offline 0 RainingWolf Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Saturday 20/01, 00:39

I have 0 xp versions of striker cr
sum sam cr
shawoman cr
manon mt
scarlett mt
uchtul cr
thaumaturge cr
ombre cr
ambrose cr
berserkergirl cr
ndololo cr
aldebaran cr
reine cr
melissa cr
jim cr
armanda cr
rass cr

looking to trade them for max xp versions+compliment.

PM me your offers

P.S. I don't like holding onto 0 xp cards so if you're the only person that wants the 0 xp version of a certain card by next friday the 26th I am willing to trade my 0 xp version for the max xp version without compliment.

P.P.S. if more than 1 person wants to trade for the same card I will notify all A.S.A.P.

offline Shekom Colossus ELITE NATION
Saturday 20/01, 14:59

Scarlett Mt 0XP for Kiki Cr full + 2M?

offline Shekom Colossus ELITE NATION
Sunday 21/01, 17:33

The market is changing... i offer now your Scarlett Mt 0XP for my Kiki Cr full (or 0 XP)

offline Shekom Colossus ELITE NATION
Sunday 21/01, 23:43

No answer

offer cancelled

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