After a Xantiax gas leak in the air ducts of the Red One Motel, all the staff and hotel guests were transformed into fearsome beings, possessed by a fury that can only be appeased by intense fighting. In fact, they would have ripped each other to pieces for time immortal if Cortez hadn't united them under a common cause: to find those responsible for their situation and make them pay!

Clan Bonus: bonus - 2 Opp. Life Min 2

Each clan has its own secret plan for the domination of Clint City. To achieve their goals, they send their best elements on perilous missions! Who will be the first to succeed? All the Clan missions are listed on this page. Some will be only be unlocked after the previous ones have been completed. Others are secret and you must complete them to find out what their objectives and rewards are.

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What decks can be made with this Clan? Does it have to be played alone or with another one? With or without Leader?
If these are the kinds of questions you've been asking yourself, the Public Presets are just the thing for you! They are decks created by players which everyone can score and comment on.On this page you will find the Clan's most popular presets.

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Sunday 08/05/2011, 22:37

My Choices for partner Clans:
These are based on the notions of my experience and of general philosophy:

Roots: These nature Lovers are another group which typically have great base stats, especially in the staples of the clan... the difference though is that Roots can be much more defencive than the Berzerk, which in combination with the Base stats of both being rather decent can make a menacing combination

Pussycats: With Beef dealing damage back to you and Norman taking away pills it is always good to tag in the most Defencive of all of Urban Rival's Clans, the Pussycats can make up for lost ground and play defencively while you attempt to steady your own to feet... personal Favorite card of the Clan to use with Berzerk would be Cherry, she just works well

Vortex: Here is another defencive clan that can work very well, these boys have an offencive side to them but much of a saftey net incase they don't win... this saftey net isn't like the Pussycats, which protects your life, but rather, as we all know, you get back pills... this allows for the pure Strength of the Berzerk clan to come through even if you manage to loose a round or two of the fight with Vortex, and that is good, as Backlash WILL be more prevalent in this archtype and I can assure you it will hit the pills again... this clan also uses a few decent Confidence abilities and other -Life abilities, which combined with their few +attack abilites can manage to give a great use even if you manage to win with a Backlash card and "injure" yourself

Jungo: This is somewhat a philophy like Vortex + Pussycats + Roots, you can play defencively by being offencive, and the Jungo Help incredibly with their Bonus, you can expect more Abilities like Beef 's and when we get them it will be a great help to have the Jungo their amping uip your life... the Jungo also typically have good base power and Offencive abilites which will help you overcome the opponent since the Berzerk so far have little in terms of getting an Edge Offencively

Nightmare: This group of evil demons and spirits has a nasty bonus and can help against Backlash Abilities by giving you a good boost in life, plus they tend to have lower damage as not to affect your Berzerk Bonus

Piranas: Like the Nightmare, these guys have SOB as their bonus... and their abilites tend to revolve around pill manipulations which will be helpful with Backlash being prevalent in Berzerk... they also have a few life manipulators

Other note worthy clans include:
~ Sakrohm: for their attack control and various Damage Reducing and Life Increasing Abilites
~ Montana: Clearly for Attack / Power control, they also have a few DRs worth running but mainly are to go fully offencive with your Deck
~ Junkz: These cards have various good pill controlers and are often used for a very aggresive battle style, which will match that of the Berzerk, they have no problems messing together

Clans to Always Avoid using with:
~ Freaks: The poison bonus of Freaks and Life Reducing capabilties of Berzerk Do NOT mesh well at all, unlike La Junta and Fang Pi Clang who can use their bonus to KO with Freaks, the Berzerk lack this as the -2 Life has a minimum of 2
~ Rescue: this should be easy, it has little to do with the Berzerk, its is just that Rescue work best alone...

Suggestion for Avoiding using in combination:
~ La Junta: These bad boys have some big damage, which is fine if you play them after a Berzerk gets in its damage and bonus as you can KO that way, but it can't be done in the reverse order, so just watch out
~ Fang Pi Clang: Same Reasons as La Junta...

Clans you'll want to Verse:
~ GHEIST: These are great to be up agaisnt, they get rid of that pesky backlash, though they do tend to mess with your power, which will probably be high, but without a way of increasing it or your attack, this could be an issue
~ Roots: Even better to go against than GHEIST, Roots have a large number of Damage reducers which doesn't matter since with your bonus you should deal a minimum of 3 Damage... plus they also get rid of Backlash

Clans you will dread facing:
~ Nightmare: They basically will kill your bonus and then make it harder for you to get a win in by messing with Life Totals until the end of time
~ Piranas: Same as Nightmare, except they screw with pills like it was their job... oh wait, it is smiley

I Hope this is a helpful guide for everyone... and I can't believe I am about to say this, but: Lets Rate this Green so others can see it smileysmiley

Tuesday 05/07/2011, 23:06

They need a Bellhop, tourist, and a female secretary
rate upsmileysmileysmiley so UR can see this

Thursday 15/03/2012, 19:33

With the release of Uma wouldn't there have to be a Berzerk priest Rate green if you can't wait for it

Saturday 23/03/2013, 23:59

have any of you ever wondered, what colour a Berzerk gets if they become sunburned?

Thursday 03/05/2012, 06:22

Now that i stop to think about it a year later and the Berzerk being around i finally notice that Xantiax is a parody of a drug called Xanax. Of course Xantiax is a mysterious dust and Xanax is just a weird pink pill,but bear with me here they'rea lot more common than you think:

Similarities in possible side effects between the two include:

-obviously,aggression and rage(we are talking about the Berzerk clan here)
-they most likely would be hostile and be easily agitated and they seem to be a restless bunch.
-they most likely would have twitches and tremors
-while not proven,contrary to popular belief,they would not speak like raving lunatics,but rather a somewhat slurred speech,like an alcoholic would have.
-as pointed out,most of them have red skin,which could just as easily be a skin rash,though the skin mutations are probably just fiction...but if a guy with a reddish/pink skin tone starts sprouting horns out of his shoulderblades
-and just for fun,lets say they trip out on occasion and start hallucinating.

So as you can see,most of the effects a person on Xanax would have could just as easily be compared to our freakish red friends here. It's quite funny though,how a thing that's supposed to treat panic and anxiety attacks show pretty much most of the characters are at the mercy of its power. But,the more you research,the more you know.

So in closing,it'd be great if people rated this up just so you have an interesting footnote about one of clint city's more dangerous clans to reference to and a new light being shed on something that's debated quite frequently.

Saturday 21/05/2011, 20:54

They didn't make the bonus "-2 min 0" because that would make La Junta and Fang Pi Clang obsolete. Why would you make a clan that can inflict 2 damage points that bypass damage reducers with NO LIMIT while the La Junta and Fang Pi Clang only INCREASE their OWN DAMAGE by that SAME amount (2 damage points) and are prone to damage reducers. That would be the same as making a new clan with "+3 power". It would make Bangers and Ulu Watu obsolete. It's called BALANCE smiley

rate green so that everybody can understand smiley

Thursday 16/02/2012, 20:03

Watch out, this clan can be far more dangerous than what you'd have thinked at the very first glance. Sure thing, they have plenty of cards with Backlash, but it's part of their own and well designed strategy. With guys like Spyke and Cortez I'm pretty sure they'll kick your butt in no time using a reasonal quantity of Pillz. What's more, they got a great gift: Most of their cards have a high base power which leads to a major probability of winning a round.

With their bonus meaning nothing but 'trash' to most people, it's sure that it's one of the less used clans of the game in some modes. Another clan like this one would be La Junta or Fang Pi Clang, they share a similar bonus but they have a different way of being activated, and also, different form of affecting the battle itself. Berzerk play with "unreal damage" or lifepoints directly, so don't worry too much if your opponent has got a damage reducer: It won't be that bad.

So I've said that there's a lot of raw Power, a nice bonus... what about the abilities? Backlash. "Overpowered" cards must be balanced in order that they won't get banned from the ELO format, nifty thing for some sure, but there are even cards that are naturallt "OP" and are not overly regulated, rather than that, they're definitely banned at ELO or something similar (like getting banned almost all the weeks). The best example could be Spyke as mentioned above, or Lola. Another factible possibility is Elvis, as it is the only Stop Opp. Ability card in the clan.

That's not the major flaw of the clan, because the prize would be granted for its "manipulability", they're extremely suceptible to Attack manipulation clans (like Uppers, Junkz, Montana, Sakrohm, Sentinel) and Power manipulation clans (Ulu Watu, Bangers & All Stars). However, not everything is dark and shadowy for our precious motel gangstas, they strongly believe in miracles and just got saved with cards such as Lizzy, Spyke (Yes, this guy is solid and "OP" as hell, that's why I mention him too much) and the eventual Gus, having Power manipulating abilities that enhance the clan's gameplay and make our life better.

"Brutal" is a nice word for describing such a terrific clan like this one! Natural high damage cards (Cortez, Lizzy, Taylor, Boyle, Beef and etcetera) are a really awesome fact! You can 2HKO your opponent if they don't firmly watch their steps, all of this is translated to an easy victory in no time with a bit of luck and intelligence.

Is it impressive that I say this? This is a very strategic clan, so not many would dare to go with it. I really recommend it for braniacs, or for more serious people wanting a funnier, less empty game that is not filled with your occasional kid that uses Bangers because "they're cool".

Give it a try, and tell me if you liked it or not. Don't criticize a clan for its weaknesses without having played with it, who knows if you'll end up becoming a fan of that "piece of garbage" you just talked about. Every clan is very well balanced so don't come at me saying: "0H G0D 1 C4N'7 W1N". Yes, you can win if you practice the strategy of the clan you're using. At the very end every clan is totally different from each other, so don't worry, there are as many strategies as you can imagine.

This is my very first long comment in English about something of the game. I hope it can be perfectly understandable for you smiley

Sunday 30/08/2015, 13:48

Good Clan. smiley

Saturday 05/09/2015, 17:26

make a 8p 2d with -3d,min 1

Saturday 04/06/2011, 01:44

the best thing about the Berzerk is that players have still done character-perspective bio reviews . I'd assumed so , but I still lol'd .
Norman's Guest Log ?
Look at Norman - or any other Berzerk , for that matter - and ask yourself : you think any of them have the inclination or capacity to pick up a pen ? Well , maybe , but only then to kill you with .