offline Fraggle Titan  
Monday 31/07/2006, 15:35

The guild listing now show you more informations about the guild, and the ordering is now based on more "interresting" values smiley

offline *TG*chronic Hero  
Monday 31/07/2006, 17:44

Wut kind of stuff.

offline Kupofather Imperator Moogle Mafia
Tuesday 01/08/2006, 13:17

Ugh... It took me 20 minutes to find my guild...

Which is incredibly sad... and how accurate is it? It says weve got 2000 total battle points... yet there are over 100 of us... <_< >_>


offline Fraggle Titan  
Tuesday 01/08/2006, 13:51

An -average- of 2000 battles points.
You can order the list in whatever way you want using the table header.

offline Kedanna Titan Immortals Souls
Tuesday 01/08/2006, 16:45

I love the improvements, keep up the good work! Like Kupofather, I'm sad my guild is so far down.

offline Kupofather Imperator Moogle Mafia
Tuesday 08/08/2006, 01:47

OH! its an average? That sucks... but explains a lot too.

I think id like it better if it was a total smiley heheh

offline DK_Boglin Veteran  
Friday 11/08/2006, 03:12

Hmm but kinda neat meaning guild quality rather than quantity.

offline Kupofather Imperator Moogle Mafia
Wednesday 16/08/2006, 23:28

Of course, but i always prefer quantity. More people to talk to smiley
And i like what you guys just did to organize the guilds! Looks very snazzy!

I cant believe my clan has 300 thousand points though.. that crazy.

offline Kupofather Imperator Moogle Mafia
Friday 25/08/2006, 14:46

Ugh. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! I cant find my clan to save my life now on the guilds list.
Could you add a search for clan? Because i dont feel like paging through 6-7 pages looking for my clan...

offline Fraggle Titan  
Friday 25/08/2006, 14:48

Go to your profil, the link to you guild is just there.

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