Founded by the venerable Bodenpower, the Bangers gang is made up of fun-loving youngsters who sometimes get a little unruly. This bad reputation, perpetrated by the government-controlled media, makes people cross the street when the Bangers arrive in town. But they're out to change all that - even if they have to beat it into people’s heads!

Clan Bonus: bonus Power +2

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Wednesday 26/01/2011, 00:34

~Bangers Guide~
The Bangers are a very powerful clan. Similar to La Junta, they can literally overpower your opponent. They also have high damage so 2HKOs are a common strategy to use when playing Bangers. I'd like to introduce some terms that I have invented to help make analyzing cards run more smoothly. Firstly, there is CRS (combined raw stats), which is power + damage with ability and bonus not taken into account. On the other hand, CES (combined effective stats) is with ability and bonus added in. This is not a perfect card measurement because of various factors like SoA, SoB, +s making different ratios than -s, attack manipulation, damage vs. life gain, ect. However, it helps when comparing similar cards to each other. Which brings me to the Bangers, who have many alike characters. Almost like a musical crescendo, these virtual copies grow increasingly stronger as the star count rises. If you're getting what I'm saying, the bangers' card layout is the same as a rap song: evenly divided and spaced and repeated. Perhaps I am being too metaphorical here, but basically I'm saying that there are a few categories of cards that most of the Bangers fall into...
-Damage Increasers: Characters with a +X damage ability
At 2* there is Gyro (CRS: 6, CES:12), at 3* we have Garrik (CRS: 9, CES: 14). at 4* it's Shogunn (CRS: 11, CES: 16), and finally at 5* Lennox (CRS: 12, CES: 17). All of these, except for maybe Lennox, becomes not so threatening in the damage department when hit with SoA, and all have below average power when hit with SoB. But, when completely unopposed, all of them are monsters! Personally, I like Garrik and Shogunn the most because they are more solid than the other two (Gyro has 1 damage with SoA and Lennox has 6 power for a 5 star with SoB). Since I am not a fan of using partial leveled cards, having one of these guys at every star level makes elo/t1 deck building much easier.
-Courageous Power Beasts: Self explaining.
Willy is almost unstoppable when unopposed and going first (CRS: 12, CES: 1smiley and Sleam (CRS: 10, CES: 16) is a force to be reckoned with at four stars. Obviously, SoA or going second makes them more than beatable, but with 7 damage they are ideal when going for the fatal hit. Also, I like courage more than revenge or confidence because you know it's going to be activated twice every match where as for revenge or confidence it's more unpredictable (although unconditional abilities are the most unpredictable) and not entirely under your control.
-Power Copiers: Power = Power Opp. as an ability.
In descending order: Angie (CRS: 14), Laetitia (CRS: 10), and Massiv (CRS: smiley. Since they are power copiers, CES cannot depends on who you are facing, but with +2 power as a bonus, you are guaranteed to have a 2 power advantage unless your opponent has SoA, SoB, or it's own power manipulation. All of these have high damage for their respective star levels, which seems to be a common theme for Bangers. I find them to be quite useful with their ability/bonus synergy, but since their forementioned weaknesses are so common especially in elo, it's hard to get the match-ups you want.
-Power Manipulators: -2 opp. power as an ability.
First there is MC Decay (CRS: 6, CES: 10) who i think is quite useless with 2 raw power and 4 isnt much either. Although the min is 1, anything higher than 6 power or with attack manipulation beats it. Next there is Kluwn (CRS: 10, CES: 14), whose only flaw would be the high min. Otherwise, 7 power is just dandy with that ability and 5 damage is nice too. Finally we have blaaster, who is probably one of my favorite cards in the game. 8 power and a low min makes it easy to win battles with him. Also, he cuts your opp life in half with 6 damage. I'd say the only thing wrong with him is that he costs so much. There are +power cards in Bennie and Loocio, but i like -opp power much better cuz of the ratios.
-Attack Manipulators: -X opp attack/+attack.
These consist of BB Cool G (CRS: 10), Naykee (CRS 10), and Bodenpower (CRS: 14). Well Bodenpower is the only one that is really used and since all of their manipulations are really small they are very stable. I like the attack manipulation (ability) with power manipulation (bonus), but only bodenpower's CRS is high enough to be usable.
-Damage Reducers: -X opp damage
Ok so Vermyn N is a Bangers staple, but if you're running short on stars or don't have the clintz know that Juicy Lord and B Ball exist and are pretty good.
With all this being said, these are not the only kinds of cards Bangers have. There are of course outliers who dont fit any of the categories and are also very good like shann (pill manipulation craziness), Chlora/Saddy (SoB), Graff (SoA, Fifty sucks), Kevin (poison, well he's just ok), and kevaleer (protection). Other than that, the rest of the Bangers have no ability. Even their lone cr sum sam is abilityless and their legendary Kreenk Ld sucks. Expensive clan so i recommend 4 vets.

Monday 09/01/2012, 23:38

The best Type 2 Survivor clan yes but people think that the best Leader to use with them is Ambre.
These people are fools. smiley
Morphun is the best Leader to use with Bangers, you won't have to weaken that precious ability of shann and you can safely pill knowing that they won't go to waste.
If you don't believe me and still think Ambre is the best Leader, look at my profile.
My Survivor Type 2 record was achieved through the preset in my bio which features Morphun.
Now stop this virus of Ambre users and switch to Morphun today!

Monday 18/07/2011, 00:50



You like it?

Sunday 17/04/2011, 14:19

Rate Green if you saw that the win 50 fights and win 500 fights with Bangers have the same mission name (You rock), and you want that changed.smileysmileysmileysmiley

Thursday 29/03/2012, 19:34

Bangers is the only clan that features, what I call "Big Brothers and Big Sisters." It's a very interesting and useful (once you recognize it) feature of a great clan. The clan has several big brother/sister pairs including Loocio/Bennie, Chlora/Saddy, Shogunn/Garrik, Juicy Lord/B Ball, Willy/Sleam, Lucas/Kevlaer, Laetitia/Massiv, Randal/Graf and possibly others. Each of these pairs consist of a low-star card and a high-star card with the exact same ability. Take Loocio and Bennie for example. Loocio (big brother) is 3 stars has +2 power for both his ability and his bonus for a potential 10/4. Bennie (little brother) is a 2-star version of Loocio with +2 power for both his ability and bonus for a potential 9/3.

Obviously both cards play very similarly. The beauty of this simple scheme is that it makes deck building very easy. Can't fit Loocio in your deck? Put in Bennie, who does the exact same thing! Willy's too expensive at 5-stars? Use Sleam. Need that SoB but can't fit in Chlora? Throw in Saddy. See how it works? Simple, and beautiful and Bangers is pretty much the only clan that does this consistently. Granted, some cards work better than others in these pairs. Chlora and Willy, for example are considered premiere cards in the clan while their counterparts (Saddy and Sleam) don't generally deliver as much bang for your Buck. But still, keep these tips in mind when you're building decks or short on cash for some of the more expensive cards and you too can Bang with the best of 'em! smiley

Saturday 14/07/2012, 00:18

Bangers are probably one of the best clans in the game, but they are severely underplayed. For some reason, everyone is convinced that Ulu Watu are the dominant power manip clan, but I just don't agree. My highest win streak ever (19) was actually playing with Bangers! They have 2hko potential with many combos, and with their beastly new release Beeboy (Who has the cop bonus opp ability capable of landing 1hko/poison etc) just makes them a force to be reckoned with. They have some really great underrated cards like Willy and Shann, had these cards been introduced to a different clan then they would cost a lot more. A Lot of people don't give enough time to this clan, and instead go and play GHEIST, Uppers and Sakrohm all of the time.

Thumbs up if the Bangers will always be your Number one clan!

Wednesday 25/05/2011, 16:47

People need to understand that Bangers wont get an 8 powered card.
Each clan has it's trademarks. For Ulu Watu it's 7/8 powered cards that can go up to 10.
For Bangers it's 6/7 powered cards with sick abilitys and/or damage.
Just deal with it, Bangers are a great clan even without 8 powered cards.

Wednesday 08/05/2013, 17:12

New character idea :3

Name: Caryn (loosely based on Whoopi Goldberg (Caryn is her 1st name)

bio: Caryn is the representative of the Bangers, taking part in talk shows and such on behalf of the clan. She plans to get the Bangers 'out there', to help get new members. Her charming personality and wit ought to get people to listen to her, but some people say that it's just her ability to mind read.

lvl1 power: 5 damage: 2
lvl2 power: 6 damage: 3
lvl3 power: 8 damage: 3 ability: -2 opp. life min.1

Tuesday 13/09/2011, 01:45

Bangers are in desperate need of Stop 2* or 3* card.
Rate green if you realize that.

Sunday 30/10/2011, 04:11

If the Bangers are supposed to be amything like the hood, then wheres the barber? Or the guy who runs the corner store? Or the drug dealer? Or an actual street ball player?