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Monday 16/11/2009, 09:08

(please do not post in this thread until all parts have been added)

This is a guide that focuses on the very basics of deck building. The stickies here aren't really comprehensive enough when it comes to covering what a new player should look for. Hopefully this will be a lot more helpful to confused newbies. smiley


1. Star Values
2. Before You start to Build
3. Building A Balanced Deck
4. Advanced Deck Building Techniques
5. What's Next?

offline Filkin Senior  
Sunday 01/05/2011, 22:03


Jungo Fun!

offline Kise2-HW Hero humanoid weapons
Tuesday 03/05/2011, 03:35

Why did everyone start posting decks

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Monday 09/05/2011, 17:10

I found that timber (leader) works well with a mono setnal deck as it means that you get +8 damege with the setnals and damege +1 to thear helth

i hope this will help and im sorry about the bad spelling/gramer

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Tuesday 31/05/2011, 19:10


offline 69 Breakers Legend  
Monday 20/06/2011, 18:53

@ 63: you must mean Sentinel
Their bonus is +8 attack, not +8 damages smiley
They would own the game otherwise. And they're pretty expensive, so you'd better start off with the Montana

To stick with the topic, a pretty solid deck contains:
- at least a SoA (Stop Ability)
- a SoB (Stop Bonus)
- a damage reducer.
- 8 cards, no more.
- one or two clans, sometimes ONE Leader (to get the clan bonus as much as possible),

The leader should be fit for the clan you use. When you own Timber, Hugo and Vansaar at first,
Timber for La Junta and Fang Pi Clan - Hugo for most of the other clans, especially with attack and power modifiers bonuses - Vansaar for Training

To start things off, you'd better stick to not so expensive cards, that provides you all I mentioned before.
Montana with Hugo are especially good since Hugo gives your characters +6 attack and trust me, going above 8 attack with a Montana without pillz is just the best.

A not so expensive deck - you'll have to play well to win though because those cards don't inflict many damages (or try Timber instead of Hugo - but let me tell you it's not a good idea smiley ):
Hugo / Tino / Aniki / Murphy / Simon / Ace / Milovan / Vito - 5k Clintz -

No SoB nor damage reducer though, because they're a bit expensive.
If you find Murphy/Vito too expensive, try to get Bella Ld/Filomena instead. Prince Jr is pretty good too.

offline Rokkette Senior  
Tuesday 28/06/2011, 01:48

Is Rebecca a good starting card against someone who's deck is only Pussycats?

offline sharpspike Senior  
Sunday 24/07/2011, 05:43

Im rlly sorry but i didnt read all the previous post so if someone already said something similar im sorry

so i guess its the sort of person u are, im a person who wants just wants a good lifegap so jungos and freaks together have the poison for the enemy and healing for me working together so its helpful, before i had my main jungo deck that had some rlly good people like buba and boohma whos abilitys are BUILT fot that sort of deck, but arent as helpful when its not i know i cant really say much for the rest of the good teams (or i THINK would be good) becuz i hadnt tried them, a team that could cancel bonus or ability (like gheist and nightmarei think theres a card whos ability and bonus canel out both of the opponents moves) i dont know if this will be helpful so i hope u liked it!

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Wednesday 27/07/2011, 15:59

@ Sharpspike

I'm relatively new to UR but have a reasonably good eye for deck and card patterns/synergy.
I started out with Sakrohm and was great then I was lucky enough to get some excellent Jungo cards in a booster (Askai and Adler in 1 pack) and Nyema and Scopica in another pack.
At first I played mono Jungo but they were owned by SOB so I needed cards with abilities similar to Nyema's.
Sakrohm has Juantya and Wakai and Murray are cheap in cost and stars and they offer immediate life at high enough power to make them viable.
The Sakrohm Attack manipulation bonus is incredibly with making sure that Wakai, Murray and Juantya gets through and 2/3 is not too bad.

You can check it out on the presets pages, its called Animaliens.

The reason why I went for a pure +Life deck as opposed to +Life and Poison is that through my deck abilities and clan bonus I am able to get a LifeGap irrespective of SOB or SOA being played.

The biggest change you have to make is your play-style. Don't think Damage, think Life.
The Animaliens deck is not there to deliver damage but to give your life as the player with the most life wins irrespective of the life difference.

The only weakness of LifeGap kind of decks are clans that capitalizes on speed (2 rounds or less) to get damage through hard and fast like Fang Pi Clan with their +2 Damage clan bonus.

Jungo is a great deck and you can not go wrong as a beginner with them.

offline IRockZZ Senior  
Thursday 11/08/2011, 16:03

I have a question here.
i really want to make a duo pack which contains Montana, but i don't know with what another clan i can combine and have a good effect. any suggestions?
also i'm new in this game so i don't can't spend much money on cards.

offline JohnnoM Senior  
Friday 12/08/2011, 04:39

Well what cards are you thinking of in montana, I have a pretty good half deck but its really expensive.

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