available Dr_Sigmund Moderator Deus eX Machina
Saturday 20/01, 20:56

Happy Chemi-birthday

Hi all! I have my birthday on 21st of January, I will be 26 years old smiley To celebrate I organise this lottery, where one lucky player will have the chance to boost his Nightmare collection with some nice cards:

Bill, Candy Jack, Cell, Christopher, Crowen, Crunchy, Cybil, DJ Korps, Dragomir, Ghumbo, Hubert, Ielena, Kolos cr, Magenta, Mawpin, Miss Pandora, Mojo, Nerfeniti, Nistarok, Orlok, Ozzy, Pan, Pandora, Phillips, Proffer Man, Sargh, Selene, Seth, Timmy, Vince

Only two days to join!
Have fun,

Happy Chemi-birthday

available RK-Mystic Colossus The Royal Knights
Sunday 21/01, 09:09

Have a happy birthday dude!

available Dr_Sigmund Moderator Deus eX Machina
Sunday 21/01, 09:54

@EA-Mystic: Thank you! smiley

Last day to join
Happy Chemi-birthday

offline EA-Tabz Veteran Elysium Aether
Sunday 21/01, 15:28

Happy birthday, have a great one!

offline yag-yag Hero Peenoise Republic
Monday 22/01, 12:08

I wanna join! huhuhu

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