First development of the 2 of this character’s different developments:

  • PussycatsEffiepicture
    4Ability unlocked at
    1-2 Opp Damage, Min 1
  • PussycatsEffiepicture
    6Damage = Damage Opp.
    2-2 Opp Damage, Min 1

Ability of Effie:

Damage = Damage Opp.

Effie has the same number of Damage points as their opponent. This number only takes into account the figure shown on the opponent’s card and does not include changes related to an Ability, Bonus or Fury. If the Ability is blocked, Effie’s Damage is that shown on their card.



-2 Opp Damage, Min 1

If Pussycats loses their fight, the Damage inflicted on Pussycats’s owner will be reduced by 2 points or up to a minimum of 1. If the winning character’s Damage points are lower than or equal to 1, then the Ability has no effect.

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Sunday 02/05/2010, 19:28

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Friday 13/02/2009, 15:36


Level 1: 4/1
Level 2: 6/2; Abilty: Damage = Opp Damage
Bonus: -2 Opp Damage, min 1

Wow. I have to say that this is a card the cats have needed for a long time now. For those trying to play mono-Pussycats, replacing Gwen's and Wanda's as they level up can get expensive, so a solid 6-power, 2-star with a decent ability is purr-fect, in my opinion. Now, players can use Wanda and Effie, without worrying about card leveling. Of course, some people will prefer to use Feelyn, but she becomes a true liability against SOA, and with Roots being so popular lately, drawing a 5/3 can be downright frustrating. Against SOA, Effie becomes a 6/2, which is much more reliable than a 5/3 (in my opinion).

Players who think this game is all about stars and power will say she's terrible, players who like strategy and T1/ELO will at least give her a shot. B+

Friday 13/02/2009, 12:21

Effie is good for a more aggressive Cats deck as opposed to the more defensive Ella. It'll become a tossup between her and Feelyn dependent on playstyle as to which goes in alongside Yayoi and whatever other interesting things one would want to serve up.


Sunday 22/08/2010, 20:24

This card is surely ok for ELO, generally for defensive purposes. It makes opponents overpill their Oshitsunes, Hikiyousans and Kinjos, and if they don't... WE will steal THEIR uberdamage with 2-star card. 6 power is definitely not enough for direct attack (bluffing and low-pill manipulations are still ok), but in defense, when you know enemy stats and can guess the number of pills, Effie is extra-effective.

My 8/10 and an honorable place as ELO 2* filler for Effie.

Friday 12/10/2012, 19:23

~Eloxia Reviews~
Effie 6/2 2* Ability: Damage = Opp Damage.

♥-Can turn into a high damaged 2 star if played correctly.
♥-Only 2 stars.

♥-6 power isn't so great when you don't have anything to help back it up.
♥-Ability is a little Effie, low damage cards and SOA can really screw her over.
♥-Lucy/Wanda/Brittany are all better subs.

Overall I give her a 5/10. She's no longer needed in a Pussycats deck in my opinion but was a great card back in the day =).

Saturday 14/02/2009, 14:50

Effie got the most powerful thing in the world of yayoi

A pair of scissors smiley

Thursday 11/06/2009, 12:20

Effie: 6/2; Damage = damage opp at level 2


-A card that has the potential of becoming a 6/8 (6/10 with fury) that can reduce her opponent's damage if used against an 8 damaged, no-SOA/Damage Reducer card
-Her potential damage, average power and defensive capabilities make her a rather nice and fun to play card
-She can be used at level 1 filler if you really want, but Noon Steevens is a better option and costs just a little bit more (not to mention Wanda and Gwen)

-She is a very risky card to play... because there are lots of SOAs and Power/Attack manipulators out there, in front of which, Effie becomes a weak link

-Wanda and Gwen 2* are clearly better options for a T1/ELO deck, but I find her rather better that Feelyn or Ella (even though Ella is a better defender)
-She should never be used in T2/Survivor

CONCLUSION: Effie is an ok card, but she finds herself a rather unneeded one, in a very balanced clan, with very powerful low stared cards....

Friday 27/05/2011, 04:44
Pretty good for a 2* since 6 power is average and damage is X put in with the ability, a very good bluff with 2 or 3 pillz.
I don't really want to spend the time to type about her pros and cons so I'll just give her a 8.5/10
Rate green if you agree that this is a staple in almost all Elo pussycat decks.

Friday 13/02/2009, 10:50

level 1:
level 2:
ability damage=damage opp.
bonus -2opp damage min 1

overall a good adition to the Pussycats at 2*

Friday 13/02/2009, 15:42

This is a wonderful addition to the Pussycats. No longer do you have to live with the default 5 base power of that "other" 2 star you're obligated to use when making half-decks using Pussycats (unless you're rich and you use Gwens and Wandas).

That ability more often than not will be pretty useful, and if it gets stopped, or if you lose the round, Effie can still function as a reducer.