offline AgentScarecrow Master  
Thursday 02/08/2007, 19:02

I started playing this game very recently, just a few weeks ago.

I was immediately was drawn to the Freaks: the theme and character arts are appealing!
(as opposed to Uppers - who wants to throw 50 year old rich New Yorkers in the melee?)
I modestly built a Freak deck although I am missing Splata and Eve.

After having played for a while with the Freaks, I come up to this conclusion: Freaks are weak:

1- the big advantage of using a clan is to benefit from the clan's bonus. Yet, the Freaks bonus (poison) is
useless. You need to win a bout for it to take effect, it takes time to make a difference and it stops at
life=3... which is useless cuz at a certain level, you deal with damage=6-7-8 cards, so it's not like you can
win 4-3. Every fight involves a KO.

2- the Freaks (except for Splata -and it's a 5*!!, do I miss another one?) don't have killer cards i.e. a card that
doesn't rely on massive pillz usage to win a round AND that deliver substancial damage. Freaks lack power (so
you deplete all of your pillz) AND lack damage (cards are below 6, which means that you need 3 wins for KO).
Perfect example of non-killer card is Boris. Other clans provide killer cards.

3- Correct me if I am wrong but the Freaks don't have a card with "Stop Opp Ability". (they also lack +x life, but
that's a dream card, right? the "Stop Opp Ab." is basic and more essential)

So, playing with the Freaks is still fun but challenging because you need strategy to palliate the blatant

offline Darko EVO Guru  
Friday 03/08/2007, 22:16

The only problem here is t hat you are predictable. Your opponent (most of them) will use some way to stop you in the first or second turns. Even using Something stronger and with more pillz, or with Stop Opp. Bonus....And since only Splata on Freaks have Stop Opp. Ability, will not be easy for. Obvius you can bluff too with him, but then you have to build a specific deck do this

offline LOA_PuppyChow Guru Legends of America
Saturday 04/08/2007, 00:11

Another problem, is that if you want to rely on two clans, by using Freaks, and Pussycats, you run the risk of having 3 from a single clan, be it 3 Freaks(which is the better of the two possibilities, or 3 pussycats, which you'd likely have all lesser cats, instead of Yayoi, and Charlie... which would be a problem since your damage would effectively decrease by at least 6.

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