Feminists are a thing of the past. Make way for the reign of Double X, XX power! For these hot-blooded women, men are nothing more than a means to satisfy their desires. The Pussycat revolution is here and they’ve got their claws out! And to gain influence in government circles, the Pussycats are quite prepared to strike below the belt…in more ways than one!

Clan Bonus: bonus -2 Opp Damage, Min 1

Each clan has its own secret plan for the domination of Clint City. To achieve their goals, they send their best elements on perilous missions! Who will be the first to succeed? All the Clan missions are listed on this page. Some will be only be unlocked after the previous ones have been completed. Others are secret and you must complete them to find out what their objectives and rewards are.

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78 comments about Pussycats

Monday 05/05/2014, 17:17

Here is my suggestion:

Lvl 1 : 3,2
Lvl 2 : 4,4
Lvl 3 : 6,4
Lvl 4 : 7,6( confidence: -2 opp pwr min 1)

A very "high classy" girl, stubborn,always compete with marissa, sometimes she plan to go to the Uppers clan, but Charlie change her mind with a strange way...

What do u think?
Rate green if u like it !!!smiley


Saturday 29/06/2013, 04:38

WOW no Miss Pussycat Card? Of ALL the clans to get one. These chicks don't have one? Rate green if you find this odd

Sunday 29/04/2012, 15:32

WOW can't believe the top review doesn't include any of the new badass chicks they the PC has been Lucky enough to inherit recently

Ok guys, the Pussycats...lets review these feminist felines!

2*: Lucy's release has made this one of their best star counts. Built for defense their 2* have one goal in mind...to reduce the enemy's damage...and with Lucy/Ella/Brittany and Wanda they do this job perfectly...8/10

3*...Unfortunately the weakest area of the PC...with Muze being the only strong staple...the other simply fall into averageness...6/10

4*...Diana now leads the pack in ELO with the devastating Yayoi forever banned smiley...again not an overly strong section 7/10

5*..The powerhouses of these ferocious babes...Charlie/Lena/Louise/Ditha/Selina Hell even Clara....Each one is versatile and disgusting to face in general 9/10

For ELO:
Their lower starred hands suffer due to low dmg, but half decked with Uppers/Berzerk or any other high dmg clan really makes the PC shine. 8/10

For Tourney: Unfortunately this is their weakest mode due to lack of high dmg 5/10

For T2 Survivor: They rule this mode...I don't care what anyone says I have gotten to 16 wins with these babes...Their powerhouse 5* roll though this mode!!! 9/10

Thursday 11/12/2014, 18:23

Character Idea

Name: Suggy

Lvl1: 4,2
Lvl2: 6,4
Lvl3: 7.4 (support: Attack +3)

This young woman has made a large name for herself on the internet, and has made an impact on the lives of many a teenage girl, but that was soon to change after her hit novel was found to be ghost-written. Determined to ignore the haters, Suggs is taking a break from the internet, so she may hunt down the man that outed her secret.

Saturday 03/12/2011, 20:10

Pussycats Are the Best Clan Ever

Monday 12/11/2012, 20:10

Please rate or comment..hopefully both smiley

Tuesday 02/04/2013, 14:30

Name: Marji
Ability: Defeat: +3 life
Stats: Lv.1: 2/1, Lv.2: 4/2, Lv.3: 5/3, Lv.4: 7/5
Bio: In Arabirah women are serpressed by men, even to a point where they are confined to they're homes. Marji ran away from that dreadful country for Clint City, where she joined the Pussycats to get rid of all the laws that cause women Misery.

Thursday 14/04, 01:07

I don't play puddytats, but this clan is being brutalized in the ELO banning.
10 cards banned????? That's more than a 6th of the clan, and it's half the usable cards to boot.

Thursday 11/08/2011, 16:45

Pussycats - The Sexy Defence

A clan that many people seem confused about because its bonus is purely defensive, this allows for a completely different way of thinking and playing that no other clans allow - Many players try to win 2 fights per match and either go for the KO or hope that's enough, with the Pussycats a single win is sometimes enough and some of the newer cards have allowed Pussycats users to change their strategies.


Power: 7.5/10 - Not many cards go below 7 power and those that do usually have an ability that helps them to win

Damage:5/10 - This is perhaps their weak spot with many low damaging cards, fortunately some of the more popular cards have over 5 damage, but their low star cards are usually very defensive - don't expect them to deal many killing blows

Abilities: 7/10 - honestly am not very familiar with the new cards, but they seem to have some nice manipulations and some amazing abilities like Selina or Ditha have can really decide the match for you - especially taking into account their defensive capacity

Bonus:8/10 - I may be overrating them a bit here but the truth is that their bonus is so unique and useful that it simply needed to be high rated.

2* value: 5.5/10 - Only Brittany and Wanda really stand out here and none of them is specially harmful to your opponent's life

3* value: 7/10 - There is some more variety here with Muze, Candice, Cherry n Noemi but none of them is really an oustanding card like there usually are in other clans (The Uppers have zatman, the Montana have mona, etc) I personally prefer the Muze/Cherry combination to really manipulate your opponent's life, but it's up to you

4* value: 8/10 - Yaoi is easilly the 4* of choice if you can afford her, but also with a large variety of decent to good cards with Jeyn, Veronica or even Elly Mae.

5* value: 9.5/10 - This is where the Pussycats are truely powerful with beasts like Charlie that either deals 8 damage or reduces damage by 4, Selina which you can really risk putting pillz into, Louise for a potential 9 power and Ditha with the potential to make a huge life gap

Final: 7/10 - I find them hard to make a decent mono deck with but they are extremely flexible in half decks, especially if you have plenty of stars left. The Pussycats are a hard clan to master, but when you do then you can say you have really mastered this game and little more will be able to stop you

Wednesday 02/05/2012, 02:32

Name: Priscilla

Biosmileyriscilla has always been a princess in her fathers eyes. Although, her rich mother died when Priscilla was at a young age her father had to take over the family business. but ever since her father took over the business Priscilla's father could never make time for daddy's little girl. So to take out her anger she takes out every man she sees, simply because they are all worthless in her eyes.

Lv. 2 - 3/3
Lv.3 - 4/5
Lv.4 - 7/5 ability unlocked: Support, +3 attack

Lv.2 - Little Girl (around 7) crying with a picture of her father in hands. Wearing plaid skirt and vest.
Lv.3 - Girl is a little older (around 9-10) angry, crushing fathers picture in hands. Darker clothes.
Lv.4 - Teenage Girl (17-1smiley Wearing a shirt that says daddy's girl ripping it. off but calm look on face like weight has been lifted off shoulders.