First development of the 3 of this character’s different developments:

  • SkeelzSahopicture
    3Ability unlocked at
    2Protection: Ability
  • SkeelzSahopicture
    4Ability unlocked at
    4Protection: Ability
  • SkeelzSahopicture
    6-2 Opp Pillz. Min 4
    4Protection: Ability

Ability of Saho:

-2 Opp Pillz. Min 4

If Saho wins the fight, the number of Pillz of the player controlling the opposing character will be reduced by 2 Pillz, or up to a minimum of 4. If the number of Pillz of the player controlling the opposing character is lower than or equal to 4, then the ability will have no effect.



Protection: Ability

The Ability of Skeelz can not be blocked while the Protection: Ability Bonus is activated.

29 comments about Saho

Friday 08/10/2010, 15:50

Saho - 6/4 with -2 opp pills, min 4 (ability) and Protection: Ability (bonus)

- Solid 4 damage is always nice
- If Saho is victorious, a nice decrease in pills for your opponent.
- He has protection ability, which protects his ability

- Without any attack manipulation, power manipulation, SoB, or SoA, Sado is going to have a hard time to even be win and get that pill manipulation out there.
- I know I'm being over picky now, but a pill minimum of 4 is kinda high. Yeah, overly picky.

Overall: 5/10. Really no reason to use this card, I'd say. His/Her power isn't that great, which is a shame for the normally solid Skeelz clan, His bonus and ability don't aid him in battle, and he has a bit of competition in the 3* category. Sorry for the short review folks, but there isn't much to say about this card. A real shame too, considering I liked Ranma 1/2 and thus, Saho's backstory.

Tuesday 19/10/2010, 05:07

Caelus's Student Review Log (Today, Jay has convinced me to try some of his slang, I hope I can 'pull it off yo'.)

Student Number 9093

Saho Ranman

I get alot of questions on why I accepted Saho to the school. Jay tells me 'With all due respect, dude. Turning into a chick when water hits ya don't exactally cut it in my opinion'. But I have my reason... and that is 'espionage'! Just think of having Saho sneak into a Montana run hotel to gather info. If he gets caught, he only need run to the nearest water, tub, whatever, and jump in. When they find 'him', they will only see a girl... a rather 'smexy' girl as Liam puts it. So, they leave him be. And then he reports what he finds, easy!

Sure, he isn't thre greatest for cobat in my academy, but he is fantastic for a suprise attack here and there when no one realizes who he is. I just wish I could keep Liam away from him when he goes to take a shower. The little perv peeks. Manfred has tried telling the boy it is not only 'creepy' but that it is 'downright wrong for someone of your sexuality'. And I have to agree with that whole heartedly.

Saho isn't to fond of his power either. No matter what his body is, he always has the mind of a man, so he gets into quite some akward situations. It's quite unfortunate really, after all, he didn't ask to be cursed as such.

Oh well, I think that just about covers it. Later, 'dudes'!

Headmaster of Skeelz Academy

Friday 08/10/2010, 11:56

He is obviously Ranma from Ranma 1/2 !

rate green!

Sunday 10/10/2010, 19:42

why are people rating comments like "rate green if you agree" green? comments like slifys should be rated green not those

if you agree please dont rate

Wednesday 13/10/2010, 01:47

I'm going to clear some stuff up here. There is a smiley misconception that Jim of the Uppers can switch genders. I looked for his graphic novel on the french wikipedia website, and it says that Jim and Jenna cannot inhabit the same plane of existence. What this means is that Jim cannot inhabit the same reality as Jenna. It also says that when Jim's time runs out, he can touch a reflective surface to switch places with Jenna. So to make things clear: HE CANNOT CHANGE GENDERS, HE MERELY SWITCHES REALITIES WITH HIS COUSIN. GET IT RIGHT!!!!! Rate green so others can read this, and finally not get mixed up.

Tuesday 05/07/2011, 05:06

Wonder what would happen if he did get pregers as a girl then morphed back to a guy O.o

Monday 01/08/2011, 11:45

Somehow, he's in the Miss Clintz City 2011 tournament. Please vote for him since Jessica isn't in the running.

Monday 16/05/2011, 16:34

He looks pregnant at lv3...or very fat...too bad, the art was very nice befoore I saw that smiley

Monday 25/02/2013, 21:30

Saho Miss Clint City 2013!!! (that's legal, right?)

Rate green if you agree!!!smiley

Saturday 05/04/2014, 12:38

Is it just me or her last evolution, looks pretty fat comparing it with the level 1 and 2 card??