GHEIST is an ultra-secret criminal organization that was founded at the end of the 70s by super-rich Doctor Sigmund GHEIST. In order to increase its numbers, it has decided to take control of Clint City and its gangs by hook or by crook.

Clan Bonus: bonus Stop Opp. Ability

Each clan has its own secret plan for the domination of Clint City. To achieve their goals, they send their best elements on perilous missions! Who will be the first to succeed? All the Clan missions are listed on this page. Some will be only be unlocked after the previous ones have been completed. Others are secret and you must complete them to find out what their objectives and rewards are.

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Monday 29/10/2012, 20:11

Sieg Delacroix's review - GHEIST

Where GHEIST shine - All these great 5* of GHEST clan versus the mighty Leviatonn, the heart of the GHEIST Elo deck (and other respected 3 cards). Nevertheless, I give it to 3* slot - Leviatonn the All-Stop, Dolly the Poisoner, Bristone the Savior and Klawz the Doppelganger (not to mention Luba, Darth, and some other older GHEIST 3*). These cards could be a real pain for your opponent in Elo, and that's where the GHEIST begin to shine.
Where GHEIST not shine - The recent bans of Arkn, Draheera, and Toro really weakened 2* and 4* slots. But, you still have Methane, Anibal, Jaxx Ld, and the new addition of Hriger for 4* slot, 2* slot appears to be a little weaker. Arkn's ban is a big loss for a GHEIST player. Still, you can have his mass attack mode in DM 25*, Tourneys, and events. We've got Z3r0 D34d who still carries the main load in 2* spot, Elke (defeat card with weak ability), Mok (Revenge card along Anibal and Wardom), and Platinum (4 basic power is not good, anyway, if it is not Caelus Cr), not to mention Selsya Cr, which is rather expensive. Not too much comparing to the other slots.

How to win with GHEIST - be a bad guy. Create a 2HKO. Bluff, if you need it. Of course, you can activate Dolly's poison to help you, but this is more standard way, many clans can do that. GHEIST players are hatred for playing T1 as though it was T2 match because of big basic damage and help from their great bonus. That's why T2 are a little worse for GHEIST, because in this mode every clan plays like GHEIST plays the T1.
How to lose with GHEIST - run into a hand full of a Stop cards, or lose small pillz with attack mode clans or Roots
I can block: you can block almost all the abilities. Leviatonn can block everything. Remember, you are really bad guy, some cards, or even the whole clans just can't stand your awesomeness.

What if I run into (T1):
Roots: pray and try to 2HKO him. Try to be creative this time.
Piranas: another bad matchup. Klawz, Dolly, and Leviatonn are your keys to victory. Watch out for your pillz and opp.'s Support abilities.
Nightmare: a little better, because you can pair their big lifegap cards with you powerhouses (and that's why every card in your GHEIST deck is a powerhouse). Still, you have to fight such a strong threats as Kenny Cr, Azel, Cutie, and Karrion.
Attack mode clans: watch out for Rescue, especially for Glosh and Sledg, Uppers with their strong 7 and 8-powered cards, and laugh in the face of GraksmxxT, Uranus, and all that Sakrohm company. The last one is essential.
Power mode clans: you will steal some damage from Bangers, some nasty abilities from All Stars, and... well, there isn't that much you can steal from Ulu Watu - and all that is for free. The bad news is that we have a lower basic power. Toro will only tie with most of this clans, for example.
Damage mode clans: you should crush La Junta deck, with a handful of Support cards. Since Stop cards of FPC are quite rare in modern decks, all you have to worry about is not allowing their own 2HKO, and the Jungo clan (actually, there some builds for duo and even mono decks with zero or one Stop card for this clan, so you might cruise over his one as well). Berzerk, full of 8-powered cards will be a pain in your... in your organ of thinking.
Vortex: you will hurt them, there is no doubt about that. Do not pill too much on the first turn.
Frozn: rather good matchup for you, but you'd better be quick, and don't let them to activate their bonus twice.
Pussycats: a big NO for Diana, Loise, Cherry, and other annoying cards. If you manage to win three rounds, that would be great, Another strategy here is to force opponent to pill, and fury your later cards.
Freaks: those 8-powered cards will exhaust you. But you can turn it out with you Revenge cards, or your own Poison.
Skeelz: this all clan owes its birth to the former domination of GHEIST in Elo, so, no matter what, you should have a feeling of moral supremacy over opponent. The practice won't be as sunny, though.

GHEIST strength: their overall appearance: BIG damage, their bonus, some nice abilities.
GHEIST weakness: Stop abilities. One single Glosh can ruin your gameplan.

Mission accomplished: Nothing serious, except Lin Xia missions, which are just a little longer.

The best duo is: put two 3* cards, Mok or Z3r0 D34d (Arkn in non-Elo), and Methane, or Hriger, or some 5* beast, and merge them with attack mode clan. Another good choice is SoB clan.
The best mono is: Rolph Draheera Toro Bristone Leviatonn Arkn Z3r0 D34d Elke is classic one, and still the best for me.

Our stars:
2* - Arkn
3* - Leviatonn
4* - Toro
5* - Rolph

Expensive - oh, yes. But the bad guy should have big money.
Ban: Bristone, Leviatonn, and even Klawz and XU52, not mention permanent bans. But just wait, and then... he-he-he.

What if I still want to...? No, please, no. Do not play Survivor with mono GHEIST, either T1 or T2.

Monday 20/12/2010, 18:29

All time fave.

GHEIST - The Annihilators of Clint City.

- VERY Heavy damage, also almost unstoppable because of SoA.
- Damage output is a huge mind-game factor.
- Removing opp abilities nullifies their edge and unpredictability,
you only need to worry about the constant abilities.
- They can survive power manipulation better because of their abilities.
- Defense-wise, you won't be able to block much damage but will be able to nullify Poison/-life/+damage.
- With many options for damage, your opponent wont know where it will come from.
- Mostly a two shot clan.

- Lack of DR cards.
- Mostly a two shot clan, yes it's a con too.
- Needs heavy pill planning to get the damage in.
- vs SoA (Roots/GHEIST) their base power dwindles due to the lack of their abilities.
- Falls more to attack manipulation than power manipulation.
- They rely on the subversion of their enemies' abilities and pushing with their own,
therefore when faced with enemies with abilities intact, the GHEIST may have trouble.
- A VERY expensive clan to get started with. Their decent cards are about 2000~ , more powerful ones are on the 7000~ range.

*Contrary to the Roots,
their abilites are mostly based on power manipulation (rather than attack)
and the GHEIST have more damage than damage reduction.

Tuesday 15/03/2011, 00:47

The strategies for T2 are pretty POWERHOUSE but they are very powerful, my opinion in making decks you always should use Ambre and GraksmxxT in a 8 card T2 deck, but with Rolph ofcourse. I must say that the possibiilities for the ways you can battle with them are great and the stragies are nothing short of genious. Leviatonn is a great card too to balance it out a bit so you can stop a bonus when you need to, but if you ask me if Ghiest had another Stop opp, and stopp bonus card again, Ghiest would be the ultimate clan. Ghiest are hands down way better than Kolos and Nightmare. Sure Kolos can do 12 but Graks can stop it. DR's are ultra rare in Ghiest but thats what card splashing is for. Ghiest are animals on the battle field, XU52 is a great card and a great bluff in Survivor, Id say also that Toro and Rolph are the most useful cards and funnest to use cards in the clan because of their abilities. Lin Xia the godess of coolness, is great in Elo so you can get the opponents life points down quick so hit hard in the 1st round. But if you get beaten just suck it up and use Wardom. Also if you 99.9% know you're gonna lose the round just use Wurmhol. Ghiest have alot of strategies that are totally brain racking at times but they are one of the best if not the best clan in UR too me, but mixed with Vortex in T2 is IMEDIATE TERMINATION on your opponents.smiley

Wednesday 18/05/2011, 11:09

Hmm... first Clan Comment on my side...

GHEIST was the first Clan i ever played when i startet 2 Years ago. As you might see on my level i'm more of a causal Player, but preffer the ELO type play. So here are my throughts and opinons about this Clan;

- SoA is a great Bonus
- GHEIST got great Atk and Pow Manipulators
- got the best Wall ever in form of Leviatonn

- most of the good Cards are banned every other Week (see Leviatonn, Bristone, Toro)
- Rolph got perma banned
- the Clan by itself suffered a lot of this and is mostly played in Halfdecks thanks to that

A quick look at the Top Cards as of now;
Rolph - great Card with 7/6 -2 Opp. Pow Min. 4. Unfortuneately got Banned for Life
Wardom - Is one of the best Cards in the 5* slot and made the use of Miss Twice Cr obsolete
XU52 - Is the only substitute to Wardom as of now and rendered Vladimir useless
Lin Xia - is not stable enough in ELO due to the high min of her ability, but sees a lot of use in Survivor and T2

Toro - is a beast and basicly a 4* version of Rolph. Again... he's banned every other week
Methane - still got his solid stats and finds his use in ELO
Anibal - is an alternative to Methane in terms of playstyle
Draheera - is a 9/6 beast when you decide to play mono, but grealtly suffers in Halfdecks

Leviatonn - the Wall... banned every other week as well
Bristone - the only playable dmg reducer of the clan... again got banned a lot lately

Arkn - the best mini Atk reducer ever... super cute and sometimes deadly
Z3r0 D34d - the best 2* Filler of the clan by now
Elke - kinda new but got her place for sure
and Platinum - got bashed down a lot in the past and still got his issues when facing Atk Manipulating Clans

that said, the Clan greatly suffered in the Past due to all those banns, but at the same time got more and more viable in Halfdecks. Elke, Z3r0 D34d, Leviatonn, Bristone, Anibal, Toro, and Wardom are staple cards for em (if they are not banned).
And even in mono Decks, People start to realize the potential of Cards like Dolly (who is basicly as good as Muze), Anibal, Wumhol and Ernst (the small and better Dr Saw)... only now seen because of the lack of substitutes due to banns in the 2*-5* slots.

So in short; GHEIST isnt what it used to be, got shorten out by their best Cards in ELO and suffer alot when facing Atk Manipulating Clans. On the other Hand, they are great in half Decks (to compensate their weakness), do realy good in ELO (where not the stats, but the abilities matter the most) and probably are up for some new recruitment in the 3 and 4 star slots (if Toro, Leviatonn and Bristone should get banned, i'm sure that the UR staff got to do something about it)

so yeah... my first Clan comment. what do you think? smiley

Saturday 23/07/2011, 13:08

GHEIST - The sinister creeps of the city smiley
+Very heavy damage (eg. Arkn, Leviatonn, Wardom, XU52 etc.)
+To protect this damage, the GHEIST are well equiped with SoA. Whether used for defensive or offensive means, SoA can have an incredible impact on a game.
+In addition to this scary damage, the GHEIST have a deadly poisoner (i.e., Dolly. There are others but Dolly is the best)
+Due to all that has been mentioned above, the GHEIST have plenty of cards that can bluff.
+Many cards also have Power manipulation to help them carry out the damage. Some popular examples are Toro, Draheera and Anibal)
+The clan itself has many good, staple cards in all star categories. Due to this, they are a popular pick for ELO. Truly dominant in this area
+Scary 4~5* means they can be played in T2 as well as ELO.
+Great in half decks as well as mono. Fear the mighty Draheera!
+Usable Crs, meaning rich players can flaunt their wealth this way smiley
+Truly the masters of evil and all that is scary. Bow down to the GHEIST before they send their assassins to kill you smiley
-Due to their ELO dominance, their staples are often banned (Bristone, Leviatonn and Toro are the best examples. Rolph is gone forever)
-Weak to Roots, who have better base stats. In other words, the GHEIST are fairly reliant on their own abilities.
-All Stars and attack clans pose problems for the GHEIST.
-Skeelz kind of make their bonus pointless.
-Stop cards are ouchies for the GHEIST. Glosh would be a real Nightmare
-They lack damage reduction. Bristone is their only hope, and she often gets banned. Sigmund Cr virtually doesn't count.
-Quite costly, and difficult for new players to budget.
-6 power is their average. That really isn't good enough.
-Although they have heavy damage, you need to have a plan before you aimlessly pill random cards. In other words; know what you're doing, as you have to play carefully to get your damage in.
-The GHEIST were real killers in the previous ELO (12 life), but this new 14 life ELO is difficult for them because it makes it much harder to KO.

Clan Staples: (in no particular order)
2* - Arkn, Z3r0 D34d, Elke, Platinum, Selsya Cr [for the wealthy, not so great in ELO however]
3* - Leviatonn, Bristone, Dolly, Luba
4* - Anibal, Draheera, Methane, Toro
5* - Rolph, Wardom, XU52, Lin Xia, Miss Twice Cr


Bluff and Kill > This tactics requires you to start the game with a scary card as a bluff. Dolly, Leviatonn, Methane and any 5* are great candidates. Your hope lies in your opponent overpilling, and then it becomes very easy to simply KO them with mass damage cards.

Straight Two Shot Kill > Simply use two rounds and KO your opponent. Instead of starting with a bluff like in the tactic above, pill the card and get the damage in. After this you have all the time in the world to play mindgames with your opponent; 3 rounds remaining, which round will you go for the KO?

The Dolly Trap > By far my favorite tactic. This requires you to open the game with Dolly and get the poison in. Once you have, calculate the total amount of damage your opponent can do with their 2 best damaging cards (with furies etc.) and if it is less than or equal to 12, full pill Toro/Methane/Draheera/any 5* so your opp will eat the damage. Over the next two rounds they will try furying and everything, while you watch their life drop to 1. This works best with low damage clans like Piranas. Beware of Jungo as their +life can completely nullify your poison.

The rise of Anibal > This tactics revolves around Anibal. Use the first turn to hit your opponent with and card with 6 or more damage. XU52 is the best here, setting up the kill perfectly but if you do not draw XU52, you can still do this. Then lose purposely on round 2. Now you have 2 remaining rounds to play Anibal (fury if needed). Mindgames. NOTE: You can do this with Wardom as well, perhaps even more sucessfully. For ELO however, it may be tricky to squeeze in Wardom what with all the 4* staples in the clan.

Power: 8/10 [They may not have the best base power, but abilities can easily make up for it.]
Damage: 9.5/10 [Pretty easy rating. Very, very high damage is common in staples.]

ELO: 9.5/10 [A staple ELO clan, the only reason they aren't 10 is because of all the bans and the fact that Rolph is gone forever.]
Tourney: 7/10 [Don't bother. I'd stick to my Montana and/or Uppers.]
Survivor T1: 8/10 [An offensive survivor deck may work, but you really need DR, and Bristone alone is probably not enough. Anyway, Rescue flood this area which makes it difficult for the GHEIST.]
Survivor T2: 9/10 [Many staple 4~5* cards. Pair them with Ambre/Morphun/Eyrik/Hugo and/or GraksmxxT and you'll be surprised at their potential in this area.]
DeathMatch T1: 10/10 [KO isn't difficult at all. I may be overrating them, but they really can slaughter many opponents in this area. 12 life, remember?]
DeathMatch T2: 9.5/10 [Better in DM T2 than Survivor. However in T2, the enemies get rougher compared to T1 and if you're up against a clan like Uppers, Ulu Watu, Bangers etc. it could spell trouble. SoA may not be the best here.]

Overall, GHEIST are a formidable clan that can easily push themselves to victory. They aren't to be underestimated, and enemies really have to keep their eyes wide open or they might just have to east a ton of damage. An excellent clan, and are highly reccomended for ELO smiley

Tuesday 03/01/2012, 19:30

There are a few things I'd like to comment:

If we only look at the cards GHEIST has, what we'll probably notice first is the lack of DRs as there're only 2: Bristone and Sigmund Cr (which nobody uses due to it's price and the fact that is practically useless), but we need to remember that the GHEIST is an offensive clan (we just need to take a look at cards like Wardom, Methane, Rolph, Lin Xia, Gork, etc) and the idea behind the whole clan is to balance the scale in it's favour by cancelling the opponent's ability, it's not an honourable way to win ("but who cares?" would ask any good GHEIST soldier). Because of this, DR cards do not exactly fit in this clan (though I won't deny I'd like another useful reductor)

The other thing we'll notice is that, if we pretend to play in ELO is that there're not that many useful 4* cards as we might think, let's take a look:

Anibal: an interesting one, a situational 8/6, however, if you're planning in using Wardom (a better choise for 1* more) is better to leave Anibal out
Draheera: great card, virtually a 9/6. Essential in any mono GHEIST deck
Erika: 5/6 no ability, there're way better 3* than her out there (Astrid, Bristone and even Luba is potentially better)
Methane: 7/5 2+ damage (high damage as usual in GHEIST), pretty good.
Nina: Pick Dolly or even Wurmhol for the same effect
Sigmund Cr: extremely expensive (about 500k) for a card that has no other use than DR, not worth it…
Toro: excellent power manipulator, it’s a shame it’s banned in ELO
Dr Saw: 6/4 1+life x damage, Ernst almost the same with one star and one damage less; if you value that extra life he might be better. A better strategy for ELO players is to put Ernst and pick a 5* card instead (which GHEIST has a lot of)

So which 4* are suitable for ELO? Methane for sure, Draheera (especially if you’re going mono) and Anibal unless you’re putting Wardom in; Toro, even though is a great card, is banned. The rest 4* are a waste of precious space. You might think “Ok, 3 good 4* is more than enough to make a decent deck” while this is true the problem is that there’s no surprise, no flexibility: you’ll be playing the same 3 cards over and over until getting bored of the strategy and change to other clans. Variety is desperately needed not only to keep the clan fresh but to catch the opponent off guard.

GHEIST is one of my favourite clans and it is quite powerful but I have the feeling that it has been left aside in favour of other clans and lost some of it’s ancient glory.

Sunday 09/10/2011, 17:50

Name: Dark Copper Ld

Bio: After his organization of the Dark Sentinals was destroyed by the combined efforts of the the Korsair Patrol and the Don's Lawkeeper's, Dark Copper only just managed to jump through the dimensional portal through to this dimension. He tried to join the Sentinels, but after realizing that they were a bunch of goody-goody policemen, he knew there was only one clan he belonged with, his arch-rivals in his dimension- the GHEIST.


Level 2: 3/3
Level 3: 5/3
Level 4: 7/3
Level 5: 8/4 (Ability Unlocked: -5 opp life, min 0)

Wednesday 17/09/2014, 11:46

I have completed this clan smileysmiley except the CRsmiley

Monday 13/05/2013, 16:03

Here's an idea for a character in this clan.
Name: C4wnTr011

Bio: Since the virtual delinquent T47, has entered the scenes, it is next to impossible for Z3r0 D34d to even create a virtual raid on the Junkz. To try to remove this bit torn on their side the GHEIST's scientific minds (coordinated by Vryer) created a portable gear suit that not only forms weaponry by mere imagination but access to the virtual reality a almost any computerize area. All that was needed was someone who has the passion of a gamer, brave (or crazy) enough to test the gear, and is merciless to any enemy. With that the sixteen year old recruit Justin was given the honor and renamed: C4wnTr011 virtual nemesis.

Level 1: 4/1
Level 2 (max ability unlocked):7/2 (ability: confidence: Stop opp. bonus)

Vote green if you like this idea and so people can see.smiley

Tuesday 15/10/2013, 00:16

GHEIST is the evil, manipulative version of Roots. As such, Revenge and Reprisal are the tools of their trade as opposed to the Roots' Courage/Confidence. This is a nice advantage as it's relatively easy to lose with one of your lesser cards, allowing their SoA to nerf the attacking card and then activate your revenge ability. That's much easier to set up than winning a round to activate confidence and then winning the next round.

GHEIST also has pill manipulation (a recent development) and poison to Roots' healing and life gain. Unfortunately, the staff decided to ban most of the more powerful poisoners in the clan, leaving only the mediocre ones. Perhaps that's why Dr. Saw and Ernst were allowed to stay despite the prejudice against life gain in the clan.

Both GHEIST and Roots have their fair share of Life drainers. These help against Pussycats but suffer against other SoA. Speaking of Pussycats, they're a great companion to GHEIST because...

GHEIST lacks any real DR. Not a huge deal, since SoA can, itself, nerf lots of cards like life gainers and +damagers. Instead, GHEIST focuses on offense. High damagers like Wardom, Gork, Mechakolos, XU52, etc. can make a nice dent or even end the game early if your opponent isn't careful. Pill manipulators like Stalfhaust (a fixed Smokey) are also great for aggressive play.

The one attempt at a support card, Draheera was deemed too powerful (and hence, banned) and so GHEIST is best used
in a half deck, as the staff intends them to be. That way you avoid Skeelz, SoB clans and the occasional nasty Stop: card.