At Junkz raves, whoever’s spinning the discs, Sireen never listens to the music. She plays her own music and dances to her own beat. And woe betides anyone who happens to overhear her music as they then become unable to resist her and forever subject to her will.
  • Released on friday 20/11/09
  • Illustrator: phalloide
  • Uncommon Card Available at the Shop
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  • Danger zone icon Allowed in EFC up to Danger zone
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Power of Sireen:

Copy: Opp. Power

Sireen has equal Power to their opponent. This number only takes into account the figure shown on the opponent’s card and does not include changes connected to an Ability or a Bonus.


Bonus :

Attack +8

Junkz's Attack points are increased by 8 points. (Remember: Power * Pillz = Attack)

First evolution of the 4 different evolutions of this character :

  • JunkzSireenpicture
    Power3AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage4BonusAttack +8
  • JunkzSireenpicture
    Power3AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage5BonusAttack +8
  • JunkzSireenpicture
    Power4AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage5BonusAttack +8
  • JunkzSireenpicture
    Power6AbilityCopy: Opp. Power
    Damage6BonusAttack +8
64 characters
missions icon 30 missions
Bonus Attack +8
Wild parties, sex, drugs: the Junkz live to have fun. Unfortunately, the government has recently put a 650BPM speed limit on music saying that anything over that would turn young people into raving loonies. The Junkz have declared war on this law and are fighting for their basic right to do what they please!
  • At level 1: min 7 106 Clintz
  • At level 2: min 6 832 Clintz
  • At level 3: min 6 272 Clintz
  • At level 4: min 7 742 Clintz
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18 comments on Sireen

Friday 20/11/2009, 14:44

Sireen - 6/6 with Power = Power Opp (ability) and +8 attack (bonus)

- A very strong damage of 6 (8 with fury) that enables 2HKOs with Rowdy, Peeler, or furious Gibson.
- Can potentially tie in power with the enemy, and with +8 attack, get an advantage.
- Amazing 1-star filler of 3/4, though

- A hefty 4*. Even worse when your ability is power = power
- Needs bonus to win becasue of this.
- Has a lot of clan disadvantages.

Overall: 5.5/10. A good filler, but that's mostly all I recommend her for. Pretty art, but I'd use Rowdy or Gibson over her playing-wise.

Saturday 21/11/2009, 03:57

Obviously her name is a play on the Sirens, fish ladies in Greek mythology that would lure sailors in with their songs and then devour their flesh.

Wednesday 25/11/2009, 14:57

she would be better as 4/8 power=power opp

Tuesday 09/11/2010, 02:44

I don't know how but she's oddly kinda cute. . .

Sunday 25/12/2011, 06:48

Of all the cards in this entire game, Sireen is my favorite in terms of design. Every time there's a Miss Clint City, I kind of hope the uniqueness of Sireen will dominate over the more fanservice-y girls found elsewhere in the game.

Sunday 10/06/2012, 16:43

sireen is good, i like it. but not so good ability sorry sireen. smiley

Friday 08/11/2013, 15:18

I think she will be nice filler in some fun deck. At 1*, opp have to use 1 pillz or got 4 damage in face.

Sunday 22/11/2009, 11:15

junkz > +8 atk
power = opp power


all you people are slating sireen on the fact that she is a power=opp power card, this is not a bad ability really
sure against all stars and power manipulators she fails but when played right she has a +8 atk advantage and = power making it fairly easy to get that 6 damage in.
for a 4* junkz sireen may be overlooked but she is definitely useful and for me has a place in my heart.

i also like that we now have a new generation of p=op cards, with slopsh as the first, they have high enough power to be used while soa'd and also high damage

Thursday 03/06/2010, 02:41

I actually like Sireen. Her ability isn't the greatest, but I think her bonus makes up for it. Obviously, you should use her when you go second in a round, so you have more control. Her stats are pretty bad for a 4 star, though. And of course, the art is gorgeous.

6/10. Certainly not the best 4 star for Junkz, but not the worst.

Sunday 22/08/2010, 10:58


Thursday 18/08/2011, 18:32

yeah she is cutesmileysmileysmiley

Wednesday 09/11/2011, 01:30

more like supah H...O....T!!!

Thursday 10/11/2011, 13:04

sireen and saddy and shann dance off!

Wednesday 23/11/2011, 01:28

nice abilitysmiley:::

Friday 14/12/2012, 21:01

She is a very good card in my oppinion. 6/6 power=power 4* 8+att and with hugo thats 14 more att its quite nice she is in my deck more than half the time.

Clint City, day.