offline Gectou4 Legend  
Friday 17/02/2017, 11:24

Hello smiley

I'll try to keep you in touch with the current critical bug in this first post.

You can reports new bugs here, please put the most possible informations as you can to help us to quickly identify and fix them.

It's not a support topic, for it you can contact us here :

BUG LIST : 5 / September / 2015
- Nothing critical

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available Izy7 Moderator Open Casket
Thursday 19/07, 13:59

I hope they will fix this, but temporary solution is to use any emote if you see your opponent is going to time out.

available MR-Puma Colossus Open Casket
Thursday 19/07, 14:09

Thanks for the advice Izy, will try that

available SekundesSG Colossus ELITE NATION
Thursday 26/07, 07:10

For the past 1 month plus, I have been experiencing market refresh in the mobile app. Whenever I try to scroll down to the bottom list, it always refresh back on top.. anyone had this issue in mobile app? Hope the devs can look into this smiley

offline cavaleiro_ Senior Selecionados
Friday 27/07, 01:14

I have a problem with card pics at the battles on pc client, its real hard to play without them smileyimage

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