Edwin has never really been normal. Even before his accident, he had an almost symbiotic relationship with his secateurs and a strange glint in his eyes... But since being struck by lightning, there's no doubt about it: he's now well and truly at home with the Nightmare clan. Some members of the clan have even started having nightmares since he turned up...
  • Released on friday 11/02/11
  • Illustrator: John Sein
  • Uncommon Card Available at the Shop
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  • EFC Tower icon Allowed in EFC up to EFC Tower
  • icon 1 missions
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Power of Edwin:

-3 Opp Power, Min 4

The Power of the opposing character is reduced by 3 points or up to a minimum of 4.


Bonus :

Stop Opp. Bonus

The opponent’s clan Bonus, if activated, is cancelled.

First evolution of the 3 different evolutions of this character :

  • NightmareEdwinpicture
    Power2AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage1BonusStop Opp. Bonus
  • NightmareEdwinpicture
    Power4AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage3BonusStop Opp. Bonus
  • NightmareEdwinpicture
    Power5Ability-3 Opp Power, Min 4
    Damage5BonusStop Opp. Bonus
65 characters
missions icon 27 missions
Bonus Stop Opp. Bonus
Like any other city, Clint City has its fair share of demons, vampires and other supernatural beings. Founded by Ielena, the Nightmare Clan’s sole purpose is to give power to these creatures of the night.
  • At level 1: min 5 159 Clintz
  • At level 2: min 4 523 Clintz
  • At level 3: min 4 638 Clintz
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35 comments on Edwin

Friday 13/07/2012, 01:29

It's not Edward scissor hands, it is Freddy Krueger. You can see his hat, sweater and burn't face ; all features that Freddy had in the Nightmare on Elm street movie series.

Monday 25/07/2011, 03:34

mortal kobat has freddie now urban rivals this is crazey

Sunday 11/12/2011, 13:41

Easily one of the most underrated 3* Nightmare has.


- Low Price
- Low star count
- High damage
- Nice manipulation
- Sick Art


- Generally low power.
- Obvious weakness to any form of atk manipulation or
heavier power manipulation(and ofc SoA).
- Competition with Arawaka , Pan and Dieter.

Overall he's a 7.5 / 10. Very good if you pop him properly,but he isnt the guy to win games on his own.

Sunday 20/02/2011, 14:15

How does Edwin compare to Edward Scissorhands?,Sure he's got the claws.But it's obvious that it's mainly Freddy Krueger.

Now Urban Rivals,Where's our Jason knock off?. smiley

Saturday 30/04/2011, 10:43

Rate Grenn If You Love "A Nightmare On Elm Street" And "Edward "Scissorhands"!

"Wes Craven" And "Tim Burton" Rocks!

Tuesday 25/10/2011, 05:15

He's currently worth 666... smileyDUN DUN DUUUNsmiley

Friday 25/05/2012, 20:24

a 100% pure freddy smiley

Monday 30/07/2012, 00:10

when i saw this card i say wow its Freddy Krueger then i say well i ll right a comment and get a top comment i see the top comments most about Freddy Krueger.me now damm

Saturday 13/10/2012, 21:10

Lvl 1: trololol....doing my boring job...
Lvl 2: OMFG!!!
Lvl 3: Hiiii little kid!

Friday 11/02/2011, 23:07

his real story in english:
Edwin was never really normal. Even before his accident, he had a report of fusion with his shears, and a little strange spark in his eyes ... But since the lightning hit him, there is no longer any doubt that he has a place in the Nightmare clan. Some members of the Clan even started having nightmares since his arrival.

Thursday 17/03/2011, 17:19

why haven't anyone said this yet? he's a replacement for oshitsune, with 1 more power but 1 less reduction. could be better or worse than oshitsune depending on situation. Damage is actually pretty negligible in ELO. Flame me all you want.

however, unopposed, oshit is a better card. more attack gap ( unless hit with atk manipulation ) and slightly more immune to power reducers

Friday 22/06/2012, 22:43

bought one from shop and gave me him for free

Tuesday 06/11/2012, 08:15

he is over in all-stars, he been out for a few years now
I want to see michael myers or jigsaw they be awesome (even though michael myers seems to belong more in berzerk and jigsaw in gheist and i dont use either of them except bezerk on -life missions

Saturday 10/11/2012, 14:28


Sunday 20/10/2013, 03:11

I almost use Edwin to win !!!!smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Clint City, day.