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Sunday 27/05, 18:02

Features of the site:
- Mobile friendly.
- A very powerful card searching tool, which helps you find certain cards in efc zones or certain abilities. Helpful for missions. More searching options avaliable of course.
- Level Calculator
- Pfull Market Scanner
- Price notification, when a card crosses your sell/buy price
- Ability to remove all cards from sale.
- Pack helper to help decide which clans to choose in your pack purchases. Shows a lot of clan data and new blood pack information.
- Missing evolution finder, to help you collect those mission points. Sorted by clan or the possibilty to see all.
- Cards by year & clan. Find out which cards were released at what year! With the ability to hide cards you own or see how many you own!
- Price tracker, to help you decide what cards are best buys and best sales.
- Collection information, tells you various facts about your collection. How much you are worth (including the cards in your sales), how much you need for divinity ..
- Search for a player's old elo record or see win/lose/draw information.
- Various rankings such as old cards, collection value, biggest lots.
- iClintz Collection, find out how many of a card exists! Data is only collected from players who have logged into the site.
- Ability to vote for your favorite cards.
- Market graphs for cards in the past 24 hours, week and month. Year to be added later.
- iClintz & other card information.

Thanks to all who helped us test the website. The more players who sign in, the better this will get!

Further feedback is always welcome.

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offline AmberGolden97 Guru Wise Men Distracted
Saturday 02/06, 02:02

@Infiniti Hey, I got a question... How are we gonna click the card's artwork to make it enlarge so we see the whole thing?

offline Infiniti Moderator Open Casket
Saturday 02/06, 07:11

You can do that already on the website so I don't see the point of doing it here as well.

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