offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Friday 04/08/2006, 15:48

Hello everyone,

Many new things today:

[FIX] a bug concerning sponsorship has been corrected
[FIX] fixed many little bug while searching for someone in the ranking
[CHANGE] the menu link to the ranking now points to this month ranking by default (to be consistent with the top 10 of the month)
[CHANGE] the sponsorship link in the menu has been moved to your profile page
[NEW] level 10 is required to create a guild
[NEW] level 5 is required to join a guild
[NEW] if you postulate for a guild but if you are not yet accepted, there is now a link on your profile
[NEW] you can now browse your market purchase history
[NEW] ordering criteria are now saved when you change lists in the market
[NEW] you can now search for a player from your profile page
[NEW] your clintz account is now displayed on your profile page
[NEW] you can now choose between various number of characters to be displayed per page

Enjoy your week end!

offline Kedanna Titan  
Sunday 06/08/2006, 05:59

Was the match time out speed changed? It seems like you look away for 20 seconds and the match times out, I did it twice today and everyone knows how I feel on that subject.

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Sunday 06/08/2006, 06:55

Nope, but you are not the first one to tell me that. We are looking into it.

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