offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Tuesday 08/09/2009, 10:14

We've already told you that we were going to see how things would be going with the secret voting system about possible changes in ELO mode. And that's exactly what we’ve done.

Firstly, we’ve decided to leave the voting system as it is. It works well and should work even better in the future with characters banned thanks to votes.

We've checked voting results and the most frequently played characters in ELO stats.
We've decided to permanently ban 5 characters: Kolos, Marco, Zatman, Hawk and Ratanah.

Kolos is permanently banned because it was obvious that you did not want him in ELO any more. He’s been banned nearly every weeks since the voting system release and we thought it was pointless to keep on using your votes against him.

Marco, Zatman, Hawk and Ratanah have also been frequently banned by your votes so we thought that these permanent bans would offer a fairer game.
Admittedly Ratanah was banned less often than Shakra but we calculated that her ban would greatly help in reducing the Roots' dominance while still making them playable. Whereas Shakra’s ban would have left the Roots with very strong chances of building powerful half-decks for a reasonable amount of stars.

We didn’t want to ban any All Stars or Piranas (Smokey or Striker, for example) even if they were concentrating a large part of votes. We figured out you would be more free to vote and decide by yourselves which characters need to be remove from ELO.

Have fun !

offline GWNDemonFangs Novice Great White North
Thursday 10/09/2009, 04:10

Most people are happy or sad of this because the big popular staple decks are gone. CYA CLONE DECKS! Be a little more innovative. Just too bad some other cards will be kinda "Perma" banned just because some other cards that are not so used are gone...

offline American Dude Colossus  
Thursday 10/09/2009, 04:28

After reading all these post one word comes to mind.....Backlash

offline Milly_tp Colossus THE_POWER
Thursday 10/09/2009, 05:02

@AE_wolfangs.... you think that Zatman is less broken then Hawk and Ratanah?
If you look at stats Zatman is way better at 3* then Ratanah and Hawk are at 4 and 5* and also Zatman can be used at all 3 lvls. Hawk and Ratanah can't be. Zatman was way more broken then any of the other cards banned....especially for his star count.

offline TnT_Mathwiz Imperator  
Thursday 10/09/2009, 05:18

Uppers just needs a good new 2* or 3* reinforcement in the next couple weeks

offline GWNDemonFangs Novice Great White North
Thursday 10/09/2009, 06:12

Zatman is also the only good card that could keep the Uppers from going down. Now Dorian is the only 8 power card for Uppers and most of them don't go over 6 power. Well Zatman, Ratanah all have similar stats. The only difference, other than the bonus, is that for each growing star, they get +1 dmg (4,5 and 6 in order). Zatman isn't broken, it's a pretty good card, 8/4 is really common amongs all 3 stars and the little -4 min 1 is a nice add, but in my opinion, if you can't learn to play around cards, you can't call yourself a real player.

Dont get me wrong, I know that Zatman is THE Wall (well after Lehane of course). Well speaking of Lehane, no one find her too powerful, most just bitch Zatman, one of the last pillar of the Uppers. Maybe cause she is only 2 damages. Well, in my own, Zatman shouldn't be banned, for the sake of the Uppers.

Hawk is a wall in a clan with a lot of 7-8 powers
Ratanah is the only good 4 stars of the Roots, argue as you want, Amanie and Lily just don't do it for me.
Oh the uppers got Oxen and rubie, it can still be enough, but we lack the good a card that is really reliable.

available NF_Jonossion Colossus Norwegian Fighters
Thursday 10/09/2009, 15:57

I think all of the cards that is now permanent banned should be banned forever except Marco. Sledg is better than him, and he is almost a waste of 5* against SOA. So Marco doesn't deserve to be banned. But cards like Zatman, Kolos, Ratanah and Hawk deserved to be banned. They are too overpowered

offline Milly_tp Colossus THE_POWER
Thursday 10/09/2009, 18:46

A new release can fix the uppers. Zatman is overpowered... yes you can play around him, but it is so boring playing against him every match because he was the best card for elo. I agree lehane should have been banned instead of Hawk. just because he helps uppers does NOT mean he is not broken. New releases can fix that and help the uppers. just look at what the release of hawk did to sentinel which also was a dead clan at the time.

offline St3f Guru  
Thursday 10/09/2009, 19:02


Really the rescues are ovrpowered

They dont fear sob:Marco Lea Sledg Kerry
Soa: Vinny Glosh Sledg (Lea Kerry if roots and Gheist
And they have the best bonus in the game. They also have a lot of high damage cards Like Kerry Marco Sledg Aurora Ghoub Alec etc

And a lot more so tell me wasn fair the ban of Marco?

offline FAST IS FUN Guru Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 10/09/2009, 19:27

A new release can "fix" Uppers? Excuse me while I giggle like a schoolgirl. Any card that could replace Zatman in ELO ends up supplementing Jackie and Zatman in tournament play, which will knock that environment even further off center. I expect to see middling to poor cards for the Uppers, like Jody, for the foreseeable future. That's not necessarily a bad thing. FPC and Freaks have been non-factors in ELO for over a year now. Now they'll finally have some company in the ELO dustbin!

offline 87Belfast Senior  
Thursday 10/09/2009, 19:36

I Would;nt say that, i reckon FPC and freaks will get some good cards, and become regulars for ELO.

As for uppers, i think they're time has passed.

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