Friday 02/10/2009, 11:58

Hello all,

A new mean of payment is available for players living in Philippines, Brazil, Turkey and Israel.
You can purchase credits with Ultimate Game Cards.

You will find Ultimate Game Cards in these shops :

Philippines : Load Central
Brazil : E-PREPAG
Turkey : üyelikal
Israel : Storm

Have fun

Friday 17/12/2010, 20:55

Bring it To England =P Hmv or Tesco pl0x

Saturday 25/12/2010, 03:54

How much is 2 ugc's worth?

Sunday 26/12/2010, 14:28

I mean.. i cant see you on the E-PREPAG site..

Monday 27/12/2010, 04:04

How many credits will 500php give me? Coz im off to netopia to buy some =) pls reply ASAP thanks

Monday 27/12/2010, 05:32

@fz - i think 50 creds.

Tuesday 28/12/2010, 20:17

Get stuff like this in UK plz lol I never thought I would be the dude doing this I normally bad mouth ppl wen I see comments like this but...I'm kinda just the same

Friday 06/01/2012, 12:33

How much is 2000 credits in ultimate game card? I am in the philippines, can i buy it for 2,100 pesos please reply

Sunday 08/01/2012, 13:20


I think MOL points is better.. you could access it on load central on any shops here in our country.
Plus it's exchange rate is something like 100 peso = 50 credits something..

If you have 2 100 peso to spend on UR then I'm pretty sure you will get more than 2000 credits from it smiley


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