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Tuesday 25/07/2017, 20:44

Hello there, fellow reader.

I know what you're thinking. Why should you join Harbingers of Ares ?

You see so many guilds out there, some of you may be even apart of a guild right now. What do we offer that the others don't?

We in HoA offer the full package.

>Looking for some of the friendliest and chattiest people on the EN community? Join Harbingers of Ares smiley
>Looking for strategy tips? Ways you can improve your game? Join Harbingers of Ares smiley
>Looking for an array of guild bonuses to help you progress through the game as efficiently as possible? Join Harbingers of Ares smiley
>Looking for sweet market strats that will turn you into a Clint City millionaire? Join Harbingers of Ares smiley
>Looking for prizes? Cards that you never thought you could get a hold of? Join Harbingers of Ares (you filthy gold-digger smiley )

This is what we offer you.

But, what do we expect from you?

We in HoA LOVE Urban Rivals, we have multiple players that have been playing this game 5+ years. We want new players that will contribute to the community, we don't care about the size of your collection, we don't care about your EFC score, we don't care about your age.

All we care about is that YOU remain friendly and keep up the standard we in HoA strive to maintain. Help us keep the EN community strong, join us and be a part of the HoA family.

Join Harbingers of Ares


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