offline OC_Dsl Guru Open Casket
Wednesday 21/02, 13:22

Well this never happened to me, but after a tourney (which I played just for mission/clintz) i got 2 messages from 2 "high level" players insulting me.
Besides that they blocked communication i guess they just want to feel superior, sad players.
Still i guess it was due to my judge, they have demons xD
Since i cant answer them, at least i want to say hello! @██████████ and @██████████

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offline Thea91 Master El ojo de Michael
Wednesday 21/02, 14:04

I'm rather new too, playing in tournaments every day, using all sorts of decks, sometimes (quite often smiley ) taking a lot of time to think over my moves (sorry my past and future opponents smiley) But people never got annoyed at me so much as to start insulting me or anything of the sort. Either you really did something unappropriate to those players or they just got a very bad day... Not to defend people that are acting like that, but I think that such issues should be a private not a public matter, in the end I quess you can make a screenshot and let the moderators know.

offline ebezue Colossus Open Casket
Wednesday 21/02, 14:38

I know exactly how you feel, I had around 5-6 players on my blacklist because of that same reason. Some "top" T2 Tourney Players are really entitled. You just cant play 36-40* decks because according to them it's the "wrong way to play T2". Which is funny because I rarely lose a fight.

For the past year I'm only playing T1 Tourney. I never had to deal with toxic players in T1, unlike T2.

offline OC_Dsl Guru Open Casket
Wednesday 21/02, 14:46

@Thoazol i do understand that, still they dont have the right to send messages calling you names and worst block communication where you cant even answer. I dont care that much, still messaging other people due to a loss (with 1 of them was 2 in a row smiley ) should be at least in a polite way.
@NaaRcho and @Thea91 I bet it was because i used a Judge Lynch (1 mentioned it) still i find alot of people using banned cards and i dont message them calling names. And i used Judge cuse i wanted to see if he was really banned from t2, apparently not! Keeping it private when you cant answer xD

offline OC Linda Titan Open Casket
Wednesday 21/02, 14:57

As a fellow OC member commenting, I believe the appropriate action would have been to simply mention it on Open Casket`s Guild Message Board if you at least believe such an incident was worth sharing.

But yes, I agree players should not name one another over something trivial. Winning, losing, draw, buzzkill, it happens and it is a game with good and bad players.

Blacklisting the guilty party in your PMs was the right option, but taking it in a public forum is not a good idea in my opinion, name or no names called out.

Never leave a fellow Guild Member behind. I use Judge Lynch in T2 recently and some 36-40* Decks in Tourney back at the past and did not have this issue back when my PM was still open. But I still think a player should not have the audacity to send a PM on their gameplay if it causes problems for them.

offline Thea91 Master El ojo de Michael
Wednesday 21/02, 16:03

@ OC_Dsl, what's the problem with using cards that are not banned? I used judge too in T2 yesterday to get the mission done...I don't know maybe the public of T2 is really different from that of T1...I myself am a T1 player, yesterday was one of the few of my experiences with T2 DT, no one insulted me, but what I noticed is that people were timing out a lot while losing, which is much more rare in T1 and is considered a bad sport (by me anyway smiley)

offline Sad- Veteran E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 21/02, 16:10

Urban rivals should have a report button and commend button smiley

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