offline What-The-Hell Novice  
Thursday 19/11/2009, 21:45

As modt of us know, every 6 months a new clan arrives in clint city, on this thread you should post your ideas to what they could be
eg: skeelz-school freaks-circus sentinel-cops

offline 0 Pride Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 22/02/2012, 06:40

Wizards and witchcrafts clan smiley

offline quexalblaze Hero the night stalkers
Thursday 23/02/2012, 03:06

@ 0 Pride:

That's skeelz buddy. Though no witches and wizards the fact that you mean a clan for gifted individuals then look no further. Actually I lied, Caelus is a wizard, lorna is kind of one (more like magneto though) Greem is a witch and so is Danae. Etc...

offline FaZe Zero Senior  
Thursday 23/02/2012, 11:31

The Gawdz

i know it seems stupid but greek gods !!
Zeus = Lightning
Poiseidon = Water
Hades = Fire and bad stuff
Aphrodite = Love

And image how sick their art would be !!!

offline FEAR_bleustx Titan Peenoise Republic
Thursday 23/02/2012, 17:08

I don't know if somebody had suggested this already.

Since we already have cops - Sentinel. Why don't we have a clan for their prisoners - Cryme? (convicted thieves, serial killers, corrupt politicians, etc) They could escape their cells, during the night, through a secret hole in their dining hall (possibly created by the Vortex to help them mess with the present Clint City.) Vengeance is their sole purpose of escaping. However they must return to their respective cells before the sun rises or else they may risk themselves from a harsh detention by the sents or worse thrown into maximum security. (in this case they became CR.)

If this happens, I bet cards from this clan will have interesting stories and bios. (see Hugo's bio) smiley

available imElated Colossus TRiNiTY
Sunday 26/02/2012, 12:38

Tadpoles the end

offline Gabsaurus Veteran  
Monday 27/02/2012, 22:45

We need guys with armors, swords and shields.

offline Gabsaurus Veteran  
Monday 27/02/2012, 23:34

Or random citizens that want to stop that war. Unfortunately, the rescues and the sentinels are already trying that

offline - Aomine Novice  
Friday 14/09/2012, 03:15

The next clan is realesed in november 4

offline infernowang Novice Working Class Heroes
Friday 14/09/2012, 06:15

I really like the idea of a medieval clan, you would have ogres, dragons, knights, and the LD would have to be the king, just to make it perfect, his last level art would be him sitting on the throne, with his sword by his side...

offline yaoihuntresse Legend Wise Men Distracted
Friday 14/09/2012, 07:27

I'm guessing the next one will be evil given the cycle of new release alignments.

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