Not many people know it but Aigwon loves to dress up! And beneath his thick skin lies a generous heart. Nothing pleases him more than giving gifts to the baby trees or failing that, to human children. So, he's taken two weeks’ vacation before Christmas to organize a lovely surprise for the students of the Skeelz Academy...
  • Released on wednesday 22/12/10
  • Illustrator: John Sein
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  • Danger zone icon Allowed in EFC up to Danger zone
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Power of Aigwon Noel:

Courage: Stop Bonus

When Aigwon Noel is played first in the round, the opposing character's Clan Bonus - if activated - will be cancelled.


Bonus :

Protection: Ability

The Ability of Skeelz can not be blocked while the Protection: Ability Bonus is activated.

First evolution of the 4 different evolutions of this character :

  • SkeelzAigwon Noelpicture
    Power2AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage2BonusProtection: Ability
  • SkeelzAigwon Noelpicture
    Power3AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage3BonusProtection: Ability
  • SkeelzAigwon Noelpicture
    Power4AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage4BonusProtection: Ability
  • SkeelzAigwon Noelpicture
    Power6AbilityCourage: Stop Bonus
    Damage6BonusProtection: Ability
62 characters
missions icon 25 missions
Bonus Protection: Ability
In the Skeelz Academy, all subjects are given equal importance. Whether it’s the art of combat, mastering Space and Time, controlling the Mind, Nature studies or Death exploration, nothing is discounted. And to ensure the same tolerance reigns in the streets as in their Academy, the Skeelz are putting their neutrality to one side for the moment to bring about peace...through the force of their punches, of course.
  • At level 1: min 1 977 Clintz
  • At level 2: min 2 148 Clintz
  • At level 3: min 1 887 Clintz
  • At level 4: min 2 031 Clintz
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57 comments on Aigwon Noel

Friday 01/03/2013, 03:16

I can't tell which is WORSE, your grammer, or Aigwon Noel.

Saturday 27/04/2013, 23:12


I can't decide which is worse, your grammar or this card!

Wednesday 22/12/2010, 23:43

This isn't a very good Christmas card.

Aigwon: Hello kiddies want a present

Kid: Sure I would love one

Kid Runs over plays in the presents then aigwon kidnaps him and hides him in the leaves of the tree.

You see, You don't presents from a creepy old man, don't you?

Sunday 26/12/2010, 23:35

Great card for beginners, powerful against Mort Box, Aldo, etc.
Once you reach level 15, you should stop using this card and start specializing in a clan, though.

Friday 21/01/2011, 13:23

he should have just got SOB not confidence SOB

Saturday 19/02/2011, 14:53

First Noel card that has a different bio than the character it is based on xD

Monday 28/03/2011, 15:24

Jeez, I've gotten at least 5 Aigwon Noels from New Blood packs now.

Tuesday 24/05/2011, 07:59

oh man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
the worst christmas gift one can get!!!

Friday 01/07/2011, 22:14

HEY get back to work kerry!!!!!

Tuesday 10/01/2012, 05:46

Wats' casual reviews

Aigwon Noel....Wish i had a teacher that dressed as a christmas tree! (although there was one I was praying would dress in a skimpy santa's helper outfit...damn she was hot!)

- Has 6 damage
- SOB is good

- Courage just adds insult to already bad power...6 power is like out of style man
- Think Kerry but 100x worse

Overall? Use this card at Xmas time just to feel a warm glow from looking at a christmas tree....maybe the opp. will pity you and let you win


Monday 29/10/2012, 11:02

I'm Sorry this is just pissing me off. Aigwon Noel is not a SOB for some stupid reason his courage stops his own bonu which makes absolutely no sense with Skeelz what so ever.smileysmiley

Tuesday 04/12/2012, 14:11

it would be much better if his ability is Courage: stop opp ability and stop opp bonus.

rate green, so that Ur staff should change his ability. smiley

Thursday 23/12/2010, 16:36

this makes this clans 30th card and no cr yet smiley

Friday 28/01/2011, 10:50

GraksmxxT NOEL!!!

Saturday 29/01/2011

1.Oh Look A Tree :3
2.I got Hiar smiley
3.Now I got bangs ...
4im a tree and have gifts ..... MERRY XES

Clint City, night.