offline Jango_HOA Titan Harbingers of Ares
Monday 11/06, 14:44

What clan would you most likely join and why?
something to do with what you love and stuffs and make a sweet backstory while at it.
No stats just pure roleplay smiley ( Inspired by Batdut's post on his Dregn Cr speculation thread).

offline tetko Guru UndertakeR TeaM
Monday 18/06, 11:29

I would probably join the Riots and help Archimedes improve his zeppelin.

offline Jango_HOA Titan Harbingers of Ares
Thursday 21/06, 13:13

P.s i forgot to answer in the thread hahaha.
I like your ideas guys very interesting.
As for me i will most likely end up with the La Junta or the Sentinels working on their aircrafts. As much as i wanted to see the dominions. So ill just buy a dozen of #Valhalla dolls and bring them to Andy Ld to play with and also to encourage those kids. That life if anything is wonderful, so keep that chin up.
I feel like ill also be a regular on the bar, since i feel like ill try Courting Brittany ( with the permission of Charlie ofc) and probably spend the rest of my days on the beach of Ulu Watu drinking with Grandpa Chan and Lady Naliah

offline Lady Cereza Colossus KEEP THE SMILE 2017
Thursday 21/06, 13:27

Leader definitely the leader clan because I am more of a lone wolf and I really want to bring change to the world and I am not one to back down from a fight so yeah that is the clan I would choose. smiley

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