• Released on friday 13/03/09
  • Illustrator: ceyles
  • Rare Card Available at the Shop
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  • Danger zone icon Allowed in EFC up to Danger zone
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Power of Naginata:

-5 Opp Pillz. Min 6

If Naginata wins the fight, the number of Pillz of the player controlling the opposing character will be reduced by 5 Pillz, or up to a minimum of 6. If the number of Pillz of the player controlling the opposing character is lower than or equal to 6, then the ability will have no effect.


Bonus :

Damage +2

La Junta’s Damage points are increased by 2 points. (Remember: Damage points are inflicted on your opponent if you win the round)

First evolution of the 4 different evolutions of this character :

  • La JuntaNaginatapicture
    Power4AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage1BonusDamage +2
    Allowed in EFC up to Danger zone
  • La JuntaNaginatapicture
    Power5AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage3BonusDamage +2
    Allowed in EFC up to Danger zone
  • La JuntaNaginatapicture
    Power8Ability-5 Opp Pillz. Min 6
    Damage3BonusDamage +2
    Allowed in EFC up to Danger zone
  • La JuntaNaginatapicture
    Power8Ability-5 Opp Pillz. Min 6
    Damage5BonusDamage +2
    Allowed in EFC up to Danger zone
59 characters
missions icon 24 missions
Bonus Damage +2
These light-hearted, loudmouthed fighters are as nimble in their actions as they are in their wisecracks. As supporters of a strong regime, these soldiers have decided to bring society into line, starting by shaving the heads of the wimpy youth. In the long term, they’d be more than happy to take over the running of the government from those “bunch of morons”.
  • At level 2: min 29 073 Clintz
  • At level 3: min 31 999 Clintz
  • At level 4: min 31 333 Clintz
  • At level 5: min 28 687 Clintz
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66 comments on Naginata

Friday 13/03/2009, 14:54

Level 2: 4/1
Level 3: 5/3
Level 4: 7/3
Level 5: 8/5; Ability: -5 pillz, min. 6
Bonus: +2 Damage

Naginata is a virtual 8/7 with 5-pill reduction capabilities.
Some are saying she's weak against SOA, or that attack-manipulation clans will eat her alive.

My response is: "Shooooooooooooot, son." I kind of can't stand that people trash-talk cards because Montana and Uppers merely exist as clans. Yes, attack manipulation can cut a card's attack down considerably, but no Montana card is capable of doing 7 or 9 damage WHILE reducing your opponent to 7 or 6 pillz in the first few rounds. Naginata fills a long-vacant role in La Junta, being the only 8-power 5-star card, and carrying with her a great ability, to boot. SOA won't save your opponent from significant damage, and he/she will be all but forced to pill against her regardless of their SOA's or attack bonuses, making her an excellent bluff in a majority of scenarios, especially when paired with Hugo or Ambre in T2 or Survivor modes.

She's not the greatest 5-star in the game. It's true; but let's take Kolos, for example. many consider him to be the be-all-end-all of easy wins (*rolls eyes*), but his vulnerabilities abound, people. Against SOA, he's a mere nuisance. Damage reduction? Mere nuisance. SOB+Attack manipulation (i.e. Vickie or Petra)? Nuisance. I could go on. Every card has weaknesses, and to whittle a card down based on the existence of some clans' bonuses is like saying ALL ability-based cards are useless because some people play Roots or GHEIST. Lol... By that logic, Graksmxxt and Uranus are rubbish!!

It's silly, really.

Naginata is good. I don't know that I can justify the extra stars necessary for including her in my T1 deck (or even T2), but she'll find some very good homes. I'll probably use her in casual, S&G matches. Bet on that! smiley

Tuesday 24/08/2010, 03:33

A very very scary card if your facing it.
8/7 with bonus and a scary ability to boot.
A great bluffer card to use as well as a great card to shave your opponents pills down.
With that massive damage can 2 Hko with practically anyone in the clan
Only problem is that she is 5 stars making her hard for ELO decks.
Overall a superb card to have 9/10

Monday 09/08/2010, 13:50

she should be me SO much more
8 and 7
- 5 opp pilz
wow how is this card 4k?smiley
rate green if u agree

Tuesday 02/07/2013, 16:44

Naginata - The Crazy Pill (Ch)eater!

Maybe people would think that Naginata looks worse after Brianna was issued, because of her same base stats but lower star level.

The only different of them would be their names... looks... and their abilities! Yes its the only difference, and also a big different!!

Naginata has an unique ability in the game: The highest number of Pillz deduction and the highest minimun of Pillz deduction!

People said the cons of Naginata would be the high minimum of Pillz deduction. But for the experienced players, that minimum number would be the trick, especially it works well for those who think that "it is a cons". Let see what those players think when they see their opponent plays Naginata:

lv 15 Player) O~ My pillz must be deducted if lose! I just pillz hard to avoid this!
But sorry, opponent only pillz 1 and you lost tons of pillz.

lv 30 Player) O~ My pillz must be deducted at the end, and the minimum of pillz deduction would be 6.I just pillz to that number would be fine.
But sorry, opponent has been predicted your pillz number and play right to win.

lv 45+ Player) O~ Opponent must know I will pillz in particular number because of the minimum of pillz deduction. I just pillz a little bit harder to ensure win.
But sorry, opponent pillz higher than the minimum of pillz deduction and harder then you ! Because they know that La Junta has many characters with great attack / pillz manipulation that can control in low pillz fight: Gatline, Arnie, Ray, and the soul - Emeth!!

lv 6X Player with "GREAT" character review) Pros: 8 power always good~ Cons: SOA hurts~ SOB cut damage~ DR hurt~
But sorry, 8/7 if SOA, pillz deduction if SOB, pillz deduction + damage supported by other La Junta if DR, 8/5 even all stop! Also please stop the rubbish review can't help other players, what 8 power is always good that all we can see on the card by eyes, and all characters have the same cons!!!

You see all the players would be in pressure when they see Naginata. Moreover, it's hard to stop her if she match up with Ambre.

Naginata still has her value in this game. She is a must-play character if you try La Junta!

Friday 20/08/2010, 14:09


-Pretty expensive card
-1st level and 4th level artwork is amazing
--5 pills, minimum 6 GREAT PILL MANIPULATION
-If you notice her weapons they are regular items you'd find around the house added to a big gun
-Very good can get to 7damage in affiliation with her power level which is 8 is a good healthy card
-Exxcellent bluff card
-Overall 10/10

Saturday 25/12/2010, 03:09


Pronounciation: Nah-ji-nah-tah
Gender: Female
Clan: La Junta
Price: 5200 Clintz

Naginata is scary to see in any battle. She is 8/7 with Pills reduction! First of all, 8/7 is very good. Then we have -5 opponent pill minimum 6. The minimum is a bit high, but it`s pills reduction anyways! Her artwork is okay, would have been better without glasses.


Card: 10/10 I mean, 8/7 is a really good card deserving a 8/10, but then niginata sticks pills reduction in their face too!
Artwork: 8/10 Level 3 artwork is hot!!!

Monday 20/12/2010, 17:01


- Excellent 8 power the highest u can get
- Decent 7 damage with bonus and 9 with fury which lets u kill with many of the juntas ( not u thourmund =.= )
- ability is -5 opp pills min 6... umm that means if she wins she cuts 5 pills from ur opponents .. thats heck alot

- she has a good 8 power which joins her to the league of Ray, Wardog
- 7 damage is nice and 5 is also not to bad for junta
- now her main solidness comes through her ability i,e : -5 opp pills min 6 , now -5 is really amazing and good minimum of 6 , now she allows a lot of mind games ,whenever some one faces this card he/she would just think whether she will be bluffing with just 1 pill or its gonna be 6 pills from her if 1 pill for her should i 1 pill my card ... no she would do 7 damage instead if i loose ... but i really suggest just give her 3 pills and see what happens beacuse of her 8 power opp would need a heck lot off pills to match her yes all attack modifying clans also would have to use atleast 4-5 pills to beat her and what if you just give her 7 pills,at that time that would make only 1 pill difference between you and opponent and if the almighty emeth is there in your hands then god save the opponent.

well not really any cons... umm then also 5 damage isnt that nice for a five star .. if would have just got 1 more damage i think she would be 10X better.

well, i would give her a 10/10 .. she has no flaws and obvoiusly she is better than Ray i would love -5 pills more than situational+8 attack so she is the 3rd best 5 star junta after General Cr and emeth and as i use her i would tell she helps more than emeth.

( my first ever card review rate green if u like it smiley )

Wednesday 23/02/2011, 05:54

Naginata- You are the queen of improvising that causes the opponent to improvise.
5 star. 8/7 ability: -5 opp. pillz, min 6

Stable Power: Naginata joins Junta and gives them some stable power that they need and that is well deserved for a 5 star.8 solid power is as solid as it gets.(2 points)
Stable Damage: 5 damage without a bonus isn’t really bad for a 5 star and still allows an opportunity to KO with other cards. But let’s face it, she’ll be hitting with the full 7 most the time.(2 points)
Ability: This ability, though not an attack manipulation or power manipulation, is INCREDIBLE. Though it doesn’t help you get the damage through, her solid power and the motivation to hit with this ability will.(2 points)
Versatility: 1 question. Am I going to hit you or not? (2 point)
Dependency: With 8 solid power and 7 damage, who really NEEDS an ability. She does not really rely on her ability, but it is nice to have. (1 point)
Art: The art for this card is nice. Nothing like seeing a cute asian woman with a microwave Rocket launcher.(.5 points)
Overall usefulness with the Clan: Naginata bring variety to La Junta and takes them a bit away from the typical “I kill you now!” mentality. So, in my opinion, she is a blessing. (.5 points)

My Review: 10/10
Though she may not have the attack manipulation most Junta players want, her 8 power and amazing ability makes her hella versatile and capable of holding her own. There really isn't a flaw to be seen.

Friday 04/03/2011, 03:19

the artist is has only done 2 cards!!!

Rate green if u like his/her art and want more!

Saturday 10/03/2012, 03:42

Bet money that the reason her price is finally going up to something decent is because of me playing it unpredictably, pwning ppl hard in DMs and survivor (Can't really get too far with the overpilling strategy, but it'll get you to 10 wins and then you can change to something more suited for survivor 10 and up. I don't have the clintz to buy the decks to do it xD) and other ppl adopting the same strategy (along with cards that regain them pillz so it doesn't go to waste).

Can't do it with Shann cause she doesn't force the opp to play any pillz. Oh well.

If you've been pwned hard and it was like 80% naginata's fault, because the opp played 1 more pill than you expected, and you were like "WHAT?! NO WAY! COME ON!!!!", resulting in a headbutt, kick or punch to the computer and/or threw the computer out the window, and you're still mad, rate up xD.

And keep the price raising so we can make more ppl mad smiley.smiley

Thursday 21/10/2010, 13:41

keep the price rissing rate green if u agree smiley

Tuesday 04/01/2011, 22:21

everyone cancel your sales of Naginata and sell her for more
at least 20k

Tuesday 24/01/2012, 06:21

8.5K and rising
Sweet smiley

Friday 18/02/2011, 17:37

Naginata: Power 8,Damage 5.
Ability: -5 opp. pillz,min 6.
Bonus: Damage +2

- 8 power. Very good,and it's the only La Junta with 8 initial power.
- 7 damage without fury. 9 with fury.
- Pillz reduction!!! And a very good one. 5 pillz.
- Very good bluff card.
- Her ability works great when you use 4+ pillz in round one,while your opponent uses none. Thus you have the advantage in pillz,so you can execute your 2HKO with a card that has 5 damage or more(considering your bonus wasn't stopped).
- SoB does not hurt much. 5 damage is decent,and it's not hard to find a 2HKO card with 7 dmg with bonus in La Junta.

- SoA relieves this card of its purpose.
- High minimum of pillz reduction,rendering her usable in the first round,more than in the others.
- 5 stars.

Overall: 9.5/10. Would be a 10 if her minimum of pillz reduction was lower.
La Junta is a Damage deck... However,if this card were in Piranas,it would probably be ELO banned,and make the Piranas the best clan in the game... Her damage is good,and even when hit by SoB,you have both nice damage,and a - to opp. pillz.
Here are a few ways to play this card:
1. You can always bluff. Trust me,you will see people overpilling just because they don't like the sight of pillz being taken away from them.
2. Use 4-6 pillz. Even if the opponent uses no pillz,you still have the pill advantage,so you can take out your No Nam,or Ed 12,and let your opponent meet his maker.
This card has diversity... It is manipulative,and can drive your opponents into doing something that puts his entire game at risk.
Rate Green! smiley

Monday 20/12/2010, 06:43

Why does the bio call her a brunette?