offline Coure Guru FairPlayers
Saturday 29/07/2006, 13:01

Maybe a thread for ELO or tournament matches. For example ICE-Kirby left the game after the 3rd round when it was obvious he/she was going to lose. I, for one, will not play him/her again

offline Coure Guru FairPlayers
Saturday 29/07/2006, 13:07

Quickly followed by Ramdoula, again 3rd round. And surprise, he/she is 5th on the leaderboard. Surely this is cheating

offline _HvD_ Imperator  
Saturday 29/07/2006, 22:10


offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 30/07/2006, 22:04

Cairne10 Top ranked German Player. Lost in the first round of a tourney against me and timed out because he knew I was going to win.

offline A Ravenshadow Veteran The Gathering
Monday 31/07/2006, 23:11

Not a ELO player, but "MaikaVi" let the game time out on the last round when it could have been a win either way. VERY annoying >.<

I seem to have been getting slow or 'time out' games all day smiley

offline MiLK.TnC Veteran Tea
Tuesday 01/08/2006, 17:58

I suppose the smiley next to your name is supposed to solve this... lets hope.

offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 01/08/2006, 20:42

It's not so far. 3z3ki3l in the 3rd round 4 (him) 3 me (with him having no pillz) and me 4 pillz timed out knowing he was going to lose.

offline Lonith Hero  
Thursday 03/08/2006, 05:09

Marthins is another person that will time out.
I challenged him and it was in the 3rd round. He was up 10 to 8, I had 2 lvl 1 Rebecca cards left to play with no pills he had 8 pills and 2 Maxed cards. He would have won the battle but he timed out.

I then re challenged him right after that battle. Again in the 3rd round. This time I was up 10 to 8 I had a Maxed Havok and a Maxed Hugo with no pillz and he had a lvl 2 Timber and a lvl 2 Xia Leming. I would have won that battle. I challenged him the second time to see if he had connection or computer problems, and I say he just times out when he thinks he can't win. At least my cards that did fight got there xp.

offline Lonith Hero  
Thursday 03/08/2006, 05:11

Anzvietbo2791 challenged me and never picked his first card and timed out. I'll try to challenge him again and see if he will time out again or just he/she was having problems.

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