offline AgentScarecrow Master  
Thursday 02/08/2007, 19:02

I started playing this game very recently, just a few weeks ago.

I was immediately was drawn to the Freaks: the theme and character arts are appealing!
(as opposed to Uppers - who wants to throw 50 year old rich New Yorkers in the melee?)
I modestly built a Freak deck although I am missing Splata and Eve.

After having played for a while with the Freaks, I come up to this conclusion: Freaks are weak:

1- the big advantage of using a clan is to benefit from the clan's bonus. Yet, the Freaks bonus (poison) is
useless. You need to win a bout for it to take effect, it takes time to make a difference and it stops at
life=3... which is useless cuz at a certain level, you deal with damage=6-7-8 cards, so it's not like you can
win 4-3. Every fight involves a KO.

2- the Freaks (except for Splata -and it's a 5*!!, do I miss another one?) don't have killer cards i.e. a card that
doesn't rely on massive pillz usage to win a round AND that deliver substancial damage. Freaks lack power (so
you deplete all of your pillz) AND lack damage (cards are below 6, which means that you need 3 wins for KO).
Perfect example of non-killer card is Boris. Other clans provide killer cards.

3- Correct me if I am wrong but the Freaks don't have a card with "Stop Opp Ability". (they also lack +x life, but
that's a dream card, right? the "Stop Opp Ab." is basic and more essential)

So, playing with the Freaks is still fun but challenging because you need strategy to palliate the blatant

offline Symbolic Hero  
Thursday 02/08/2007, 20:26

Indeed freaks are not all that great other than Splata who has Stop opp Ability and Eve...but they are both level 5 which makes it hard to play freaks in ELO, so basicly it's play the freaks in normal mode for fun, or don't play them at all. I too realized this fast.

offline esgfs Novice  
Thursday 02/08/2007, 20:48

They have splata who has stop opp ability lol he's the pwn card

offline LOA_PuppyChow Guru Legends of America
Thursday 02/08/2007, 21:18

I had a fairly successful play about with Freaks deck, but alas, for more advanced players, they have huge holes...
particularly the low powersmiley
but they do pretty well against in experienced players, even in ELO.

offline K-Chaos Titan  
Thursday 02/08/2007, 22:59

First: YES the fraks are weaker than most of the clans and yes it has most part to do with their the message board to know everything about that ..I won't add something smiley
The freaks do not have to win three matches to win a game...(forgot 'bout the poison ability ? )If you talk about the freaks as a stand alone clan they have no chance ...but combined with their natural synergy clan the pussycat clan they can win a game only with one win...but still I agree its pretty hard...
Last: I think the freaks do not need a card with stopp opp ability but a stopp opp bonus card with power 7 and 3 stars...or four stars depending on the demage it makes...this would change a lot

offline Gone4eva Senior  
Friday 03/08/2007, 08:49

Umm..........if u like a Eve i need a price

offline DUC - Jerre Titan  
Friday 03/08/2007, 13:21

Freaks are weak. It should be poison 3, min 1..

offline AgentScarecrow Master  
Friday 03/08/2007, 14:43

Hmmm unfortunately, the new Freaks card added today do not bring any more ammunitions:

- Soushee is 6-1 and -3 Opp dmg min 3 (This is too similar to Zoltan);
- Ironfield is 7-2 (although he has dmg = dmg opponent.)

Maybe we'll see a 7-8 canon man (a 4*) in the future...

Oh yeah? Are pussycats the perfect match to the freaks for building a good deck? I'd like to have everyone's comments on
that. I am just about to acquire a few more cards to complement the Freaks so your advice are welcome. Intuitively, I'd go for
a -Opp Attack bonus.

8K-Chaos: well.... to win the game with two winning rounds, you need to win first round, wait one round for poison to take
effect and win third round. Because their best cards have dmg=5 (Vassili, or Maciej or Kharl). That is flirting with trouble
though because "the stars have to be perfectly aligned" with respect to pillz usage, your opponent's bonus/abilities and
chances are that you'll get KO'ed if something goes bad. Also, again, you rely on massive pillz usage with the Freaks cuz you
want to record the wins at the right time.

I carry a Graziella for the Stop Opp Bonus. I agree that power 5 is not the best thing since sliced bread but it is still usable.

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Friday 03/08/2007, 18:27

Clans that has either attack or power modifiers are easier to use because it is easier to manage pills with them in my opinion. Freaks is a different story compare to other clan all thier cards have reasonable power and damage, ok ability because thier bonus is not that great compare to others. Poison can never K.O. an opponent.

You need to stall the oponent to use Freaks well. Poison them on the first turn, stall them so that poison will take effect and K.O. when you have a chance.

Pussycats is one of the best stall clan but if you want a stall clan with your Freaks I'll go with Sakrohm both Uranus and Graxx stall and are able to deal good damage.

offline Zhupons Imperator  
Friday 03/08/2007, 20:25

With this cards it changes a lot...

soushe only takes 2 stars in ELO and it helps the poison efect by evoiding 3 of damage... and Ironfield, only takes 3 stars and, if well played can have big damage... it has to be played with come pillz to grant sucess and against a 6/7/8 damage card....

about pussys, yes, they perfect mache, but pussycats are the perfect match of every clan... smiley you win with the first card like for exemple boris, and you do 4 damage, than next turn you use no pillz and a pussy, he has now 6 damage and you bet less 2 damage than suposed thanks to the pussy, then again no pillx and a pussy 8 of damage to him and less two to you... in the end you use a frak with more than 4 damage and the battle is winned by K.O.... easy!!

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