offline 0Chikko Cr EV Titan  
Monday 09/07/2007, 13:38

I'm mostly interested in DJ Korr Cr, Sum Sam Cr, Guru Cr, Kiki Cr, General Cr and Lyse Teria Cr.

I have lots of cards to trade, just waiting you to contact me.

Pls, if possible, besides posting here, also give me a private message (for faster communication).

Some cards i have for trade:

15 x Thaumaturge Cr
7 x Selsya Cr
6 x Miss Chloe
6 x Hikiyousan
5 x Clara
4 x Estalt
3 x Erika
3 x Ombre Cr
3 x Miss Twice
3 x Skullface Cr
3 x Beltran Cr
2 x Havok
2 x Armand
2 x Macumba
2 x Morphun
2 x Don
2 x Tanaereva
2 x Wee Lee
2 x Swidz
2 x Lost Hog
2 x Gwen
2 x Jim Cr
1 x Ielena
1 x Ambre
1 x Gertrud
1 x Bryan
1 x Dragan Cr
1 x Bridget
1 x Rosa
1 x Gaia
1 x Hugo
1 x Rubie
1 x Kinjo
1 x Vladimir
1 x Eve
1 x Zdrone
1 x Dolores Boss

and others

offline _King of ki_ Novice  
Friday 13/07/2007, 06:07

I'll give you 500 clintz for bryan and Havok smiley

offline daavii_ Veteran  
Friday 13/07/2007, 10:37

Well i heave dragan cr and i want kinjo,murphon,armand and hugo. Deal?

offline hHsd Novice  
Friday 13/07/2007, 13:39

Can i buy zdrone for 1000 clintz?
plz reply

offline 0Chikko Cr EV Titan  
Friday 13/07/2007, 14:04

Ok, we'll discuss on private smiley

offline hHsd Novice  
Saturday 14/07/2007, 03:52

Ok put it today on private sale now

offline 0Chikko Cr EV Titan  
Saturday 14/07/2007, 09:15

Sorry Dark, but my message was for Dauvadoblack... i forgot to mention smiley

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