offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Tuesday 08/09/2009, 10:14

We've already told you that we were going to see how things would be going with the secret voting system about possible changes in ELO mode. And that's exactly what we’ve done.

Firstly, we’ve decided to leave the voting system as it is. It works well and should work even better in the future with characters banned thanks to votes.

We've checked voting results and the most frequently played characters in ELO stats.
We've decided to permanently ban 5 characters: Kolos, Marco, Zatman, Hawk and Ratanah.

Kolos is permanently banned because it was obvious that you did not want him in ELO any more. He’s been banned nearly every weeks since the voting system release and we thought it was pointless to keep on using your votes against him.

Marco, Zatman, Hawk and Ratanah have also been frequently banned by your votes so we thought that these permanent bans would offer a fairer game.
Admittedly Ratanah was banned less often than Shakra but we calculated that her ban would greatly help in reducing the Roots' dominance while still making them playable. Whereas Shakra’s ban would have left the Roots with very strong chances of building powerful half-decks for a reasonable amount of stars.

We didn’t want to ban any All Stars or Piranas (Smokey or Striker, for example) even if they were concentrating a large part of votes. We figured out you would be more free to vote and decide by yourselves which characters need to be remove from ELO.

Have fun !

offline Ponchos shirt Guru Heaven's Drift
Tuesday 08/09/2009, 10:30

Well... This is odd..

I can understand Kolos being gone.. But these others, overpowered they may be, still seem a bit odd..

Marco is the one with "support +1 power" I think.. I Geuss because of his high power and ability to get a SUPER high power then its decent enough to ban him..

I REALLY wish zatman was not permabanned again.. I liked seeing him, and he was the only "strong" card for uppers.. I mean they dont have a whole lot of good 3*s to chose from..

Hawk.. Scary card here, with you guys gimping the other clans how you are Sentinal's would have become HORRIFIC!!! (I am already scared of that clan!)

I have to say though.. The whole banning of Ratanah was BRILLIANT!!!!

You gimp out the whole "roots" thing but not by a whole lot!! I mean we still have shakra BUT hes a 5 star and I would SO prefer ratanah to him!!!

I think I am mostly pleased with the ratanah ban.. The others are a bit iffy to me but can be justified easily.. And as for Kolos.. I have never faced one in my life, thanks for saving the votes on him! ^.^ (Although now I think Nightmare might be super-gimped.. True they have Kenny but a 6/3 with SOA weakness?.. 6 power is just not scary anymore!)

offline Silverton Legend  
Tuesday 08/09/2009, 10:30

My elo deck is ruined now......I guess I have to come up with some new ideas.

offline HK_Aniki Guru  
Tuesday 08/09/2009, 10:38

Woooo ELo's in the gutter smiley
i dont think any of those cards deserved a permanent ban

Kolos - easy to beat if you have a -power dr soa or even attack manipulation only a threat to people who cant work out how to beat him.

Marco - well no real point in banning him seeing as theres sledg although i guess where you're coming from.

Zatman - Well he was perma banned before and now again!! Lets all say goodbye to Uppers from elo because lets face it without him the clan suffers.

Ratanah - the only decent 4* for roots and she gets banned hmmmm this sucks imho what are we supposed to use inplace of her!

Hawk - as soon as copper gets banned this means no go for sentinels,

so so far you've killed Roots Uppers And possibly sentinels

And yet theres still smokey *YAY* smiley

Personally i think this was a bad decision !

offline Bemmoth Titan  
Tuesday 08/09/2009, 10:48

Hah. These rules don't effect me. I don't use any of 'em. xD

offline Divine_Light Hero  
Tuesday 08/09/2009, 10:57


offline Divine_Light Hero  
Tuesday 08/09/2009, 11:03

I was expecting shakra to be banned becasue of soa+sob(courage)
but ratanah i know she is good but wasnt expecting her

offline V3ctor Colossus Galaxy rivals
Tuesday 08/09/2009, 11:05

Bye Marco and Zatman! It was nice to have you in ELO for a while smiley

Well, I think that 3/5 or maybe even 4/5 really deserved to be baned!

Ratanah - Trust me, I myself am a Roots player. I love playing them in ELO, and Ratanah was indeed a bit over the top! 8 power was already a lot, give her SOA, attack manipulation (-4 opp attack is powerful, even if it doesn't seem at first) and 5 damage and you get a powerhouse! Ban deserved!

Hawk - I hated seeing him in my opponent's hand! What I hated to see more? Hawk and Cooper or Hawk and Lehane! Ban 100% deserved in my opinion!

Zatman - He is broken and the ban is deserved! The problem is that his clan, Uppers, is really weak without him... I would like to see a 3 star Uppers card that comes a little bit closer to Zatman than Rubie or Oxen... 8/2; Revenge/Confidence: Damage +3 would work pretty good!

Marco - I don't think he deserved the ban! Honestly, 5 base power? Striker, Alexei, Yayoi and almost all the usable Roots and GHEIST cards simply destroy him!

Kolos - This is where I'm having a problem! I don't know if this card should be banned or not! Sure, he is easily stopped by SOA and DRs kinda stop his main usefulness! But on the other hand, when he faces DRs, he still has MASSIVE damage and who says you have to fury Kolos? Isn't 10 damage enough? Unfortunately, it is... So, I'm going to say he deserves the ban, but I'm not sure...

Overall, I like this modification! smiley
Don't kill me if you don't agree! smiley

offline pl91 Master URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 08/09/2009, 11:06

You are just ruining the elo with these bans!!!

offline Skittish Colossus Open Casket
Tuesday 08/09/2009, 11:10

Im slightly dissapointed with this but i will manage to get around it.
Sad to see Zatman be banned again, he made the uppers ELO playable again for a short time, the rest could be seen as fair. But kolos i dont think impacted the game that much, people just banned him for the sake of it, all of the lower lvl players who are new and have had to face kolos would most likely be the ones who banned him.
Im Glad Ratanah is gone, hopefully will lower the roots chances.
hawk was my second fav sent, but i guess copper aint bad

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