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Tuesday 20/02, 12:06

A city as full of imagination as it is with danger,
You couldn’t tell a friend from a stranger,
Do not remain captivated by a thrilling performance,
As this is a city with no ordinary conformance.
What you find immoral is irrelevant, to them it’s only a joke,
But speak out against their inhumanity and soon you’ll find your body broke.
But do not fret, do not worry,
We can help you if you hurry.
You can choose to inhabit an Open Casket,
Your soul, not your body, will be safe inside it.
Now forget all your previous woes and regrets,
It’s time to show others your brilliant mindset.
Live in the limelight, live in the now,
Accept the applause, take a bow!
Realize the best day of your life is when its gone,
Realize what you’ve missed now that you’ve passed on.
Take that lesson to heart, for you’ve not gone yet,
Grasp for Death’s hand, for it’s the start of your duet.
What will you do in this place called Clint City?
You can accomplish anything in this guild of insanity.

Introduction who don't know us already.
We are the most active EN guild.

We have people from all around the world, we are very different-

*great DT players
*great EFC players
*people with huge collections
*people who enjoy the game doing missions
*avatar and youtube content creators
*people who enjoy finding and exploi.. reporting UR bugs
*active EN discord chat users
*3 OC members played for the EN community for CC.
*We are diverse: Event Team, Mediator and Moderators have been in this guild since '01
*We were also the 1st guild in EN community to reach level 50 (in February)
and more and more smiley

Requirements reduced to level 15+

Maybe lower if you send a pm to one of the admins first.

.. ps. i have even seen some girls in our forum smiley

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offline OC Kate Master Open Casket
Wednesday 18/07, 17:02

Welcome to the guild Mini Macho X!

offline OC Kate Master Open Casket
Thursday 19/07, 20:48

Welcome to the guild Meechisdead-!

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Yesterday at 08:06

Welcome to the guild 0 NvMi!

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Today at 01:54

Welcome to the guild PwnThiz!

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Clint City, night.