offline _wise_ Titan the courtyard of shadows
Monday 27/07/2009, 12:52

The very first card you ever bought...mine was cyan

offline Burn- Novice  
Sunday 25/10/2009, 20:14

Mickey T

offline KayyJayyZy Veteran  
Sunday 25/10/2009, 22:05

Dolly Level 3 - bought from AjaKos - 120 Clintz lol

offline KayyJayyZy Veteran  
Sunday 25/10/2009, 22:09

My second was platinum and my 3rd was meyen

offline (CHAOS) Novice  
Sunday 25/10/2009, 22:18

MC Decay
i wish i remember why i bought him

offline CHR0 Titan  
Sunday 25/10/2009, 22:21

Natrang Level 2 - bought from duke togo - 216 Clintz.

offline darkone178 Guru  
Sunday 25/10/2009, 22:44

Lol the first card i bought was cell
at the time i thought he was awesome

offline Pingerz Guru aussie crusaders
Sunday 25/10/2009, 23:42


offline Mike Kage Veteran  
Monday 26/10/2009, 00:29

First card bought was Giovanni
First card bought I STILL USE was Spiaghi

offline kooldudebb Guru URBAN MADNESS
Monday 26/10/2009, 00:46

Svelthlana lvl 3 149 clintz and I was happy because i won alot of fights with her

offline Trioxin245 Imperator  
Monday 26/10/2009, 01:37

Dolly Level 3 - bought from HL-GA 92-EvO - 105 Clintz.

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