• Released on friday 02/12/11
  • Illustrator: John Sein
  • Rare Card Available at the Shop
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  • Polit arena icon Allowed in EFC up to Polit arena
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Power of Heitachi:

Protection: Power

The Power of Heitachi cannot be reduced by an opposing character while the Protection ability is activated.


Bonus :

Damage +2

Fang Pi Clang’s Damage points are increased by 2 points. (Remember: Damage points are inflicted on your opponent if you win the round)

First evolution of the 4 different evolutions of this character :

  • Fang Pi ClangHeitachipicture
    Power2AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage1BonusDamage +2
    Allowed in EFC up to Polit arena
  • Fang Pi ClangHeitachipicture
    Power4AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage3BonusDamage +2
    Allowed in EFC up to Polit arena
  • Fang Pi ClangHeitachipicture
    Power6AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage4BonusDamage +2
    Allowed in EFC up to Polit arena
  • Fang Pi ClangHeitachipicture
    Power8AbilityProtection: Power
    Damage5BonusDamage +2
    Allowed in EFC up to Polit arena
58 characters
missions icon 23 missions
Bonus Damage +2
The kung-fu taught at Fang Pi School was developed in the Golden Mountain Monastery and is an ancestral martial art. The Clan, lead by the merciless Lost Hog, wants to enforce its warmongering ways on each and every one of us. To gain world supremacy, the Clan is fighting to overthrow the government in favor of a Bruce Lee clone that it has created and raised in secret.
  • At level 1: min 16 024 Clintz
  • At level 2: min 13 166 Clintz
  • At level 3: min 15 524 Clintz
  • At level 4: min 13 307 Clintz
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84 comments on Heitachi

Friday 02/12/2011, 14:16

Yes Yes i do like his name

Sunday 11/12/2011, 07:32

Can I suggest something?
Since Heitachi, a parody of Heihachi is in the FPC ,
and there's Lorna on Skeelz with a Copy opp. Bonus, a new ability,
Why not make a parody of Mokujin since he also copy his enemies moves.

Then put him in Roots? 'Cause he's a tree right? smiley

Friday 02/12/2011, 14:30

As a huge fan of Tekken and a dedicated player here in Japan, I can appreciate a nod Heihachi Michima. Question is, when will we see Kazayan and to which clan will he belong?

Thursday 16/08/2012, 22:02

Heitachi - Master
Viernes 02/12/2011, 09:16
Yes Yes i do like his name


Friday 16/12/2011, 23:06

Hey UR hear me out smiley

After this:
Please make a nine-tailed fox... =)

Either Jungo or Fang Pi Clang(must preferred Fang Pi smiley )

Friday 02/12/2011, 15:08

Yay now there's Heitachi (Heihachi), I want Anna Williams and Nina Williams!!! smiley

Saturday 03/12/2011, 00:22

Ability; Protection: Power
Bonus: Damage +2

-8/5 is extremely solid for a 4*. With his bonus, he's an 8/7. That's as good as a 5*!
-Protection: Power ensures that he has a constant 8 power. So yeah, definitely great.
-Even against DRs, or SoB, his damage is still pretty high.
-SoA doesn't do much, unless they have power manipulation as well. But seriously...
-Not too much competition. The only other cards I'd use are Fei and Zinfrid. Maybe Ryuichi and Macuba. But he's a bit better than all of them, in my opinion.

-Against SoA and power manipulation (I.e. GHEIST), he'll be screwed. But seriously, how often does that come up? Refer to Point #4 in Pros.
-Attack manipulation will give him a hard time, but he's got 8 power. Better than most cards with attack manipulation.
-DR? Oh no, wait...

Overall rating: 10/10
"Woah! 10/10??? But why?" Well, calm down and I'll tell you. He has 8/7 stats, unless faced with DR. Against SoB, he still has 5 damage. Against SoA, he still has 8 power, unless your opponent has power manipulation as well, which is rare. Let's not forget his very few, not very dangerous flaws, and the fact that he is currently the best 4* that Fang Pi Clang has. This is definitely a step in the right direction for the FPC, and I'm extremely proud of the UR Staff for giving them such a good card.

TEKKEN FTW! smiley

Wednesday 28/03/2012, 14:24

Heitachi is a big middle finger to All Stars smiley

Monday 12/12/2011, 17:16

Kazuya FTW :3

Wednesday 03/10/2012, 16:39

Futoshis and Heitachi come from two of the best selling fighting games: Street Fighter and Tekken
You will be shocked at how good they get along in deleted
Make sure you check it outsmiley

Monday 03/12/2012, 19:31

Best 4* card in FPC. hands down.

Friday 27/01/2012, 23:25

A father disown his son
is kinda how it is
i'm not sure a son can disown his father

Sunday 16/06/2013, 06:51

Can we Tekken fans get an awesome Zafina-inspired character in a clan? Pussycats, maybe. Or a new Egyptian-inspired clan with an Eye of Horus as the clan symbol! smiley

Saturday 03/12/2011, 08:51

i want to see King in Jungo smiley

Monday 05/12/2011, 18:24

Finally a truly great ELO Fpc worthy card released!

Fei vs Heitachi, I would say that Heitachi wins in most situations. Both got 8 power, but Feis power can be reduced by All Stars or other pwr reducers. Heitachi will always have this great 8 power wich is very important for Fpc. He also got an xtra dmg more than Fei. 7 dmg with bonus included people, great! Ofourse Fei is better in some situations but I would choose Heitachi over Fei any day.

Now imagine the Fpc half decks you could create with this great card included. Heitachi, Nakata, Kerozinn Cr and Chan is one example. If you wanna budget the Fpc side, switch out eithier Kerozinn for another card like Fei, Kati or Zhu Tang etc. Or you may wanna switch out Nakata for some of the great 2 stars in the clan.

This cards gets 9.5/10 p from me. Why? 8 solid power, 5 base damage, possibly 7 and 9 damage. Sure 4 stars may be quite hard to budget in, but since Fpc has many great low star card I Don´t se this as a problem.smiley