offline Saga Admin La Congrégation de l'Ombre
Tuesday 20/02, 11:53

Hi Everyone,
As thanks for all your support over the past months, we are offering you a very special feature pack.
This pack contains the game's strongest and most expensive cards (CRs and MTs excluded)!
Make the most of it and good luck!

List of cards:
Kougloff, #Quetzal, Schatzi, Marshal, Butcher Braxton, Serafina, Zaveli, Behemoth, Rage, Roderick, C0re, Aamir, Galactea, Dragomir, Fairbanks, Tsubame, Raam, Impera Sloane, Dakota, Leliana, Joy, Romana, Judge Lynch, Glover, #Dregn, Dr Elisa, Rex Sweig, Marina, Surstorming, Fiddler, Hindelga, Koshiro, Streex, Mokra, Shinobi, Newell, Lee Long, Locke, Cortez, Walker, Tormentah, Ursula, Olga, Dj Korps, Kerry, Numar, Karl, Ramath, Goure, Pericles, Blink, Bengal, Stalfhaust, Pavel, Daddy Jones

Shakra, Charlie, Uranus, Bogdan, Arno, Pandora, Ginnifer, Stacey, Saki, Pegh, Vermyn N, Haze, Don, Nobrodroid, Wee Lee, Coby, Moai, Kinjo, Melvin, Dorian, Ghumbo, Pa Mei, Yoshida, Scopica, Pr Priest, Lehane, Hikiyousan, Bodenpower, Niva, Cindy, Crassus, Saltsberg, Akendram, Peeler, Petra

#Askai, Raoul, Eyrton, Yookie, Vryer, Zlatar, Tannen, Globumm, Isatis, Orfeo, Minerva, Anita, Tuco, Murray, Daqun, Dao Wang, Flea, Nobrocybix, Gibson, Nahema, Mallory, Buba, Ogoun Kyu, Tula, Mulligan, Selene, Kylorenne, Zera, Lance, Julia

And, if you’ve got Judge Lynch, you can embark on the “Sentenza” Mission that will earn you 10 credits!
For those of you who don’t have him, be aware that Judge Lynch will enjoy a triple droprate for 36 hours!

To sum up:
1/Feature pack, lasts 36 hours
2/Mission with 10 credits, lasts 36 hours
3/Triple droprate on the GhosTown Judge, lasts 36 hours

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offline AB-GT-Albin Imperator Bangerines!!
Thursday 22/02, 01:05

Since the release of this pack my collections total value has droped by 2 million EVEN THOUGH I bought this pack yesterday (worth about 3,5 million), so this pack really must hurt players with big collections. smiley

offline 0 KILLIC Colossus Open Casket
Thursday 22/02, 01:07

Chill bruh you just went down by 2m.

offline DUC - Jerre Titan  
Thursday 22/02, 09:41

LoL bought 4 packs and never saw one Judge Lynch. With the rest of my credits I bought a new blood pack and I finally got it.

offline The Stepson Titan URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 22/02, 10:25

Did anyone else noticed that are the same old sheeps that come forward in times like this to speak for the wolves?
Every single time...and always the same ones...

I wonder...
Is fun to watch those same sheeps flock up in order to protect the wolves. Hilarious!

Have to find a pic with the writing "HipHoppa was right!" on the net...


Hip, once more, you've nailed!

offline ebezue Colossus Open Casket
Thursday 22/02, 14:08

"This game doesnt have any and will never have any Clintz Sink"

I couldn't imagine people actually believe this dumb statement.

The market itself is a big Clintz Sink. If you've been paying attention, kate actually takes 5 percent(up to 3.5 percent if your'e in a guild) tax from public and private sales.

What does this mean for us?
That means, people who actively use the market are actually helping the economy. More people Buying and Selling cards = Better Economy, less inflation.
That means investors actually are the people who are helping UR's economy the most. It sounds counterintuitive but it's true.

Let's say an investor, buys 20.000.000 worth of cards. That's 1.000.000 clintz going down the sink. The same investor selling these cards for a total of 25.000.000, that's another 1.250.000 clintz going down the sink.

I can see that the staff are doing well to keep this game alive only to be misunderstood by angry players.

Deals like this are very good, it stimulates the market even if for a while.

The market reset? The increased prices encourage players to use the market(also, higher prices = bigger ctz sink) . However, it is very likely that shortsighted players might have been tempted to sell to kate.

Gold tokenz deals? Big 5 Drop Rate? Even better, More Big 5 in circulation is good news. 1 Big 5 being sold is equivalent to around 1.000.000 ctz down the sink.

offline Isolator GUB Mediator GUB PRO
Tuesday 27/02, 10:02

"1 Big 5 being sold is equivalent to around 1.000.000 ctz down the sink."

Most of the rich players are members of a guild. So you can assume that they got the 30% cut on Kate's tax, too.
So all your numbers are a little bit lower. smiley
Assertion stays the same, of course.

offline Turgoyak Colossus Mystical Shadow Team
Tuesday 27/02, 11:30

Any thoughts on why basic cards value was increased?

As well as increased basic prices on Cr and Mt, which is, in fact, a strong intrusion in market economy

offline ebezue Colossus Open Casket
Tuesday 27/02, 14:35

A lot of players believe that "Power Creep" or OP Cards causes Inflation or makes Inflation worse. But does it? Absolutely WRONG. Believe me or not it's actually the effect/result of Inflation. In fact it's a solution against Inflation.

"that doesn't make sense". Let me tell you this, IF too much clintz = Inflation.
Does having an uber expensive card in the market increase the clintz in circulation? No it doesn't! With more OP cards coming from packs and sold in the market, clintz are DRAINED faster from circulation.

offline Turgoyak Colossus Mystical Shadow Team
Tuesday 27/02, 15:14

Then why make cheap cards expensive? how come Vector and Chwing cost the same now?

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