offline What-The-Hell Novice  
Thursday 19/11/2009, 21:45

As modt of us know, every 6 months a new clan arrives in clint city, on this thread you should post your ideas to what they could be
eg: skeelz-school freaks-circus sentinel-cops

offline Rusko cr Veteran Only Fools & Horses
Thursday 19/11/2009, 23:44

When is the new clan coming? i cant remember when skeelz were released :S

offline XC 1984 Imperator E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 19/11/2009, 23:53

Office characters?
only theme that hasn't been covered

or the countryside (ruralz)

offline Pimplicious Imperator  
Friday 20/11/2009, 00:31

Mortal KOmbat OMg they need to make this clan
SCorpion baby smiley

offline HK_Aniki Guru  
Friday 20/11/2009, 00:33

Lool how about NO new clans smiley

offline vexedvox Titan  
Friday 20/11/2009, 00:38

This gets posted everytime some does one of these threads, but I still think Clint City Orchestra would be good. There could be some really poor 2 star card of a guy playing a recorder smiley

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Friday 20/11/2009, 00:44

Office=Uppers pretty much
Countryside=roots... a few of them are like that (Billy bob Thorton?) xD

The clan I was pushing for was the long awaited release of the corrupt clint city government, the clint city officials, or CCO for short. Yes, they might be a little like the sentinel, but we all know the cops make up a tiny % of any government

offline OC-Vanity Guru Open Casket
Friday 20/11/2009, 01:59

A clan of plants, imagine just having a giatn apple tree that has 8 power 6 damage SOA Bonus would be something like Revenge: + 3 life

offline KingGinger Novice  
Friday 20/11/2009, 02:30

People from the future?

offline EA-Grimm Guru Elysium Aether
Friday 20/11/2009, 03:10

KingGinger has the right idea.... Medieval...

Clintz Renaissance Clan...


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