offline Z4KALW3 Hero  
Monday 16/11/2009, 09:08

(please do not post in this thread until all parts have been added)

This is a guide that focuses on the very basics of deck building. The stickies here aren't really comprehensive enough when it comes to covering what a new player should look for. Hopefully this will be a lot more helpful to confused newbies. smiley


1. Star Values
2. Before You start to Build
3. Building A Balanced Deck
4. Advanced Deck Building Techniques
5. What's Next?

offline GarionKaiser Imperator Organized Konfusion
Sunday 17/01/2010, 03:15

Need some help, i just played this game for less than a week and i would like some opinions on my deck:,
Luba lvl3, Leo lvl3, Myke lvl3, Vansaar lvl3, Amy lvl3, Carlos lvl3, Rebecca lvl2, Zdrone lvl4.

i only bought Amy and Luba, I'm thinking of buying Sting (Piranus) and Cyan (Piranus)... or should i strengthen my Sentinel deck first cause i'm thinking of removing Carlos. or should i go for Piranus overall? (my starter is Sentinel and LaJunta)

Last question, is Montanna the most OP deck?

offline R1pp3R1 Veteran  
Sunday 24/01/2010, 12:42

Awesome guide, thanks

offline jae the demon Master  
Monday 25/01/2010, 22:01

Omg!!! i wish i would of found this like a couple months ago when i was a newbie. i wish i knew we had a message board earlier also

offline Mr Viggz Veteran the courtyard of shadows
Monday 25/01/2010, 23:30

Good Guide. I too wish I found it earlier. I learned most of this stuff the hard way, and I could of saved a lot of time reading this guide. Kudos.

offline oasiss101 Senior Narutos Yellow Flash
Wednesday 24/02/2010, 04:07

I dont earn much clintz. Wats the easiest way to earn them? (im a biggener) (im only 7)

offline URMasterX Hero  
Thursday 25/02/2010, 07:54

Can u help me build a pirana deck right now im using andsom hawkins noel kristin scub sliman trey tula and tyd what card should i add and what card should i remove...please reply need help badly...

offline sljm_BD Master  
Sunday 28/02/2010, 16:20

Hey man. Thanks for all this. But I would like to know if a half deck of Ulu Watu and Piranas/Nightmare will ne a strong combo? advise? And if yes, which is better? Nightmare or Piranas for half deck?

offline Z4KALW3 Hero  
Monday 01/03/2010, 13:18

If you guys want more advice, please PM me. I forget to check here. I'll be happy to help any way I can.

available Thacod Titan Open Casket
Saturday 27/03/2010, 21:16

You should probably get rid of Hawkins Noel and put in Cyan. She's a great card with 7 power, and her ability is damage = damage opp, so the same damage as your opponent. Say you use this against, ummm... lets say Timber, and you use 6 pillz, you could beat him without a hitch, and have a great damage done to them. Hope that helped!

offline Zee Deveel Master  
Thursday 01/04/2010, 15:55

Hey there I'm a noob who doesnt plan on buying clintz so currently I am trying to build a deck with la junta and sentinel. I have a very limited budget (I can get around 1000clintz everyday) and i can sell only 1 character a day. I'm thinking of switching sentinel with another clan but I'm not sure which to choose. So my current deck is: Archibald, Chiro, Leo, Hugo, Carlos, Dayton, Luis, and Owen. So if im not bothering u so much can u tell me:
1. What clan is best with La Junta
2. What characters do u suggest for the other clan(around 1000 to 2500 pls smiley)
3. What characters shud I change in La Junta and with who ("smiley
4. What do u suggest that I can replace my characters efficiently

Thanks smiley
-annoying nub

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