• Released on friday 27/08/10
  • Illustrator: Quirkilicious
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  • EFC Tower icon Allowed in EFC up to EFC Tower
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Power of Eloxia:

Defeat: Poison 1, Min 0

If Eloxia loses the fight, at the end of each of the following rounds the number of Life points of the player controlling the opposing character will be reduced by 1, or up to a minimum of 0. If the number of Life points of the player controlling the opposing character is lower than or equal to 0, the ability will have no effect.


Bonus :

Protection: Ability

The Ability of Skeelz can not be blocked while the Protection: Ability Bonus is activated.

First evolution of the 4 different evolutions of this character :

  • SkeelzEloxiapicture
    Power4AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage2BonusProtection: Ability
    Allowed in EFC up to EFC Tower
  • SkeelzEloxiapicture
    Power5AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage4BonusProtection: Ability
    Allowed in EFC up to EFC Tower
  • SkeelzEloxiapicture
    Power6AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage6BonusProtection: Ability
    Allowed in EFC up to EFC Tower
  • SkeelzEloxiapicture
    Power7AbilityDefeat: Poison 1, Min 0
    Damage7BonusProtection: Ability
    Allowed in EFC up to EFC Tower
58 characters
missions icon 24 missions
Bonus Protection: Ability
In the Skeelz Academy, all subjects are given equal importance. Whether it’s the art of combat, mastering Space and Time, controlling the Mind, Nature studies or Death exploration, nothing is discounted. And to ensure the same tolerance reigns in the streets as in their Academy, the Skeelz are putting their neutrality to one side for the moment to bring about peace...through the force of their punches, of course.
  • At level 2: min 6 830 Clintz
  • At level 3: min 7 497 Clintz
  • At level 4: min 6 833 Clintz
  • At level 5: min 7 316 Clintz
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126 comments on Eloxia

Sunday 05/09/2010, 14:38

Caelus's Student Review Log

Student 6660

Eloxia Riddle

Now, while this girl may appear to be shifty, I have my reasons for accepting her into my school. Yes, she has the ability to become a poisonous snake Lady (kind of cool, kind of cool), but as my good Buddy Cley (and my not so good Buddy, Deebler) has pointed out... she's pretty evil. She turns down the thermostat in Wiheim's classroom, freezing him solid (it takes days to thaw him out), she's lured Liam into a closet with a strip tease, then locked him in it. And so on and so forth.

But my reasoning is this:
She's here to kill me. It's pretty darn obvious. After all, i didn't get this old by randomly trusting anybody who tried to get into my school for gifted youngsters. No, she was sent here by some organization to put old Caelus in a permenent dirt nap. But, I'm not letting that happen. As long as she is here at Skeelz, I can keep a close eye on here and see what she is capable of. So, when the day finally comes to face off, I will know what I am dealing with.

This is serious. I may not live until next year, but I feel that I have a good chance of coming out on top when this goes down. I hope you all root for me.


Headmaster of Skeelz Academy

(Ok, people. Eloxia is obviously from Vortex. Remember? They are trying to kill the leaders of the clans? That means... that means Caelus might be the first CR for Skeelz. PETITION FOR NOT KILLING CAELUS! RATE GREEN! Just injure him!)

Friday 27/08/2010, 17:42

Eloxia - 7/7 with Defeat: Poison 1, min 0 (ability) and Protection: Ability (bonus)

- 7 power is solid. 7 power is good.
- 7 damage is very painful to get hit by.
- When if she loses, she wins. Defeat means she gets poison out!
- And with Protection, she doesn't need to worry
- Wonderful, wonderful art

- 5* is a lot of stars.
- Her ability is defeat. But that means she doesn't get 7 damage out. Poison 1 may not be worth the 7 damage loss
- Quite a bit of 5* competition

Overall: 8/10. This overall was hard. Eloxia has a few flaws, but she can do somethings her abilities can't. In an aggressive deck: Eloxia can wiggle in some bluff or attack. She's more aggressive than Aylen's life gain, and her solid 7 damage is nothing to laugh at. That said, think before playing her, since 7 damage is a lot to give up for poison.. Whether she replaces Aylen Swan, or Tomas in a deck? She's not better, but she's not worse. If you need a nuke, then Eloxia is not a bad pick

Friday 27/08/2010, 13:20

Lose with Eloxia, win with Jay.

Get what I'm saying? smiley

Saturday 06/11/2010, 12:10

Eloxia for miss clint city, green if you agree

Monday 30/08/2010, 00:45

you want to know why this card is great, it creates OHKO's!!!!!
you lose, then pull out Jay or caelus and use all 12 pillz or use 9 and fury for an unexpected mid-game kill.

Eloxia has very few flaws with stats at 7/7.
if an all stop comes into play it stops your defeat ability, but you can anticipate this and pill against and win since most all stops are relatively weak.

pros- everything!!!!!!!!
overall: 9.5/10 possibly one of the best cards in UR sorry slify but this card is a must have in a type 2 Skeelz deck. won't see too much type 1 play as it is overshadowed by thomas and caelus, but watch as this card isa dangerous hidden dagger.
rate smiley if you agree

Sunday 12/09/2010, 15:18

Quirkilicious Has To Be The Best Urban Rivals Artist.
Eloxia is a new Member Of His Amazing Pieces Of Art.

Friday 07/12/2012, 08:22

Really bored to read those comments that give most of the characters 8 - 9 scores... I doubt whether they really understand how to analyze a card. Seems they think most of them are similar in their own mind.

Eloxia got a great 7 damage. But do you think it is great to got only 7 power as a 5-star big card? Her bonus doesn't help in most of the situation, and her ability only works if she lose.

In ELO, who want their 5-stars character to lose and have only -1 poison/round to your opponent? And left 2 and 3-stars in your hand to against your opponent?

In T2, yes she can "1HKO" with fury Jay and Caelus Cr (if you have DR in hand). But how about if your opponent have DR as well?

Some said Eloxia can have mind-game to your opponent. But do you think it is easy to win with only 7 power in T2?

I soldem score a character since I believe that how strong and weak is a card really depends on player's ability and their playing style.

But if compare Eloxia to other 5-stars, even within Skeels, or other clan, and the usage in different game modes:


Wednesday 23/03/2011, 22:58

AC_Spec-Ops - Master
Monday 28/02, 09:03
Her birth is a total mystery. No one had heard of her until she turned up one fine morning at the Skeelz academy to take the entrance exam. Caelus accepted her on the spot but some of the other teachers, such as Cley and Aigwon, are a little more wary of her and suspect she is trying to infiltrate the school by an, as yet, unknown organization.

I have a feeling she is Shaakarti because Dregn said he did want to kill the leaders of enemy clans, and if you look at the Shaakarti's bio you will know what I mean. At the end of Shaakarti's bio it says she killed all of her teachers. And at the end of this bio it says how Cley and Aigwon think she is from an Unknown organisation.
And what do you think it is? Well, of course, the Vortex.

Rate green if you agree smiley

She is Shaakarti!!!

The stats are identical, along with the above statement!

Rate green if you agree!

Sunday 24/04/2011, 14:31

Wow, the artwork is truly amazing... smileysmiley

Tuesday 31/08/2010, 14:12

Soo hot! i think she must be the new miss clint city! vote green if u are agree :>

Saturday 04/12/2010, 02:48

She looked over her shoulder to see if anybody was watching and quietly slipped into the headmaster's office.
"Eloxia..." Caelus calmly said. "I've been expecting such a visit for quite some time.
"Then you already know?"
"I've had my guess for quite a while, but you coming in here has definitely assured me,"
Slowly, wisps of energy were forming behind Caelus's back. His body became tense.
"Oh headmaster, you are quite predictable," Suddenly, a hail of poison and needles shot from her arms.
Barely having time to react, Caelus raised his arms and with a brilliant flash of light, the needles disappeared from existence.
"Now Eloxia, my young pupil, what will killing me give you?"
"Dregn said he'd reward me well," she said. Behind her, her hands began to grow huge claws. Her skin was becoming more reptilian by the second.
"Dregn is... Very perplexing. Don't let his mind games fool you Eloxia. He will just strike back at you and give you a blow you will not be able to recover from,"
"It's too bad I don't believe you dear headmaster..." She sharply retorted. And in a lightning fast movement, she bounded up into the air. With a flurry, thousands of needles coated in poison flew in all directions. Hard-pressed Caelus raised his arms and stopped every one in mid-air.
Then, Eloxia came bounding forward and stabbed him through the chest with her claws.
"Sleep well, 'master,'"
Eloxia began to walk away.

Caelus felt the world around him turning red, he knew he was dying
*See next comment*

Monday 09/01/2012, 23:38

Eloxia 5* 7/7 Defeat: posion 1 min 0.

As you can see this is my favorite character.

☻-Stats 7/7 very solid.
☻-Awesome ability, nice min of 0. Her ability makes her a great bluffer. Will you take the 7 damage? or will you take the 1 min 0 posion =P.
☻- Protected from SOA.
☻-Amazing artwork.

♦-5 stars is spacey if your trying to fit her in elo.
♦-Eloxia has 5 star compitetion.
♦-Ability posion is very low.

█- I give her a 10/10 She's very solid, beautiful artwork and a amazing card.

Tuesday 03/09/2013, 15:08


Tuesday 16/12/2014, 03:24

Yeah that's all I got, Hehehe!

Sunday 19/04/2015, 22:40

Who cares about Miss Sasha, MISS Eloxia FTW!