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  • RescueAshpicture
    4Ability unlocked at
    1Support: Attack +3
  • RescueAshpicture
    6Ability unlocked at
    2Support: Attack +3
  • RescueAshpicture
    7Heal 1 Max. 8
    3Support: Attack +3

Ability of Ash:

Heal 1 Max. 8

If Ash wins the round, at the end of each of the following rounds the player controlling Ash will earn 1 Life point(s) if he/she has fewer than 8 Life points. If the player controlling Ash has 8 life points or more, the Heal effect is not triggered.



Support: Attack +3

Rescue’s attack points are increased by 3 points for each character belonging to Rescue’s clan and who is part of their team. Remember that Rescue is also taken into account.

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Friday 14/01/2011, 23:58

This is how Ash's heal ability works, if your confused;

If you have less than 8 life, you gain 1 life.
Otherwise, if you have 8 life or more, you don't gain any life.

When people say it's like a reverse version of poison, it's because poison takes away life until it reaches it's min.
For example, freak's bonus is 2 poison, min 3.
Meaning, your opponent will lose 2 life each round until they have 3 life or less, then the posion doesn't remove any more life.

Heal on the other hand means if you have less life than the max., in this case 8, you will gain 1 life each round.
If you have or reach 8 life or more, you will not gain any more life.

(I know most of you may have got how it works, but please rate up so that other players understand how it works also)

Friday 14/01/2011, 11:20

Say it with me everyone:


Monday 24/01/2011, 00:01

@ Diginator
How is his Max 'REALLY' low? It's 8. In terms of Poison, that's 4. Which is great.
Why would you want to have to use his ability. When he wins, if it doesn't activate, then your golden. That means you haven't gone below 8 HP... which almost certainly means you've won (The only other way being if the opponent has dealt extatally 4 damage in 3 rounds of winning).
You do realize you gain that every turn if the conditions are met, right? Not just once? Cool?

As for better 3*, only Elvira (banned often), and Anita (Courage based and victem to DR) are near his calibur. Most of your deck, on average, will have plenty of 3*s as well (ussually, at least 3), so he fits in just fine.

Predictable is not a con. It means people knows what he can do. Which means he can make an excellent bluff against people who find him 'predictable'. Furthermore, if your opponent goes first and expects you to use him, you can just as easily send out a lesser card to take the heat. Predictable doesn't exist in UR. There is always a way to manipulate your opponent.

And 3 damage is just fine for a 3 star. Elvira has only 1 more and doesn't haveconsistant health gain. Anita only has three. I don't see your point.

All in all, your review, sir, did not make a lick of sense.

Also, Ambrose could have left the city by BEING KILLED BY Ash! Seriously, that didn't cross your mind? Cards aren't nessesarily released in chronological order, and maybe Ash finally decided to start fighting recently after getting bitten way back. Maybe he just recovered. And despite what you might have read in the zombie survival guide, zombies have no set rules, because they don't really exist. Even if they did, who knows what kind of virus would have caused it, maybe it's excrement was also a preservative. You can't say UR is wrong on the subject of mythical beings.

/Rant over

Friday 14/01/2011, 11:34

are u some kind of silly, picklecopter?
"goe snicely with Anita and suzi"
if his ability has a max of 8 points then why should it go nicely with other +lifeabilities? it goes wrongly coz u will allrdy have the max and his ability will have no effect. everyone whos my opinion pls thumbs up...

Friday 14/01/2011, 19:28

Interesting ability... the first of its kind.

-7 powered rescues are hard to find, but equally hard to beat
-Rescue ability can be argued as one of the best.
-Ability is new...

-Very weak health gain
-Max is REALLY low. you have to lose a ton then win with him in a very late round and he still wont be that good
-3 damage is bad for a 3 star
-competition-why pick him so many are better

Not really a usable card. Hopefully he can be a good gateway to new better healing cards (like with no max or 2 or 3 instead of 1) I give him a 7/10. (only because he has 7 power and he is a good gateway card)

Sidenote: Ambrose Cr is a cr so he left clint city... if he left how did Ash get bitten by him? ambrose should be long long long long gone.
Sidenote 2: zombies (like ambrose) have usually a short life as a zombie before they decompose. after 3-5 years ambrose would be out of clint city and just a pile of dirt...

Friday 14/01/2011, 12:11

Bruce Cambell from Evil Dead 2smiley

Friday 14/01/2011, 17:35

Really, he just needs to cut off his hand and replace it with a chainsaw. smiley

Saturday 15/01/2011, 14:37

Totally new ability, very interesting concept the abd thing about being the first of his kind is that UR havent perfected it yet.

Lets forget his ability for a mo and concentrate on his stats. 7/3 is not that bad at all. considering Elvira is regularly banned his main competitors are; Anita, Wesley and Joana. seen as though all decks need a couple of 3* Anita is a must have. then compared to Wesley (6/3) and Joana (5/5) he has a better base power than both.
Onto damage and he is tied with Wesley and two behind Joana.
Now lets bring into play abilites. Joana and Wesley are far more risky to play than Ash. ash' solid 7 power beats both and a nice 3 damage is not too shoddy. a chance to get +3 life added to that is a major bonus.

In my opinion Ash is the 3rd best 3* in Rescue and when Elvira is banned he is a must have in your deck. perhaps underrated, and it is brillaint to see Rescue get another 7 power 3*. its about time. now lets bring on that 8 power....


Sunday 12/08/2012, 13:22

severl people have mentions the Evil Dead I and II, but how has no one mentioned the best one of them all featuring Ash. Army of Darkness!
Give me some suga baby

Friday 14/01/2011, 17:49

just u wait his hand is going to be the next card for the Nightmare clan

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