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Monday 16/01/2017, 20:53

Its a simple lay out:
Bonus if the clan is new
And a biography of you'd like

We've had this thread going for a while and so we have to pay homage to the previous thread creators
6SimS-Sven (original poster)
player;344389 (part 2)
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Six Nations (part smiley

Now this has been a favorite of mine on the forums for 8 years, so I can't wait to see your ideas!

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Friday 06/07, 23:26

@Spikey 13
You'd think after six or seven years of coming up with my own UR characters, stats would become a forte of sorts but they really haven't. So I tend to leave them blank and let those who are better at that kind of thing throw suggestions my way because what I think might be ok often ends up seeming OP. I have more fun with the bios anyway smiley

offline Gr1m4lk1n Guru «One Piece»
Saturday 07/07, 20:31

So I had this slight idea after the release of Ghoonbones. The Spook Troop. A ragtag group of not-so-scary-turned-slightly-scary toys whose main goal is to scare the living spirit out of everyone.

2 Stars 6/3
Defeat: -3 Life opp. min. 6

3 Stars 5/4
Growth: +3 Attack

4 Stars 7/5
Stop: +3 Damage

2 Stars 6/2
Poison 2 min. 0

I need some help with the Bios ;-;

Was watching Gadget and the Gadgetinis on YouTube and it gave me an idea counterpart card for Carmen.

Carnie - Mennie (Two chibi versions of Carmen from Sentinel)
Common 2* 4/2 7/2
Reprisal: Stop Opp. Bonus
Appearance/Trivia: They are based off of Fidget & Digit from Gadget and Gadgetinis. Carnie is a yellow robot and Mennie is a blue robot since Fidget is orange and Digit is navy blue. Carnie takes the role of Fidget and Mennie takes the role of Digit.
Lv. 1 Art: Carnie and Mennie are both sitting on a metal crate with the Sentinel symbol on it. Carnie(right) is using her hand as phone on selfie stick, doing a peace sign and making a duck face while Mennie(left), doing a "get that flashing light away from me!" gesture.
Lv. 2 Art: Carnie and Mennie are now in action. Carnie is exciting flying with her Go-Go-Gadget Helicopter while Mennie angrily, rollerskating in her Go-Go-Gadget Skates and have a mini Go-Go-Gadget Gatling arm cannon on her right forearm.

Since UR is bringing back five star cards that start at Lv. 3 to Lv. 5, I'm gonna make one for Anvile.

Brudul (A Bluto expy who turns to a buff ink monster)
Common 5* 5/9 7/9 9/9
Equalizer: Attack +3
Appearance/Trivia: He's based off of Bluto from Popeye but buff. If you say his name, it sound like the word, "brutal".

Kind of a OP, don't you think?

offline yaoihuntresse Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 11/07, 19:05

Clan: GhosTown
Bio: RIP Peng. Starting out as an immigrant who died in a fireworks accident, it was death where his life truly began. After having to do a performance as a saloon girl (due to a failed bet against Burton), he found his calling. Now under the name Margo, he'll perform his heart out to earn enough gold to get his clanmates out of Purgatory or at least make it a little more fabulous.

Level 3: 5/3 (Cancel opp. fury) (An effeminate looking man of Chinese descent is wearing a robe as he is styling his long hair in front of a full-length mirror. There is a saloon girl outfit hanging on it.)
Level 4: 7/3 (Now strutting out in full drag as Margo.)
Level 5: 7/5 (Striking a dynamic pose, Margo emits some fireworks from her hands. Not unlike Jubilee from the X-Men.)

NOTE: Margo is a Deadlands character of mine. (Minus the death.)

offline Awilly Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 11/07, 23:26

This may sound crazy as a card but I’d like to see a strong heal card cause a lot of them are average and would love to help with the heal mission we find near every week. So here’s one:



Ability: Defeat: Heal 3 max 15
Bonus: -2 Oop damage min 1

Yes I know it’s op but heal is pussycats MO and would like a Heal 3 card!

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