Like any other city, Clint City has its fair share of demons, vampires and other supernatural beings. Founded by Ielena, the Nightmare Clan’s sole purpose is to give power to these creatures of the night.

Clan Bonus: bonus Stop Opp. Bonus

Each clan has its own secret plan for the domination of Clint City. To achieve their goals, they send their best elements on perilous missions! Who will be the first to succeed? All the Clan missions are listed on this page. Some will be only be unlocked after the previous ones have been completed. Others are secret and you must complete them to find out what their objectives and rewards are.

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What decks can be made with this Clan? Does it have to be played alone or with another one? With or without Leader?
If these are the kinds of questions you've been asking yourself, the Public Presets are just the thing for you! They are decks created by players which everyone can score and comment on.On this page you will find the Clan's most popular presets.

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Sunday 10/07/2011, 18:57

Nightmare need a dragon !!! smiley

Tuesday 06/12/2011, 11:16

I have suggestions for new abilities!

Reverse- Negative effects on your card (attack manipulation, power manipulation) are nullified and are instead reversed, making your opponent's card suffer his own ability.

Bless- When a card with bless wins a round, your next card gains a boost. ( Bless: attack +, Bless: power +, Bless: Protection: Power, etc)

Curse- When a card with Curse wins a round, your opponent's card gets downgraded (Curse: opp. power- , Curse: opp attack-, Curse: -opp damage min.__)

Overdrive: When a card with overdrive plays more pillz than his opp. card, than the card's ability is activated. (Overdrive: -opp. pillz, Overdrive: -opp. power)

Underdog: When a card with underdog plays less pillz than his opp. card, then the card's ability is activated (Underdog: attack +, Underdog: -opp. damage, Underdog: -opp. attack)

Strike Back- When a card with strike back is played second in a round, its ability is activated


Monday 15/08/2011, 01:57

the next Nightmare should be Jack Skellington smileysmiley

Thursday 16/06/2011, 10:42

Nightmare ~ The Monster Clan

> Pros
+That nasty SOB neutralizes any opposing bonus in the game
+Generally stable power
+Amazing 2*, 4* & 5*
+A monster clan for anything T2 related (pun intended smiley )
+Great life gap potential, eg. Kenny, Pan
+Devastating life drain potential eg. Sheitane, Timmy, Phyllis
+Kolos. He definitely deserves his own point here smiley

-Lack of numerous staple 3* make them weak for T1
-SoA is a pain, much like Sakrohm (However, their bonus can counter Roots/GHEIST)
-Many of their staples have very low power, so Nightmare are forced to be played with bluffs and other tricks
-Kolos & Oshitsune will never see the light of elo again... smiley

Staples (no particular order)
Mawpin, Hel, Eadh, Sheitane, Phyllis
Pan, Edwin, Dieter, Timmy, Sargh
Oshitsune, Azgroth, Kenny, Glorg, Azel, Dudley Ld
Kolos, Nistarok, Ghumbo, Ielena

I find Nightmare best in T2 Survivor and Deathmatch (very few clans are good at both) due to the heavy lifedrain as well as Kolos. They can be played in elo effectively as a half-deck, but they stuggle for monoclan. Let's see the ratings...

Good 2*, and with no limits you can use Kolos and Oshitsune to your heart's content smiley
They're weak against SoA, they stuggle for monoclan. Can make good low * deck though, eg. Mawpin, Phyllis, Eadh, Pan. Only 9 stars!
>Survivor type ELO
As a half-deck, they can introduce some pretty good life manipulation into the battle. Don't use mono though.
>Deathmatch type 1
Kolos. Need I say more? Remember Nightmare have great 2* cards, so making space is easy.
>Type 2
Casual T2 play can turn into hell for your opponents smiley
>Survivor T2
Perhaps I'm overrating them slightly, but pair them with Ambre and you'll be racking up the wins easily. Nistarok, Kenny all work great here.
>Deathmatch T2
Nightmare aren't made for the KO, but of course, Kolos certainly is. Kolos gets 10/10, but overall they aren't as good as they are in survivor.

Overall, Nightmare is a very scary clan. They can bluff. They can lifegap. They can KO. SoA can ruin many of their staples, but it's unusual to face more than 1 ability-SoA card in a game.
Just a small hint guys, all their Cr cards are soleil... and they aren't all that good. Kenny, Kolos, Oshitsune etc. are reasonably cheap for their potential, so get them now before they're out of your reach, because it will happen one day. smiley
Please Rate up if you think this was an accurate review smiley

Wednesday 14/12/2011, 21:15

if fang pi gets "Heitachi" then Nightmare should get devil jin!!smiley

Monday 10/09/2012, 19:42

"You killed Kenny, You bastards!"

Wednesday 20/11/2013, 05:07

Another character idea, I hope you guys enjoy her!

Name: Layla
Monster: Not exactly of monstrous decent.
Ability: *unlocked at lvl 3: +1 damage per life left (This ability can only be used when the player has less than 5 life points, or exactly 5 life points.)
Stats/ Appearence:
Lvl 1: 3/3, She first appears as a blonde woman with long flowing locks. She has lots of extravagant, and precious looking jewelry. The gems, diamond, and precious rubies are found on her bracelets, necklaces, and even her dress. The dress is designed to show her clevage, and her arms. She is holding a sparkling glass of wine, and showing the player a gorgeous shining diamond ring.
Lvl 2: 5/3, She wears a lavender dress, and now her necklaces have gotten much more lengthy. She holds a traditional Yukuta fan, decorated with flowers. Yet again she is showing the player a ring, on the hand she is holding the fan in. But now the ring had a faint image in it...
Lvl 3: 7/3, She now has her hand as the center of attention on her card, she wears a very large Pearl ring on it, and in the ring you can see the face of a screaming person. As can you on all her other jewelry. She has a very smug smile, as well as much longer hair. She still is beautiful, but has an air of evil, only amplified by her completely white eyes.

Bio: Much like her sister, Lady, Layla is in love with all things diamond related, and sparkly. However, Lady wasn't as obsessed with them as her sister! And that says something! She would do anything to get her hands on precious gems, she would lie, cheat, steal, and even use her feminine willes to get them! And imagine her surprise when one day she stumbles upon an ancient book in the Uppers HQ Library, telling her how to make the most Shining, Beautiful, Rich, and Envy producing Diamonds in excistence?! Sure, she had to brutally murder some people, and absorb their souls, to even craft one diamond, but who cares?! Diamonds are the ONLY thing in excistence that matters, anyway! And as long as she hands over a couple gem studded jewelry pieces to Lelena, the Nightmare would be happy to provide her with as many souls as she needs!

Saturday 24/11/2012, 19:21

I agree with @Eloxia on succubus!
Most characters of the Nightmare are monsters or undead beings, and I think, that we feel the lack of demons! Maybe there shouldn't be much of them, but still there are only Estalt, Azgroth and Orlok, and to my mind, a succubus would hit the right spot smiley

Sunday 19/02/2012, 19:48

Nightmare needs a 'Support' card.

I love playing Nightmare mono in ELO although they are very weak at it. A support card would help a lot, one who doesn't get banned soon...

Friday 26/08/2011, 07:21

how about a bioshock *big daddy* type creature diver




revenge: -2 power min 5

after a accident in the bermuda triangle including a diver who was investigating the secrets of the deep, martin died but his soul lived on encased in metal searching for the culprit and driven by revenge. he soon came to the surface to find he had come across Ielana's mansion. she was more than happy to recruit him and help him on his quest.

hope you liked it smiley