offline What-The-Hell Novice   star
Thursday 19/11/2009, 21:45

As modt of us know, every 6 months a new clan arrives in clint city, on this thread you should post your ideas to what they could be
eg: Skeelz-school Freaks-circus Sentinel-cops


offline Milleniumal Novice  
Monday 31/12/2012, 16:53

I saw long time ago the ideea of a clan from crazy serial criminal from an asylum...i would really like to see this implemented in game...and no Berzerk dont count,yes theyre crazy but theyre also mutated...


offline Frowns Titan At the End of the World
Tuesday 01/01/2013, 13:37

A few ideas for bouses:

-25 opp attack min 40

Less than 4 life left: Damage +4

Protection: Power and damage

Defeat: -2 opp pillz min 6

Fury cost: 1 pill (Cards would have to be balanced so that the clan isn't decisively weaker than La Junta or FPC)


offline 0 KILLIC Colossus Time Conquers All
Tuesday 01/01/2013, 15:40

Frowns those bonuses are too OP


offline Thoazol Mediator Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 01/01/2013, 16:58

Frowns, stop necroing threads from last year. You know we hate it.


offline Sasukemystery Guru Harbingers of Ares
Tuesday 01/01/2013, 17:24

People from the future = Vortex

Antartica basically Frozn

Atlantis maybe


offline UM_awilly Colossus URBAN MADNESS starstarstarstar
Tuesday 01/01/2013, 21:33

-2 Opp. Pillz Min. 5

Team: Revenge: -3 Opp Damage MIn. 1

Support: -4 Opp Attack Min. 2


offline rhypher Veteran Non Compos Mentis
Wednesday 02/01/2013, 12:41

What about the opposite of the characters like the one's in the comics "the cauldron"


offline Thoazol Mediator Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 02/01/2013, 21:18

" Team: Revenge: -3 Opp Damage MIn. 1"

So... In mono and on revenge turn you got a -12 opp damage min 1, because there isn't a cap to it?


available TheDoomBug Colossus Limit Break
Thursday 03/01/2013, 01:51

Thaozol, you confused Support with Team. Although, Team is Leader exclusive, so it's still not a valid bonus.


available TheDoomBug Colossus Limit Break
Thursday 03/01/2013, 02:07

Sorry, Thoazol. I just realized how you interpreted it. I was reading the effect differently; each card would have the effect, but only one regardless of how many cards have the bonus.

It would make an interesting Leader, but that's not this thread.


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