offline LoD-ElScumo Master Legion of Doom
Thursday 10/08/2006, 23:19

No one answers any questions that i ever post..I was having trouble with the ELO thing and no one will help me....

I dont get the whole stars having to be less than 25 thing, the stars on the card or what? what other stars are there? and do i have to put ELO by my name or what? Someone please help!!!!!!

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Thursday 10/08/2006, 23:28

It's quite easy actually:
To play ELO you must be level 20 (6 levels to go smiley)
Then you must have a valid deck for elo, meaning you must have a deck that if you add up the yellow stars on the
card (current level of your character), you get to 25 or less and also without doubles, and certains characters
(general, dj korr and kiki, as of now). The whole idea is to make a deck strong enough to crush your enemy (wich is
much more difficult with this limitation smiley)
You don't have to put anything next to your nickname because as soon as you fit the above requirement, you'll
show up with a little "pillz" in the game room, and your current elo level).
ELO is real fun and great way to use strategy when you want to take a break from levelling your cards. smiley
And sure.. there are the prizes, nice collectors cards and rare cards (more on that in "Staff announcement".

offline LoD-ElScumo Master Legion of Doom
Friday 11/08/2006, 01:16

Thanks alot man that really explains it

offline Tyberriuss Senior Spirit
Friday 11/08/2006, 07:52

Fraggle: can't u just copy paste everything u just said and put it in the rules section? smiley

offline cBp_Fojtik Colossus Czech Beer Power
Friday 11/08/2006, 08:14

But it is in rules, see:

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