offline mariaminette Guru  
Friday 20/07/2007, 08:53

Clint City alert!!!! Faced with the rise of criminality in Clint City and the appearance of dangerous new species like
Leviationn the powerful recycled bodyguard of the GHEIST, Sentinels set the bar very high with incorruptible
Miranda from the northern districts and Skiner the famous criminal hunter. While Z3r0 D34d the unscrupulous
hacker joins up with the GHEIST, it's music time at Bangers who welcome Willy, the living legend of funk and BB
Kool G, the cursed rapper.
All these characters are available in the New Blood, Danger and Action packs at the Shop.

offline Memento Mori Titan Open Casket
Wednesday 25/07/2007, 11:57

I think the bonus makes Miranda better than Beetenka

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Clint City, night.