In the Skeelz Academy, all subjects are given equal importance. Whether it’s the art of combat, mastering Space and Time, controlling the Mind, Nature studies or Death exploration, nothing is discounted. And to ensure the same tolerance reigns in the streets as in their Academy, the Skeelz are putting their neutrality to one side for the moment to bring about peace...through the force of their punches, of course.

Clan Bonus: bonus Protection: Ability

Each clan has its own secret plan for the domination of Clint City. To achieve their goals, they send their best elements on perilous missions! Who will be the first to succeed? All the Clan missions are listed on this page. Some will be only be unlocked after the previous ones have been completed. Others are secret and you must complete them to find out what their objectives and rewards are.

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What decks can be made with this Clan? Does it have to be played alone or with another one? With or without Leader?
If these are the kinds of questions you've been asking yourself, the Public Presets are just the thing for you! They are decks created by players which everyone can score and comment on.On this page you will find the Clan's most popular presets.

194 comments about Skeelz

Thursday 13/01/2011, 04:32

I honestly think Skeelz are one of those insanely powerful clans. They are right up there with Montana and Rescue.
Think about it. They suck up SoA and SoB, and they don't rely on their bonus at all to actually win. With high raw stats and dangerous abilities, Skeelz can be pretty scary to go up against. Of course they have their weaknesses, like attack manipulation clans and All-Stops, but they can beat most clans easily. The other downside is that they are pricey, but if you can afford them, get them!

People are saying that their bonus is bad, and that they are only good against GHEIST and Roots, but I bet they've never even played Skeelz before... if you have, you'll know what I mean.

If you play Skeelz and agree with me, rate green!

Saturday 05/02/2011, 02:56

The Skeelz will be much more epic once they stop making those cards with revenge/confidence. There are too many already!!
Rate Up for a petition to stop those cards!

Sunday 19/06/2011, 13:28

Skeelz: Review.

Guys I LOOOOVE Skeelz, but each clan has theire ups and downs.

In my first Clan review I'm going to try and cover every single detail. First with the clan’s abilities and bonuses and then each card and their stars.

BONUS - They get easily around GHEIST, Roots, Piranas and Nightmare (Unless stop all cards.) due to their AMAZING bonus. Because thats what it is: AMAZING. And I’ve just had enough of all those comments saying they’re bonus doenst help them win because IT does. Skeelz characters are made around their bonus, wich means they are made to be able to win with just they’re abilities. A great example is one of the most famous overpowered card in the game: Caelus Cr. Just tell me something... do you think Caelus Cr needs any bonus to win? (Actually it does but its just for you to understand, you know what I mean.)

ABILITY – Since all the cards are made to work with their abilities the Skeelz is the clan with the best abilities in my opinion. What would the bonus be for if they had crappy abilities? The ability wouldn’t be worth protecting… -.- But there is WAY TOO MANY CARDS WITH CONFIDENCE; REVENGE etc.. Better change that for future students.

2* - They Don’t shine in this category, it’s a shame. Not brilliant cards, being the only ones good enough: Sasha, Redra to use as a DR, Milton, and that’s it. Otto can also be considered OK but I Don’t like him. Useless cards like Ainton due to his damage are just wrong. I think this is the only place where the clan needs some improving, they are lacking good 2* stars, and that what the UR staff should be looking forward to.

NEW CARD: Like the new Kusuri, maybe a 6/3 with a defeat ability like: poison 2 min.0 Yes min. 0. Hehehe.

3* - In my opinion they got one of the best 3* in the game: Chiara, Praxie, Danae, Cley, Sandro... What I think they made right about Skeelz 3* is that they made them not to cross the limit. This way the cards are not too overpowered and are not banned from elo. Would it be any good having a very overpowered 3* but not being able to use it?

NEW CARD: (Out of ideas) Maybe a 8/4 with some attack manipulation like +8 or -12. That would be great, to work with Caelus Cr but unfortunately its very unlikely.

4* - If they had good 3* just wait for their 4*.... Ill go through the bests one by one:
. Jay – Not much I can say the card just speaks for itself. Together with Zinfrid being the only 4* that can do 1HKO. Another thing that I absolutely need to mention is the synergy between Eloxia and Jay. These cards were just made for each other and they are a must have in any Skeelz deck. If you win with Eloxia you can finish with Jay 5 damage. If you loose with Eloxia, you activate Jay ability and win due to her poison. Both cards are excellent bluffs, but are starting to be way too predictable.
. Greem – I Don’t like her that much but there are players that think otherwise. It’s mainly because her poison feels just way to out placed, she just doesn’t seem to have any synergy with the rest of cards, due to her being the only poison card in the clan. With that said she's still excellent, high poison low minimum, and an Ok 4 damage to add with. (She might work OK with Aylen +5 life) But Im still not that much of a poison lover.
. Manfred – A very, very good 4*. I can’t say its perfect, cause it isn’t. 8 power it’s the max you can get, so… yeah! And his almost unstoppable ability due to the bonus makes the card monstrous. It can get to make a 12 life gap with fury and 8 without fury. Its perfect to combine with Aylen and Greem combo. (None of this cards are banned. Yeah!:O )
. Corvus – Yeah you might think this card doesn’t deserve to be mention because of his terribly low damage for a 4*. I like him and I thought otherwise. I mean, try to see the good points; it has a raw 8 power, nice. His ability is superb, because it works just perfectly with all those bunch of confidence cards you have in your deck. Lets see, Manfred, Clay and Deebler are the cards that need confidence. Imagine you have Manfred and Corvus in your last two rounds… The opponent is winning. You play Corvus for his ability, and the opponent either lets him pass through and take a small 3 damage but activate Manfred or try to outpill him and might exaggerate and you take 4 damage, 6 with fury, afterwards. This is just an example that doesn’t work always, but its just for you to see that this card isn’t as useless as you think. Oh and theres another amazing combo that almost no one seems to catch its Corvus plus Jay… Yeah 1 round use Corvus the guy might just let him pass through or use a small DR. Then you gotta loose with a card and 3 round you attack with Jay. Corvus 3 damage plus Jay 9 damage, gives 12 damage, yeah you killed him.
. Belgosi – The vampire kid. Is one of the most sold 4* in Skeelz and I just love him. It’s a easy way to get 5 damage in. 7 power plus his ability makes a huge diference and can destroy cards like Ghumbo and Kolos. And even against full stops he still has a 7 power and 5 damage, being the only full stop with a higher power Shakra that’s Elo banned. One of his most positive sides his that he can resist against full stop walls, he's ability is just a boost he doesn’t need it to win.
. The only cards that I didn't talk about were Damian and Aigwon wich are just at the average level in my opinion. They could change Aigwon and take his 6 power for a 7, that would make him much more playable. And Damian, I just Don’t like his ability, but he can kill cards in T2 with a high damage, and his 4*. These two are OK cards.

NEW CARD: An 8/7 or 8/8 with no ability or backlash. That would mean no bonus either ability or your backlash couldn’t be stopped by SOA. Superb solid stats – And just 4*. I'm just dreaming, probably.

5* - Yeah, Finally! They have the most beastly cards, Caelus Cr, Tomas, Eloxia, Aylen, Logan, and Dwan. ALL THEYRE 5* ARE PLAYABLE. Each one with its advantages, you might prefer the extremely solid Tomas, or the mind twisting Eloxia, or massive destroyer Logan, or the perfect Caelus Cr, or even the fearless DR Dwan. Oh and Aylen can male a twelve life gap. But now a days who cant? Choose your play style.
. Caelus Cr – BOMB
. Tomas – SOLID
. Aylen – LIFE GAP

NEW CARD: Here it comes the bomb of the week, the unstoppable new 5*…
A 8/6 with attack manipulation: Support: +5. To do a 2HKO with Tomas. HEHEHEHE. PLEASE MAKE ME HAPPY UR STAFF; MAKE THIS CARD:


WHAT THEY NEED? Better 2* and more attack manipulation to help them in actually winning the battle.

WHAT THEY Don’T NEED? More revenge, confidence, courage like cards. PLEASE.

WHAT THEY ARE GOOD AT? Amazing 5*, 4* and 3* with a high diversity of abilities that enables you to make various types of decks. Only one card banned, wich is our master, Caelus Cr and due to lots of SOA and SOB (Mainly Piranas) in ELO they are the perfect clan to go for ELO.


- T1

Aylen : Greem : Manfred : Cley : CHIARA OR Drake : Sasha : Redra : MILTON

Logan : JAKE : Cley : Sandro : Praxie : CHIARA : Sasha : Redra

- T2

Caelus Cr : Logan : Eloxia : Tomas : Aylen : Dwan : Belgosi OR Greem : Jay OR Manfred


(It took me a long time, so please rate me up, other wise my effort was for nothing.)


Saturday 28/05/2011, 03:28

My character Idea:

Name: Nug
Clan: Skeelz

Level 1: Power: 1 Damage: 1
Level 2: Power: 3 Damage: 4
Level 3: Power: 4 Damage: 5
Level 4: Power: 5 Damage: 7
Level 5: Power: 7 Damage: 7

Ability: ability = opp bonus

Bio: When Nug first applied to the Skeelz Caelus didn't accept him because he got the money to apply from stealing people's money. After being rejected Nug secretly trained by showing up at all the different clans one day, and dissapearing the next. After coming back and applying again Caelus finally gave in and let Nug into his school. Ever since he's been a star pupil and can take any clan's power and turn it agianst them.


Level 1: A 12 year old kid with gray jacket that hood covers up face. can see a smirk underneath the hood.

Level 2: The kid now shows his face with big brown eyes, bushy eyebrows, and spiked black hair.

Level 3: Now a little older, around 14 the kid has longer spiked hair, a GHEIST jacket with a Sentinel badge. Same facial features as before.

Level 4: 14 still, now a Bangers hat wore backwards covers his head, still wearing a GHEIST jacket, shows a Berzerk fist on a black t-shirt. same facial expressions.

Level 5: 15 now: Purple Skeelz uniform with Giant golden spiked hair, eyes glowing, a powering-up like expression.

Tuesday 21/12/2010, 02:24

Hey, Skeelz, being my favorite clan, is subject to my personal writings under the guise of Caelus himself.
Check out all of the characters for ZincSpider's Caelus logs, and have a bit of fun, and a good laugh or two.
So, sit back, and enjoy the coolest characters in the game while browsing for your new deck.


Zinc Spider

Monday 12/11/2012, 20:13

Please rate or comment..hopefully both smiley

Friday 25/01/2013, 21:00

Oh look, a clan completely made up of splash cards smiley

Monday 12/03/2012, 00:09

I took notice of the colors of the uniforms and the characters that wear them and i came to a conclusion that they are learning or specialty communities:

Dark Blue/Purple: Magic & Demonic Studies
Green: Nature & Biology
Light Blue: Science & Math Academics
Orange: Combat Sciences & Practices
White: Staff (Not A Teacher) or To be appointed to a Learning Community

Note: In terms of Jay and Carter, I notice the abilities are similar but Carter needs to practice the knowledge of elements and their properties so that puts him in Nature and Jay can only turns to stone so he can be in combat.

Rate up Pleasesmileysmiley

Monday 11/03/2013, 19:28

Rate green if you want a Skeelz character that has the ability stop opp. ability and bonus smiley

Saturday 16/03/2013, 18:24

Name: Edward
Class: Staff
Power: Shape-shifting into beasts( Very different from Logan, he can't turn into an eagle and fly like Logan can, he just looks like the animal or creature)
Bio: Edward, the Academy's detention giver, is quite the bully, well, when giving out 2 day detentions anyway and even 10 minute ones too. And thanks to his ability of shape-shifting he can always keep an eye on the students as well as scare them into detention, but at least his powers don't last too long or the teachers and staff would be in detention too!

Stats and Art:
Level 1: 3/3 Ability unlocked at level 2 Art: Bald man with glasses and black and white suit, looking very stern, he
has dark blue eyes

Level 2: 6/5 Ability: (a new form of backlash, gives stuff to opp.) Give: 2 pillz and 2 life Art: Big head of hair, suit is getting torn, teeth are getting sharper and bigger ears and nose growing hair (outside and inside), finger nails longer, head getting longer, still has glasses

Level 3: 8/5 Ability: Give: 2 pillz and 2 life Art: Teeth are huge, sharp and yellow full body covered in hair head is long like a dog or Wolf, only bits of his suit is left and he has his glasses in his huge paws with long sharp claws, glasses are smashed

Name: Paige
Class: Staff
Power: Shadow-controlling
Bio; Paige, the school janitor, has always done her work cleaning the halls of the academy, which can get pretty messy after combat class full of blood and mud, but after school in the night while Paige is still working and someone fancied a mid-night snack, and one single crumb hits the floor, Paige might take control of her shadow and kick your shadow in the chin, and whatever happens to your shadow, happens to you.

Stats and Art:
Level 1: 4/1 Ability unlocked at level 3. Art: A chubby Lady with white hair with streaks of electric blue in it is cleaning the floor with a broom, she has grey slinted eyes, her shadow on a wall however has her hand on her hips

Level 2: 6/1 Ability unlocked at level 3. Art: Same Lady with a mop and bucket of water, her eyes her closed, her shadow is reaching for a broom instead of a mop

Level 3: 8/1 Ability: + 20 attack Art: She's happily busting a wall with a spider-web on it, but her shadow is beating a cowering Liam's shadow (who was obviously perving on that poor, fat old Lady :razzsmiley with a brooms handle on the head. (Note: The reason for high power and attack manip but low damage is to stop a nuke like DJ Korr Cr and others like that( and also to prove that the card is good...

8 power x 5 pillz is 40 attack + 20 attack = 60 attack
60 attack divided by 5 pillz is virtually 12 POWER

8 pow x 2 pil = 16 att + 20 att = 36 att
36 att div 2 pil = virtual 18 power (MUMMY, SAVE ME)

And last time I checked 36 att for 2 pillz and 18 power is smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley OMG :razzsmiley)

Anyway, next card

Name: Jordan
Class: Staff
Power: Imagination Manifestation
Bio: Jordan is the everyday school bus driver, taking all the kids to and fro, except she can take anyone anywhere with the power to create anything from her mind, on regular excursions to Rome, Egypt, the Arctic and sometimes the Moon, it's no trouble if you've got an imaginative mind!

Stats and Art:
Level 3: 4/2 Ability unlocked at level 5 Art: A woman of about 25 is using mind rays to make a small bus in her hand, you can see outlines of the bus getting bigger, Jordan has brown hair and eyes, and silver braces, she is wearing what seems to be a One Direction shirt and denim jeans.

Level 4: 6/2 Ability unlocked at level 5 Art: Same person and clothes but she is making a plane that's currently as big as her body, but again you can see outline of it getting bigger.

Level 5: 8/3 Ability Prayer: ( next team card receives the advantage) Defeat/Win: + 1 power per damage Art: Now has a rocket about half a meter bigger than her and you can see the outlines of it getting bigger, she is facing away.

Hope you liked these, I will again make more (If I think of some). Please rate green and comment everyone, thanks for reading!