First development of the 4 of this character’s different developments:

  • Ulu WatuStanlypicture
    2Ability unlocked at
    4Power +2
  • Ulu WatuStanlypicture
    4Ability unlocked at
    4Power +2
  • Ulu WatuStanlypicture
    5Ability unlocked at
    6Power +2
  • Ulu WatuStanlypicture
    6Confidence: Attack +12
    8Power +2

Ability of Stanly:

Confidence: Attack +12

If a character belonging to the same team as Stanly wins a round, in the next round the Attack of Stanly will be increased to 12



Power +2

Ulu Watu’s Power is increased by 2 points. (Remember: Power * Pillz = Attack)

43 comments about Stanly

Friday 06/11/2009, 14:41

Stanley - 6/8 with with Confidence: +12 attack (ability) and +2 power (bonus)

- A massive 8 damage (10 with fury) that lets you kill with many different choices. Don't forget kids. 8 is the magic number in UR.
- Unlike other 8 damage cards, Stanly potentially has 8 power, which is very very strong.
- To make matters even scarier, he has the potential to increase his chances of victory even more with a very powerful +attack ability, even if confidence.
- This card may be Ulu Watu's scariest bluff. 4 damage from Gaia, confidence kicks in. How what? A 8/8 with attack that kills you is coming at you. Do you pill?...Do you assume it is a bluff?..
- Even if a bluff, with confidence, most enemies will have to pill at least twice.
- And he's only a common! LE WHAT

- I think an 8/8 is playable even without an ability. Although his confidence is situational, it isn't exactly necessary, but it helps.
- I find that SoB will be more of a problem, since 6 power is weaker than 8 (I'll take that Smartest-Person-Alive trophy now, please). What I mean to say is, you probably will be using a lot of pills to 2HKO with him, unless you're bluffing, so you want more power.
- All-Stops, of course, are the ow
- He is 5*

Overall: 10/10. Common! Stanly is such a good card. High power, solid great damage, nifty ability, I find him the best 5* in Ulu Watu, not ELO-banned. Will it just be me? Time will tell.

Monday 09/11/2009, 07:55

I think you're on to something. I think he is an homage to the Sandman from Spiderman, and it just hit me like a two ton train how his name fits with that. I noticed all the other cards released with him were homages to movies, Glenn being Cruella DeVille from 101 Dalmations, Pan being the mythical beast from Pans Labyrinth, Mini Mund being Mini Me from Austin Powers. I knew Stanly had to be an homage, so I looked up the Sandman. Lo and behold, on the Marvel page, the name was right there. He's named after Stan Lee, the man who created Marvel Comics and also the Spiderman villain, the Sandman.

Saturday 30/04/2011, 18:13

Stanly is a really good card on his last level
Damage= 8
power +2 that will make him
Damage= 8
and attack +12 and he is sold for a good price

Sunday 20/06/2010, 16:39

Stanly = 6/8 at last lvl with Ability of Confidence +12 atk and Bonus of +2 power

>6 power is good
>>can be 8 with bonus
>8 dmg is high
>>10 with fury
>potential of 8/10
>confidence atk +12
>>like adding 2 more pillz without bonus
>amazingly good bluff
>common card so easy to get
>SOB and SOA this card would still be deadly with 6/8

>5 stars so takes space in elo
>pricey...ish [not rly though]

Only reason its .1 short is cause the artwork starts to freak me out :S ,but if your a Ulu Watu player this card should so be in your staring lineup sicne he's amazing and cheap for all his stats

Sunday 15/12/2013, 18:09

ok, since all but slify's raving reviews are stating the obvious, i thought its time to re-evaluate this card.
for the sake of the argument i'll start with cons first:

- 6/8 base stats: nowadays quite common for 5* cards, nothing to freak out about, nothing bad either. but cards like Lou, Boyle, Zoid, Sigurd, Don, Fuzz, B Bazooka, Sekutor or Lady have abilites which are always active
- confidence: if you build your strategy on that great +12atk, you'll usually get one shot to do so. your opponent will see that coming
- competition: almighty tan man. he's very expensive though. Daddy Jones, Serena have the same base stats with unconditional abilities. Hikiyousan also is arguably better
- non-standard
- SOB: quite obvious, but hurts a lot

- Synergy with Bonus: the bonus is what makes this card shine. 8/8 is just straight forward awesome. thats why SOB hurts so much. now, the SOB-clans usually lack power themselves, so 6pwr might just do the job. still, SOB cards like Shifou, Chlora, Taylor, Tomas, Lucy or Petra are a real problem. luckily you should be able to dodge them
- KOs: the only card in Ulu Watu with 8 damage. most 2HKOs possibilities, ie with Gaia, Nanook, Eugene, Douglas, Zack, Shaun, Janice, Gaia Noel. great threat and mind-game
- Price: 3k for a decent 5* nowadays is a bargain

Stanly might seem a little outdated, especially with that conditional ability, but that 8/8 with +12atk will still often be unstoppable.
also, i recommend using him without confidence to take out a huge chunk of life on unsuspecting opponents.
Great card!

8.5 / 10

Friday 19/12/2014, 22:17

This card is INSANE good when you think about the fact that

A: It will only cost you 4K
B: It's a Common Card when it could easily go as a rare card

Anyone with a Ulu Watu Deck should use this

Thursday 26/03/2015, 20:55

Just saying one thing.
He's 3k clintz.

Wednesday 22/09/2010, 02:14

when i first looked at this card, i thought, wow, this must b a good card. then, when i started using it, i found it amazing. one of the best combos in the game with Nanook, really easy 2hko. u cn use Zack with it also or anything with 4+ dmg, lots & lots of Ulu Watu cards that meet that criteria cn easily win. great great card. smiley

Saturday 28/07/2012, 03:16

thos guy looks like the guy who would say lets surf dude

Thursday 06/12/2012, 07:22

This should be a Rare card worth around 20k. This card is just boss!