Suzie, you should balancing your deck by adding:
1) relatively high damage characters like Ghoub, Gordon, Sledg, Pastor, and Joana, or
2) stop ability characters; Glosh, Vinny, and Beverly

Friday 26/09/2008, 13:26

Power = 7
Damage = 2
Ability = Support +1 Life....
*Note* its not 1 Life per damage... 1 Life Per Each Rescue Clan member You had in Hand.... *Got it?* smiley

She's Not a bad card at aLL if your on a tight budget....
but for me... alec and Kerry are more usable than this card... Coz this card really depends on her ability....
and the base damage is very Low... 2 damage smiley
alec has 4 base damage if ability is activated it becomes 8 damage... and Kerry has SOB but its courage based so What!! .. and a base damage of 6...

Final Verdict... maybe she can replace Ghoub... but not alec and Kerry ... for 4* Slot smiley
Rescue wiLL be used in daily tournies.. smiley not for ELO... smiley

Saturday 04/12/2010, 09:00

claire bennet

Thursday 26/01/2012, 22:51

the only thing that seems to kill her is SOA...

Saturday 14/12/2013, 22:28

Power 7
Damage 2
Support: +1 Life
Support: Attack +3

I still believe that the story and the artwork, makes the perfect concept for a DR.
Of course that miraculous heal was also an explaination of that overpowered potential of + 4 life back then.
If Lea and Elvira were not elo banned permanently, Suzie would be a cheap card.
But no. Rescue can not play efficiently in Elo (meanwhile other clans gained cards to countermeasure Elvira and Lea's edge)
so no one invests on opening packs including Rescue. So this is another reason Suzie remains in high prices. Insert some price manipulation also... you got it.

Now as a card, she is really a monster, that non experienced players will not take notice.
Yeah, there is competition in 4 stars but guys...
She has Power 7 and she is Rescue.
Her damage is lame... SOA makes her useless (as most of the Rescue cards) exept if you defend yourself...
but she has the potential to pass life gaps against DRs.
Back then that was a great deal.
It is still now.
She gets a 7/10

She will never be worthless.
She will always be a useful Rescue card (Power 7 does that magic)
Even newcomers can invest on this great card.

Monday 07/05/2012, 18:35

Suzie is cool, very cool. Cool like someone who knows that at any moment she may unporposely don't know the knife is in her arm. The sharpest knives strikes and she doesn't get hurt for a while or every seconds or... she might a phantom!. She is cool as her intestine is cutted of into 275 parts and... fall in love with Jay

Thursday 31/03/2011, 23:02

"Rude Customers" he stabbed her hmmm, is he just rude?