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    2Ability unlocked at
    4Stop Opp. Bonus
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    2Ability unlocked at
    6Stop Opp. Bonus
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    3Ability unlocked at
    7Stop Opp. Bonus
  • PiranasSlimanpicture
    5-4 Opp Power, Min 5
    8Stop Opp. Bonus

Ability of Sliman:

-4 Opp Power, Min 5

The Power of the opposing character is reduced by 4 points or up to a minimum of 5. If the opposing character’s Power is lower than or equal to 5, then the Ability has no effect.



Stop Opp. Bonus

The opponent’s clan Bonus, if activated, is cancelled. If the opponent's clan Bonus is not activated, then the ability has no effect.

58 comments about Sliman

Monday 27/07/2009, 07:35

I love how people keep asking how Sliman is so cheap... if you look there is over 1000 of them on the market. Of course he cant keep a decent price with that many people looking to unload him.

Vote green if you understand the market system of supply and demand. smiley

Saturday 20/03/2010, 19:17

smiley Want the full artwork? smiley
smiley Please rate up so everybody can find this easily smiley (When copying the direct links, delete the (C) from the address bar if it shows up)

Direct Links:

Artist Tony Semedo's Site:

Thanks to Slify for finding the Tony Semedo Site

Thursday 24/09/2009, 04:53

rate this green if u think comments should be facts and not complaints.
make sure this isnt at top its not important.

Saturday 26/12/2009, 21:49

smileyi personally love this card.
1-hes a crab
2-his insanely high damage
3-his ability
4-hes a pirate
what isnt there to love smileysmileysmiley
VOTE GREEN FOR THE PIRATES!!smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Saturday 24/07/2010, 20:08

You all are forgetting what this card's true purpose is.
Put him in a pill minipulation deck (like most Piranhas decks), and see what he can do. Lets take a look:
Most Piranhas decks have a hard time fitting in the KO with cards that deal 4 damage and nice pill manipulation. So, you pull in the 4 damage, get pillz back, your opponent loses pillz from fights throughout the battle, then you throw him last, out pilling them. Sure, he can't get them lower, but with pill manipulation, YOU DON'T NEED TO. That's the whole point, people. You have more pillz than them!

Fits PERFECTLY with the Piranhas deck theme, allowing 2HKO potential with many, many cards.
9/10. SOA, like most Piranhas, kills him. But GHEIST and Roots got nothing on him.
Rate green if you agree!

Thursday 12/08/2010, 04:42

OK for all Piranas players GET THIS CARD. I will list why.

1) He has 8 dmg which is enough to get 2 hit KOs with almost every other Pirana

2) He makes almost every card the same as him Power wise.

Now i always hear how that since he makes Power same as him you have to have use 1 more pill then your opp. to win. I have this to say ... YES thats what Piranas are all about is PILL DOMINATION over your Opp.

I will give you he is a 5* but thats why i said first Piranas players.

This card is great especially with Sting because you can just 2 KO easily lets say you have to go first Well through Sting up with 4 pillz BAM 50 dmg you can then tell what card your Opp. will use on 2nd turn throw out Sliman with the rest of you pillz and boom u just won the game

Vote Green so this can get "close" to the top and help out lowbies

Friday 27/03/2009, 11:10

Power : 5
Damage : 8
Ability : -4 Opponent Power Min 5.

This card, is a 5* version of Deadeye. Just like Deadeye he lowers the power of the opponent quite a bit but he can not get it lower then his own Power. What that means is that you will always have to have at least 1 more pill then the opponent for him to win. My veredict, no better then Bloodh or Dalhia. Piranas are protected from Roots and GHEIST SOA by they're bonus so his absolute dependence on his ability is almost compensated. Almost, not quite because if we are counting abilities then Bloodh makes a gap of 9 and is overall more solid. Dalhia has pill manipulation and 8 power which makes her also a better choice. What you would expect from a common 5* card, not horrible but not great.

Overall : 6/10 - Not a Horrible card, but very overshadowed by the other current 5* cards of the clan. No good for ELO, if you want a 5* Piranas go for the other 2 unless your on a budget.

Friday 26/08/2011, 20:11


rate green if you agreesmiley

Monday 17/05/2010, 19:11

It's been mentioned that Sliman requires you to out-pill your opponent; this is true, but the opposite is true as well: since cards with over 9 power are rare in UR, your opponent will generally need to out-pill you in order to avoid taking 8 damage (which is a lot!). Somebody pointed out in their review of Pesth that he worked with the Piranas theme of pill manipulation not by directly manipulating pillz, but by scaring your opponent into overpilling. Sliman works the same way; either your opponent uses more pillz than you and ends up with a disadvantage (especially with the pillz advantage a good Piranas deck should give you anyway), or you end up 8 life ahead of your opponent.

Okay, yes, he's weak to SOA, damage reduction, or attack-boosting, but hey--just because you have to be smart about playing a card doesn't mean it's a bad card. Sliman definitely has a niche in any T2 Piranas deck, and he's cheap, too!

Wednesday 01/12/2010, 09:52

Sliman is a good card and he is very cheap aswell as that he is useful for reasons he is a good card to have in your deck
vote green if you agreesmiley plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzplzzzzzzzzz