Wednesday 08/07/2009, 12:08

Kerry has finally found a way to wake up Copper and Zlatar’s other victims who are still fast asleep in their cocoons. But she’s missing a vital ingredient that Dayton and Coby must urgently go and find. Read here the first episode of Dayton and Coby's Pillz Hunt.

Thursday 09/07/2009, 09:58

It's not Sentinel card I think , anyway, hopefully there is new Rescue card

Thursday 09/07/2009, 10:21

I dont think a Rescue is coming yet with Vinny earlier...
a Roots, Jungo or Pussycats will be a more probable release...

setting that aside, the aunt could still be released alongside
other clans like a 1 Sentinel, 1 Roots, 1 Pussycats, 1 Jungo
or 1 Sentinel, 1 Roots, 2 Jungo... or a mix of those...

Thursday 09/07/2009, 10:41

Was i the only one noticing the "rainbow pillz"?

Thursday 09/07/2009, 13:20

Well they had to give them a name ...

Thursday 09/07/2009, 14:23

If you go on Vholt's comment's some person put that the leader's had a connection to another clan. (example: Bridget might of been in Rescue and Vansaar must of been in La Junta).

Thursday 09/07/2009, 18:42

So if the Leaders are representatives of different clans (which actually makes sense), where do Ambre, Eklore, and Vholt fit in? and @ LawLess Chaoz: Coby just has an afro Puff instead of the dreads/twists/whatever kind of hair he has in the artwork.

Friday 10/07/2009, 02:32

Vholt- sakrolm

I would've been real happy NOT seeing Dayton and Coby in tight clothes. smiley

Friday 10/07/2009, 07:44

Hmm, I thought Ambre was Nightmare and Eklore was GHEIST.

Saturday 11/07/2009, 02:04

Ambre might of been in Pussycats and Eklore might of had been in Nightmare, as well as Bridget was in Rescue. ironicly enough those clan's have female leaders.

Saturday 11/07/2009, 02:37

I just makin guesses. I could see Eklore in GHEIST or Nightmare. Most of Ambre's arts look got an African witchdoctor thing going on. Maybe an african tribe is gonna be the next clan to come out.


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