• Released on friday 03/06/11
  • Illustrator: phalloide
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  • Danger zone icon Allowed in EFC up to Danger zone
  • icon 1 missions
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Power of Drummond:

Attack +8

Drummond's Attack points are increased by 8 points. (Remember: Power * Pillz = Attack)


Bonus :

- 2 Opp. Life Min 2

If Berzerk wins the fight, the number of Life points of the player controlling the opposing character will be reduced by 2, or up to a minimum of 2. If the number of Life points of the player controlling the opposing character is lower than or equal to 2, the ability will have no effect.

First evolution of the 2 different evolutions of this character :

  • BerzerkDrummondpicture
    Power3AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage1Bonus- 2 Opp. Life Min 2
    Allowed in EFC up to Danger zone
  • BerzerkDrummondpicture
    Power6AbilityAttack +8
    Damage2Bonus- 2 Opp. Life Min 2
    Allowed in EFC up to Danger zone
51 characters
missions icon 26 missions
Bonus - 2 Opp. Life Min 2
After a Xantiax gas leak in the air ducts of the Red One Motel, all the staff and hotel guests were transformed into fearsome beings, possessed by a fury that can only be appeased by intense fighting. In fact, they would have ripped each other to pieces for time immortal if Cortez hadn't united them under a common cause: to find those responsible for their situation and make them pay!
  • At level 1: min 256 Clintz
  • At level 2: min 119 Clintz
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34 comments on Drummond

Friday 03/06/2011, 13:35

A face only a mother could love...

Wait, scratch that, his mother just ran from the room screaming "Kill it with fire!" smiley

Wednesday 04/04/2012, 21:55

Drummond is a spoof of Henry Drummond, a lawyer in the play "inherit the wind" Drummond is depicted as a ruthless lawyer and a Sentinel of the devil. he has a horrible slouch, and his skin is so pale that in the right light it shines red. He was NOT a politician, he did not run for president. in the play inherit the wind, Brady was the one who ran for office 3 times. not Drummond, just to be clear...

Friday 03/06/2011, 22:28

To let everyone know, this is NOT the Red Skull. This is based off Henry Drummond, from the play Inherit the Wind. Drummond was a former lawyer, but soon became engaged in politics, and ran for president multiple times.

Friday 03/06/2011, 11:13

Now they need to make a Vivian card. transformed hooker

Thursday 23/06/2011, 17:01

Here comes a HopeFo review and PoV right in your faceeeeeeeeee!!!!
Alright here we have Drummond the senator with NO SCRUPLES!!!!!
I have been informed by a top soruce he is based off a character in a play!
Alright now time to dive right into his wholeness.
+decent 6 power
++plus 8 attack helps against those pesky sakhrom's and can win in low pilled.
+ Two damage means you can use him to close the bonus's gap and win the fight.
+ Only two stars leaves room for Cortez, Taylor and Revok.
-- Base power is kind of low, All Stars tear it apart smiley.
- Ablity adds only 8 attack which with the low power isn't very good.
-- Damage is low making SoB and easy thing to throw up.
-Competition I prefer melaine for solid power, or Esther for the poison...
- I dislike his art smiley
Overall: 5.9/10 I don't see him being used over Melaine but maybe Esther, in the future I can see the newbs buying him and using him with an assortment of cheap cards.
Alright here is the Mandatory clan journal entry:
"To the journal,
Perhaps Johnson was right and that being with Vivian wasn't where I should have been but at the firefighters benefit dinner. But I degrease, Now that I am a Berzerk I won't make sure that my speechs hit home but that I hit there homes! I was winning the race until that nasty gas got into me but now I am strong and am standing around third, out of three, and one of them is blind and mute, the other is a tree, that is dead, and is filled with bugs....
VOTE Drummond~"

Sunday 05/06/2011, 19:07

Vivian...sweet. Hope she's drawn by Quirky, lol.

Tuesday 14/06/2011, 04:52

Drummond: 6/2
Ability: +8 attack
Bonus: -2 opp. life, min. 2
Max Level: 3

+ He seems to me to be a mini kawamashi. With manipulation greater than his power value, it takes 2 extra pills to beat him..assuming the powers are equal. The amount of 8 is a good amount, canceling that of Sakrohm, Sentinel, and Junkz.
+ Bonus makes him a 4 damager. and with fury, that's 6. Voila! magic number for 2HKOs. He may not look threatening but can pack a punch given the right circumstances.
+ Only 2 stars! He reminds me of cards like Brittany or esmarelda. Great for pill forcing.
+ Now 6 power is not the greatest by any means, but do not be afraid to use Drummond in higher pill battles. you will def surprise some opponents by putting a few more pills onto him.

- Does not KO. like all of his clanmates, the minimum on the ability negates all KOing techniques. But still, 4 for a 2 star is not bad at all.
- Crippled by higher manipulation. Uppers, Montana, Rescue and many other cards are higher than 8.
- SoA makes him a wimp.
- SoB is not so bad, but 2 is not a very threatening number.
- Competes with Melanie and esther

Really not a bad card here. Drummond is a great 2 star filler and damage reducers are useless against him. However, there are many things he cannot do. If used in the right situations, he can be a very effective and useful card. Even in a new clan, he already has stout competition so im not super sure of this card's future. For now though, he is quite a serviceable card.

Sunday 18/03/2012, 23:32

Good: ☑
Bad: ☐

Sunday 14/10/2012, 15:40

level 1 LIKE A SIR smiley

Tuesday 09/07/2013, 07:08

Mini Kawamashi Cr
1 less power
1 less damage
1 less attack
1 less star

Monday 27/06/2011, 13:13

Drummond: 6/2
Ability: +8 attack
Bonus: -2 opp. life, min. 2
Max Level: 3

i can honestly say, that this is so far the best 2 star, so far in the clan. while it does not meet up with melanie's raw power and All-Star trumping ability, it has attack manipulation, making this a god in low pill battles.

at level 2 (2 stars), he stands at:

POW: 6
DMG: 2

ability: attack + 8

Bonus: - 2 life, Min. 2

so as he stands, i personnally would say that it beat melanie's time-to-time helpful ability and raw power, and use this for attack manipulation, and seeing that i really like kawamashi, it's a no-brainer for me t choose this card,but what's wrong with using both? smiley

in depth rating breakdown

power, at 6: 6/10

damage, at 2: 7/10, taking into account that his bonus is applied: 8/10

art (not counted) 2/10 i think it is srsly f'ed up. really.

ability: 9/10

as is, it is a fancy little 2 star, and deserves it's 8/10 rating. see you next time!


Thursday 25/08/2011, 17:21

The Review:
Drummond is ok not special not great, just ok. He has his uses though. I like to think of him as the bluff detector. Also one or two pills and he is almost thirty which is nice when you are playing a Montana who is playing short with his pills, but that is all there is to him, but as a two star that is all you really need him to be and that is where he stands above his partner in the lackluster twos of the Berzerkers. Esther has her strong points but has to win. Drummond does not have to win, which is more of what you want out of a two star, he helps detect bluffs and makes sure your opponent has to pill. Which makes him of more use in overall play, then Esther.
As for the future I rank him above Esther as attack manipulators usually survive in playing styles while poison falls down, plus again the next two star will make us axe both Esther and Drummond.
Overall: 6/10 Future: 5/10

Thursday 01/09/2011, 00:59

Drummond, the bezerk 2* attack manipulator

2 stars
attack manipulation
his bounus

ability only helps him so much
better 2 stars

overall review: Drummond isnt the best 2 star bezerk has to offer, however if on a budget, wouldnt be the worst card to use

Monday 05/09/2011, 06:44

His face can only like his mother .......... and UNICEF

Rate green if you agree smiley