offline Gectou4 Legend  
Friday 17/02, 11:24

Hello smiley

I'll try to keep you in touch with the current critical bug in this first post.

You can reports new bugs here, please put the most possible informations as you can to help us to quickly identify and fix them.

It's not a support topic, for it you can contact us here :

BUG LIST : 5 / September / 2015
- Nothing critical

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offline Thoazol Operator Wise Men Distracted
Friday 20/10, 11:37

@Suda Imu
Thematic weekend rules. You have to run a 40* deck in T2 tourney.

The drop is because the new maximum is 100% instead of 112%.

offline Ariakan WMD Divinity Wise Men Distracted
Friday 20/10, 12:08

I had an issue this week with the LD missions. I completed the missions and recieved credits rather than an LD char from the remaining pool of those I do not have.
Weekly LD E 0 pts
Win 80 Pillz in elo mode
You earned 7 Credits and 0 missions points.

I still require:
Skinny Bob Ld
Fomalhaut Ld
Dr Van Wesel Ld

I did complete the arcade missions this week and receive Kora Mail Ld. Could this be the reason I was not awarded another LD card?

Is it possible for me to exchange the 7 credits for a random LD from the ones I need?

available NeoAC Colossus Time Conquers All
Saturday 21/10, 07:09

So in the Steam UR, it's impossible to switch Arcade stages. Back button takes you back to the main menu, not to the stage select menu. Once you pick one you're stuck with it unless you close down UR and reload. Incredibly annoying.

offline TEKKEN JIN Imperator Open Casket
Sunday 22/10, 02:29

Whenever I am going to win by KO in arcade, the AI doesn't play and the match times out. It's getting really annoying because I only need a few more stars to finish the HQ I am doing

offline Omni Slash Imperator E X C A L I B U R
Yesterday at 11:23

I can't reset my password because the system doesn't send out the instructions for password reset via email.

I've checked my spam folder but the password reset email isnt there either. I think this is a bug.

offline Rozenstal Cr Titan The Big Bang
Yesterday at 12:20

Dear Staff. In desktop version in Arkada is no second room. Room 3 and room 4 is. 2 - not.

offline Bagadur Colossus Pioneers
Yesterday at 19:48

Opponent leaved the battle in horror smiley
It was my win.

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