offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Tuesday 08/09/2009, 10:14

We've already told you that we were going to see how things would be going with the secret voting system about possible changes in ELO mode. And that's exactly what we’ve done.

Firstly, we’ve decided to leave the voting system as it is. It works well and should work even better in the future with characters banned thanks to votes.

We've checked voting results and the most frequently played characters in ELO stats.
We've decided to permanently ban 5 characters: Kolos, Marco, Zatman, Hawk and Ratanah.

Kolos is permanently banned because it was obvious that you did not want him in ELO any more. He’s been banned nearly every weeks since the voting system release and we thought it was pointless to keep on using your votes against him.

Marco, Zatman, Hawk and Ratanah have also been frequently banned by your votes so we thought that these permanent bans would offer a fairer game.
Admittedly Ratanah was banned less often than Shakra but we calculated that her ban would greatly help in reducing the Roots' dominance while still making them playable. Whereas Shakra’s ban would have left the Roots with very strong chances of building powerful half-decks for a reasonable amount of stars.

We didn’t want to ban any All Stars or Piranas (Smokey or Striker, for example) even if they were concentrating a large part of votes. We figured out you would be more free to vote and decide by yourselves which characters need to be remove from ELO.

Have fun !

offline Bilbo1_OC Titan Open Casket
Wednesday 02/06/2010, 12:44

I am fairly certain that Kolos was ELO illegal before the voting system came into effect - but I could be wrong.

Either way, as far as ELO players are concerned Kolos is broken - it removes strategy if you have him and 1 hit KO

offline TheTopHat Veteran  
Wednesday 02/06/2010, 12:44

Rescue is better than montana, why? montana has to pill at least 1 to beat rescue
rescue is better than other clans if played, why? because the get to pill atleast from 1-2 pillz to beat you without pill.. so they'll have advantage.

that's why marco should be banned

offline vexedvox Titan  
Wednesday 02/06/2010, 14:02

@hunt: Kolos was banned by votes almost every week; similar to how caelus is now

perhaps we're looking at the bannings the wrong way. I have a theory (bear with me): I think everyone agrees SOA is king in ELO. As a result, many people view some bannings as uneccesary since SOA destroys the card. I think some of the bans may be just as much about altering the metagame as much as about the card's individual strength. Lets look at the Marco vs Bodenpower discussion. If Marco was loose that would encourage even more people to play SOA decks; whereas bodenpower actually may discourage SOA play since he will just overpower them. This would explain the banning of one and not the other. This would also somewhat justify caelus still being free since his presence further discourages SOA decks. Plus, Skeelz was created with seemingly no other purpose than to lessen the dominance of SOA. Some of the other key bannings are powerful SOA cards: Hawk, Jackie, Ratanah.

This is all clearly speculation, and maybe just wishful thinking, on my part; but, surely i'm not the only one who gets tired of seeing nothing but gheist once i hit 1300. If i haven'talready lost you i probably will her: I'd actually like to see rolph and toro permabanned. Gheist would still be upper tier with wardom and methane, just note overly dominate as they are now. Just my 2 cents smiley

offline PriMinizZzTA Colossus TrAitorzZz
Wednesday 02/06/2010, 17:25

A perma ban of Toro is enough to get Gheist to a reaonable size from where they are now
( takin in consideration how much much: stop: ability -cards are hitting the streets these days)
Plus banning all leaders from Elo would certainly also enable people to get with more usefull cards to
ban every once in a while, as the waves of votes keep comming and are taking bites not chunks out of the ELo type of play.

Banning Caelus perma i wouldnt advice since he has the same thing going on as Sylth and Shakra
People will allow it for one week have a blast , while others have a bummerweek and its done again for a couple of weeks
that roulette is nice for elo play. Though he is very powerfull with his ability to get a 1:2 pill count for the opponent
when he isnt faced with attack man. or power reducing like Allstars.

The girl Marina deserves it all the more , being a substitute from Weelee and Tanae , she is just to good and really makes All stars big. in comparison to Striker she is stronger in power and thus a better bluff in combination with her DR ability.

offline gcttirth Master Fair Tigers
Wednesday 02/06/2010, 19:43

I think no cards / clans are overpowered now, every deck , every card , every plan have COUNTER ATTACK smiley

offline milenk0 Legend  
Thursday 03/06/2010, 20:25

WTH Toro is now banned smiley that was the only GG card which would pull a Gheist deck up, Anibal is no where near to replace him urgh. Where is that voting poll btw ?? or do you just vote here ?

offline Z_BZ Guru  
Friday 04/06/2010, 06:33

Go to .........................THE GAME.......................then Elo......................and then Elo format election..........
You can only vote if you have played last week's Elo and scored over 1050 I believe.........

offline hunt11N Hero  
Friday 04/06/2010, 09:50

So then if Caleus is banned as much as Kolos was then why hasn't he been perma banned?

offline AGPrinz Titan The BeSharps
Friday 04/06/2010, 10:03

Calceus and striker need a ban. Morphun could probably used one too.

offline crUSAder_ Guru  
Friday 15/10/2010, 09:33

How old are these posts?? both smokey cr and striker are perma banned now

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