offline TDDP Imperator  
Friday 27/07/2007, 17:02

Hii guys i want someone sell zatman to me for something like the 3000 or in trade like for rosa or something so...plaease!

offline Narkomando Novice  
Saturday 28/07/2007, 21:26

XD you are realy stupid if you think anyone will do thet :S

offline TDDP Imperator  
Sunday 29/07/2007, 12:28

Shut you have it?

offline Baron WMD Master  
Monday 30/07/2007, 01:17

XXxTcExXx your reply was spam on this message board. TDDP posted his desired trade with specific terms which is better than most other players. Your reply was rude and an attack on TDDP that was uncalled for. You should consider that there are over 100,000 players in this game and multiple copies of the Zatman card. While the proposed trade may not be something that you would do, someone else might be willing.

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